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Expert April 2020

Photo Schedule

Heather, on February 27, 2020 at 8:38 PM Posted in Etiquette and Advice 0 4


So FH and I are doing a first look and also getting like 95% of the pictures taken before the wedding! So we will all be at the church getting ready and I was wanting to take pictures downtown, which is walking distance from the church. I don't mind where FH decides to take the groomsmen photos, but I wanted to do the first look photos, bridal party photos, and wedding party photos downtown. I also kind of want the first look photos to be just FH and I (so like no wedding party or family watching us, waiting for their photo time). Side note: we are having two shooters, so one shooter can be with the groomsmen for their photos and the other with the bridal party for their photos.

I'm not sure which would be easier for everyone and less of a hassle:

1. First look photos then bridal party photos then wedding party photos, or;

2. Bridal party photos then first look photos then wedding party photos.

Let me know your opinions based on being the bride/groom and/or part of the wedding party!

Thanks everyone!


Latest activity by Kelsie, on February 28, 2020 at 3:26 PM
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    Legend June 2019
    Melle ·
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    I did my first look photos first and then all the other ones. That way everyone else was ready by then
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  • Emma
    Devoted March 2021
    Emma ·
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    I would definitely just talk to your photographers about it. Tell them where you want the pictures and see if they have any recommendations for the flow of things.

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  • S
    Expert October 2019
    Sara ·
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    We had a similar set up for our wedding! One photographer was with us girl while we finished getting ready and one was with the guys at the same time. Husband and I did our first look just the two of us and two photographers, then when we were done gathered with the entire bridal party for group pics. Since we had the two photographers it was nice cuz we did split again to get more pics of just the girls, just the guys, and just my husband and I at each location we went to. Then we actually had some downtime before the wedding so we got immediate family pics out of the way before the ceremony even started (highly recommend this!).

    Talk to your photographers about how you want this done so they can help you create a day of timeline. For us, we did our first look around 12:45-1 and were back at the hotel waiting for the ceremony to start by 3:30, but it went FAST!
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  • Kelsie
    Devoted March 2020
    Kelsie ·
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    We are doing a first look too and almost all of the pictures before hand. We don't want anyone around for our first look either. We are doing first look, then wedding party photos. We have two shooters as well, and plan to have one photographer do the groomsmen and the other do the bridesmaids at the same time. We've allowed for about 45 minutes of wedding party photos. Talk with your photographer. This is something that they can definitely help coordinate. They may also have time restrictions on how many minutes of wedding party photos you get, etc.

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