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NYC honeymoon under $1000??

kayla, on December 30, 2013 at 5:26 PM Posted in Honeymoon 0 22
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Need help! SO really wants a NYC honeymoon but i'm having a hard time finding anything we can afford. our budget is $1000 for the honeymoon total, we'd be leaving from Colorado in july 2014. any thoughts? suggestions?


  • KT-V
    VIP April 2014
    KT-V ·

    Groupon has some great deals for getaways!

  • SunshineJenn
    Master August 2014
    SunshineJenn ·

    How long do you want to stay? I'm going in May and splitting a room with 3 other people for a convention and just my portion of the room will still run me about $400 I think for 5 days. It's SO MUCH MONEY.

  • T-Rex
    Master August 2013
    T-Rex ·

    Hotels.com - Have you tried?

    Are you looking in Brooklyn? Manhattan is definitely more pricey.

  • kayla
    Savvy June 2014
    kayla ·

    4 nights 5 days is what we're hoping for. airfare included (oh how I wish we were rich lol). groupon has a screamin deal but it's only available for 8 more days and can only book until march. idk enough about nyc to know what's pricey and what isn't, I hear horror stories of tourists that stay in certain parts or take the subway at night. i'm good with cabs or subways or even walking, just don't want to book a cheap hotel on a bad part of ny lol.

  • Lacey
    Master May 2014
    Lacey ·

    Honestly - I'm not sure if you can swing that if you're doing hotel airfare for $1,000. It's a lot of money to stay up there - one bit of advice is to stay at a hotel in New Jersey and then take a shuttle from your hotel into NYC. That's what we did - saved us some hassle.

    ETA: I'm not sure if it's because I've been deprived living in the middle of nowhere but I am pretty sure the subway system was like one of my favorite parts of NYC.

  • Theresa Beale
    Master November 2014
    Theresa Beale ·

    I agree with Lacey, I stayed in Englewood NJ (which is right on the other side of the George Washington Bridge). They have a shuttle that drops you off in Times Square. If you prefer, there is also buses close to the hotel that go into the city.

  • Abbiell
    VIP October 2013
    Abbiell ·

    I don't think it'll be possible. I paid $1200 for 6 nights and 7 days with a huge group rate. That was only flight and hotel. Didn't count meals, shopping, tours, etc. You're better off waking and saving and going later. NYC would be amazing at christmas time.

  • Stephanie
    VIP August 2014
    Stephanie ·

    You may be able to get closer using a service like airbnb.com to rent a condo for the week rather than hotel rooms. NYC isn't someplace I prefer to not risk a 2 star or even 3 star hotel.

  • Celia Milton
    September 2019
    Celia Milton ·

    Try living social and expedia for specials. NYC is way expensive to stay; eating can always be cheap; check NY MAG cheap eats column (I think you can get it online.

  • Jess & Sean
    Super April 2014
    Jess & Sean ·

    You could try priceline and only bid on 4 star hotels (that way it's nothing creepy). If you go to betterbidding.com, they will give you an explanation of how it works and recent hotel "wins" for how much. I do this every time I go to nyc and save a fortune.

    I don't think you have to sacrifice staying in manhattan. This is where I would try to splurge just a little if your budget allows it.

    Good luck! I think is doable. But don't rent a car - the city is easy enough to get around and parking is a killer (usually to the tune of 55-60 day).

  • britt morgan
    VIP September 2014
    britt morgan ·

    Im a born and raised brooklyn girl. my advise is find a hotel in brooklyn or queens, even near JFK...the A train is right over there and it shoots right into the city. manhattan is insanely expensive to find a hotel, especially in midtown or in lower manhattan. upper east side might be a bit less but probably not by much. dont rent a car. use the train.

  • Kari  Taggard
    September 2019
    Kari Taggard ·

    We took our family of 4 to NY a few years ago and stayed in Secaucus, NJ. It was a very safe area and a lot of very decent and affordable hotels were around there. We either stayed at the Hampton Inn or Embassy Suites (I can't remember). The bus into the city was right outside our hotel. If I remember correctly, it took about 20 - 30 mins by bus to get into the city. I think it dropped us right off by Penn Station? This was 7 years ago. I wouldn't hesitate to stay here again and commute into the city via bus. We walked around the city (it was June so not too hot and humid yet) and took the subway. We did have a car since we drove to DC and out to Long Island to visit family.

  • .
    Master October 2013
    .... ·

    One thing I found I had to look at for in NYC was private bathrooms. Everytime I found some place that seemed affordable, it was shared hall bathrooms. Nope. I am not in college. Even in college I had a suite. I agree you will have a tough time, but keep watching groupon, or perhaps try booking.com. I have gotten good deals in other cities there. Also if you are a AAA member try their travel agent, perhaps.

  • Kayla
    Devoted January 2014
    Kayla ·

    Good luck! I paid $7.00 for a hot dog in Manhattan. Maybe if your stay for 2 days.

  • kayla
    Savvy June 2014
    kayla ·

    Wow! So many ideas and suggestions! Sounds like I've got a lot of research to do. Might have to knock it down to 3 nights instead of 4. Thanks so much everyone! You've all been so helpful!

  • SunshineJenn
    Master August 2014
    SunshineJenn ·

    AAA membership has major benefits and is worth signing up for if you are not a member yet. I'm saving big on my hotel costs in NYC in the spring. It's going to pay for my membership 3 times over at LEAST.

  • .
    Master October 2013
    .... ·

    I ended up at Hotel Newton when I went and it was very nice! Nothing super fancy, but we had a decent sized room, AC, a private bathroom, and a small sitting area. No view though, but that wasn't important to us. With 3 of us in the room we were perfectly comfortable. And we were right on the red line of the subway which was super convenient for everywhere we wanted to go. You are technically in Harlem but it's not a rough neighborhood at all (depending what you've heard about Harlem!).

    I still think it'll be hard to get hotel, flights...and leave the hotel to do anything for under 1k, though. Maybe delay a bit and save some more money so you can do all the things you want. NYC will also be hot as hell in July. If you're sensitive to heat, you may want to wait for fall/winter (though I'm sure you're eager to honeymoon!!). For me, NYC is not super far - a few hours by cheap bus - but coming so far you'll really want to take it all in!!

  • Jackie
    VIP July 2014
    Jackie ·

    I dont know about that. The honeymoon we are going on is the absolute cheapest i could find that i wanted to go on, and its still $1200. And its in an Amish community way up in the Smoky Mountains, nowhere near normal civilization.

  • Kate
    Savvy June 2014
    Kate ·

    Try jetsetter.com!

  • Jen
    Super March 2014
    Jen ·

    I live right by JFK in Queens, and the A train is very doable. I work in the Flatiron District, and I can be at work in under 45 minutes. Hotel near JFK would be ideal. There are about a dozen of them.

    There are tons of Groupons for great dinners at nice restaurants, so you don't have to stick to hole-in-the-wall places, although those are awesome too!

    The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Natural History and a couple of others have "suggested" admission prices of $20, but you can get in for free if you say you can't afford it.

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