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Tips for diy everything!

Melissa, on August 15, 2019 at 9:39 AM Posted in Do It Yourself 0 9

Hey all! I have always dreamed of having a very DIY wedding because I have a very tight budget. I'm getting married October 2, 2020 and have a venue already. I picked a very hands off venue simply because I wanted to be able to bring in my own things. My problem is I like to think that I'm a creative thinker and have a bunch of great ideas, but when it comes to executing said ideas, everything comes out looking sloppy and not as "professional" as I would like them to look! Any tips for how to make things uniform and neat when your hands can't follow through with your crafts?! Lol


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  • Caytlyn
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    My best advice is to choose your battles. Really look into supply costs and the amount of skill needed before you commit. If you know it's not something you can tackle, look into buying or renting. Tons of brides sell their wedding items on Facebook Marketplace after their weddings, so I would check there. Pinterest and Youtube are also great resources. I think it really depends on what items you want to make.

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  • Melissa
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    I think my biggest project will be the arch. I have a florist making my bouquets but the arch and the centerpieces I decided to do myself and that's the thing I'm most concerned with. But that is excellent advice! Thank you so much!

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  • Sara
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    Completely agreed with above - I'm a huge crafter and all about DIY, but sometimes the cost outweighs the savings. I ended up deciding to make all out flowers out of crepe paper, which actually did save us a bit of money. If you include the cost of the cricut I bought to cut the crepe paper (I'd been wanting one for a while), it was still cheaper than real flowers, but not as good of a deal. Plus it's taken a lot of time. I knew I was going to be doing some kind of crafting regardless, so putting that time into things for the wedding made sense for me. As far as making things uniform, I'd recommend watching lots of video tutorials if you can, doing test runs, and then making everything assembly line-style. That way you're doing one step a bunch of times in a row so it's always fresh in your mind.

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  • Melle
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    I think it's also about keeping it simple. Sometimes we think more is better but it really isn't always.
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  • Hannah
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    Be careful! We wanted a DIY wedding and about 5 months in realized it's going to be more expensive than it would've been to pay someone to do everything Smiley smile

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  • Courtney
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    I worked at Michaels in college and saw lots of DIY brides. My biggest advice is to plan, plan, PLAN! Brides would come in, buy everything they thought they needed, and ended up buying more.

    -Try working on samples before getting everything.

    -Reuse as much of the ceremony décor during the reception.

    -Ask for help and have a DIY Day with your bridal party. Or ask for décor loaners.

    -Know your limits and budget.

    I DIY-ed as much as I could except for the invitations. I would've loved to have elaborate ones, but I knew I was not going to have the patience to put them together.

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  • A
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    Ashley ·
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    Hey that's my birthday!! Anyway just take your time with DIY don't rush. It would be worth it to find someone crafty to help you out and spend a little extra so things look perfect. I did a lot of DIY
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  • Kim
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    I second this! I did a lot of DIYs for our wedding--centerpieces, addressing invitations and rsvps, escort cards, wedding signs, table numbers, guest globe, memorial pictures...mostly stuff that I can do ahead of time. I initially wanted to do the flowers too, but I don't want to stress out the day before the wedding trying to pick up flowers, arranging them, keeping them alive...So we ended up getting a florist (thanks to my mom). Big sigh of relief to not worry about this anymore. And yes, check out facebook market! I see a lot of wedding stuff there. I picked up an item from there too.

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  • Jodie
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    I'm DIYing almost everything except our clothes. We got engaged in May and we're getting married August 2020. I've got everything planned out, all of my inspiration pictures/tutorials, and supply list. I started getting some of my supplies and have been doing trial runs on a very small scale to make sure everything looks how I want it. Once I've got my samples done I'm gathering all the bulk supplies. I chopped my projects into smaller pieces (things to do in a day off, things to do while watching TV, etc) so I'm not feeling so overwhelmed.

    I have a lot of crafty friends and family who have a lot of the expensive supplies (cricut, fancy sewing machines, sergers, etc). We've got craft days scheduled over the next several months. As projects get completed they get boxed up safely and labeled and stored until wedding time.

    I got a lot of my ideas from Pinterest, Etsy, uncommon goods, and some googling... As I found stuff I just added it all to my wedding Pinterest board so I have everything in one place (although I do keep a copy of all the links and photos on a backup hard drive because that's just my luck that something will get lost or deleted 😂).

    I do realize I'm probably a little crazy for the amount of DIYing I'm doing but go big or go home I guess! 😂😂
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