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Target Gift Registry Warning

Mother of the Bride, on May 19, 2008 at 7:11 PM Posted in Planning 0 12

I am writing to warn everyone about the reliability of Target's gift registry. My daughter registered with Target(only)because she loves the store and it is accessible to everyone with a car or computer. Her Aunt made the first purchase from the list in January. We should have seen it coming then. The purchase did not show online. Which meant duplicate purchases could be made. Luckily there was not a rush on buys from her list at that time! It took about 4 days to get that corrected. Now, with only 12 days left until the wedding, we have heard from friends/family that her registry "does not exist". Sure enough, it is missing online. In fact it can only be seen if the bride herself goes to the store and signs into the kiosk. I called Target and there is no sign of it being fixed any time soon. They offer no solutions. So, my daughter's wish list will not be fulfilled. I suggested they place a notice online stating the issues....ha, we will see if they do that.


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  • Buie's Girl
    Dedicated April 2009
    Buie's Girl ·
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    Thanks for the warning! i'll be sure to keep that in mind.

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  • Christina
    Expert July 2007
    Christina ·
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    Thats strange, I didn't have a problem at all.

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  • Annie & Louis
    Devoted June 2008
    Annie & Louis ·
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    Awe, that is horrible, I only registered at Macy's, good luck to her.

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  • T
    Savvy November 2008
    Tiffany ·
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    How terrible! Target's registry services used to be so good in the past, I wonder what happened.

    For any future brides reading this, I would recommend Bed Bath & Beyond. The are very reliable, guests can shop online or in stores, and people (including you!) can use all those coupons we all constantly get in the mail from them!

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  • dreams
    Just Said Yes June 2009
    dreams ·
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    That is awful but my cousin after her baby shower had all kinds of grief to put up with at target. They were giving her problems trying to exchange things that she received multiples of if she did not have the receipt. So thumbs down to target I will never register there Smiley sad

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  • S
    Beginner October 2008
    S ·
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    One of my coworkers also had a bad experience with their Target wedding registry. He told me to stear clear because he and his fiance had trouble exchanging duplicate gifts because they didn't have a receipt, even though the items were listed on the registry.

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  • ecbean
    Beginner October 2009
    ecbean ·
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    Oh wow - good to know! We were definitely planning to register there, but will think twice now.

    I know they changed their receipt policy, but it's a little heavy-handed of them to deny returns from a registry! Shame on Target!

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  • Mark Baker
    Mark Baker ·
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    You could use a registry that allows you to add gifts from multiple stores and then register for gifts at Target. A Simpler Wedding Registry allows a couple to add gifts to their registry from any stores they can think of (even stores that aren't online). All the items go into one centralized registry for guests to view.


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  • Jackie
    Just Said Yes October 2011
    Jackie ·
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    I have been having problems with them as well which is irritating because I worked there. Mine shows different things online that I didn't register for or deleted months ago. When you print it at the store mine as everything but if people go online they will definitely have problems knowing what items I want and don't want. I am very disappointed.

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  • N
    Just Said Yes July 2012
    Nichole ·
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    I have had many issues with Target over the years and returns, and have had many friends and family use their bridal and baby gift registry and they have had issues with returns. The product is shown as being purchased on their registry, yet they cannot not return it without a gift receipt. I received a shower gift that was from Target, was their brand, and could not return it because it was purchased online, apparently if something is purchased online it is not returnable unless you have all the original purchase info. I received a gift that had been purchased at Costco, took it in and got a cash refund no problem, I choose to register else where to avoid the hassles, and will not be buying anyone a gift from Target in the future. I would NOT recommend registering at Target.

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  • D
    Expert April 2016
    DuluthBride_MN ·
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    THIS HAPPENED TO ME!! MY FIRST WEDDING SHOWER IS NEXT WEEKEND WELL I REGISTERED A LONG TIME AGO AND KEPT ADDING AND UPDATING AS THE MONTHS WENT ON (I'm getting married in 81 days now), and a few weeks ago the registry was deleted and no one can see it! Luckily I had noticed someone bought a clock item on there, prior, but otherwise I had to re-register, so for their errors Target only has 18 gifts on my registry which is a total of 200 people so you do the math. I hate Target.

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  • J
    JOHN ·
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    Just found out that all the gifts we purchased for my nephew were duplicates even though they were not listed as purchased already and WERE still listed in the wanted items....

    oh well, I guess they should have read the reviews.

    I'm working on getting them a receipt copy to hopefully be able to return.

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