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Puerto Rico - Marriage Requirements

Ashley, on June 25, 2018 at 9:45 AM Posted in Planning 0 5
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I wanted to share my experience with regards to getting our Marriage License with future brides getting married in Puerto Rico, in hope to prevent you from having to endure unnecessary stress that I was faced with.

My husband and I arrived to Puerto Rico on Saturday and were getting married on Tuesday - leaving us one day to get our marriage license. The address that was provided to get our Marriage License was posted as Plaza Las Americas Mall in Hato Rey, San Juan. However, after arriving we were told that the office had been moved. After finding the new location (location provided below), we provided the clerk with the required documentation to get our marriage license - or so we thought. Our wedding coordinator (who was no longer working for the venue) told us that the medical certificate was based on the state you reside in. After researching, we found out that our state does not require a medical exam and our coordinator told us then you should be good (oh no! that's where the real headache began). When the clerk reviewed our documents they told us that Puerto Rico requires a medical exam or a note from a Doctor stating that an medical exam is not required for your state. It took us 2 hours at the office contacting a doctor back in the states before we could get a Doctor to help us with this requirement. (Don't worry - we got our marriage license after a little crying session)

I have posted notes about the requirements below and the steps to get your marriage license in hopes to make your life easier and less stressful!

If you are both non-residents in Puerto Rico you will need to bring the following to legally get married. You must have:

1. Official Birth Certificate

2. Photo Copy of your Official Birth Certificate (Passports are not a substitute for this)

3. Driver鈥檚 License or State ID (and photocopy)

4. Divorce Decree of all previous marriages (if applicable)

5. *Medical Certificate-within 10 days of wedding (see below for complete explanation)

*Medical Certificate - An Official medical document with doctor or clinic letterhead (or in a prescription note), doctor鈥檚 signature, stamp (if available), and medical license number (the more official it looks, the better). It is important you talk to your doctor about this requirement beforehand as the doctor may require you to do some test for him/her before he certifies you and provide the letter. The medical certificate should state that: 1. You are in good health and 2. You comply with all the medical requirements to get married in your state and do not include Labs. IF your state does NOT require a Medical Certificate or Exam, have your doctor write a letter stating that you are not required to have a medical exam in your state to get married.

6. *Notarized Sworn Statement-within 10 days of wedding (see below for a complete explanation)

*Notarized Sworn Statement/Affidavit. This must be done by: A Lawyer who is also a Notary Public (make sure it has the law office letterhead), A Notary Public (non Lawyer), but it must be certified by your County Clerk or State Department OR Another option is to have this Notarized Sworn Statement done in Puerto Rico by a local island lawyer. In our packages, there is a $50.00 additional fee for this option. This statement should state that: A. You are not a resident of Puerto Rico B. State that the purpose of your visit is to get married. C. The time you will be in Puerto Rico. If you are not a U.S. Citizen you must add that you will not remain in the territory more time than what is allowed by the federal government.

7. The $150.00 government stamp (you can get that at the office)

So to get your marriage license in Puerto Rico, follow the following steps:

1. Collect the required documents listed above

2. Go to Centro Gubernamental Minillas (Jose de Diego Avenue, San Juan, 00912, Puerto Rico). At the North Tower look for the Centro de Servicios Integrados-CSI (Integrated Service Center)

3. Use the main line for the Registro Demografico (Demographic Registry).

4. Submit the 4-5 required documents plus the Stamp to the Demographic Registry Office staff. They will review everything and once they are done return all documents back to you. They will also provide you with 2 extra documents; the Marriage License (which you will sign right there), and the Marriage Certificate which you will sign the day of the wedding. Both, the Marriage License and the Marriage Certificate are to be given to the Minister (along a photocopy of both your birth certificates). Do not fill out the Marriage Certificate form; it is for the minister to do it .

5. Go get married!!!


  • Kelly
    Legend October 2022

    Hi Ashley! Congrats on your wedding!! Where in Puerto Rico did you get married? Wow, this list is super helpful, thank you for sharing!! I'm not personally getting married in Puerto Rico but I know we have many community members who are and will use this!

  • I
    Devoted September 2018
    Wow what a headache. Thank you for the information that will help anyone getting married in Puerto Rico. Am glad you got your marriage license. I was born there but been raised all my life in Chicao. And everytime they update there birth certificate its s pain becsusr I have to fly out there for it 馃槖.
  • K
    Just Said Yes September 2018
    Do you know if they offer marriages at the courthouse or demographic registry? Also dors
  • K
    Just Said Yes September 2018
    Ok, I wasn't done. Lol. Also does, the medical paper have to be 10 days out? My doctor wrote me one for today and my wedding is in 28 days.
  • Sunshine92
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    THANK YOU SO MUCH for this thread! Needed it!

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