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November 2020 in ma - Going or postponing?

Nhung, on August 2, 2020 at 9:43 AM Posted in Massachusetts Planning 0 3
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Hi everyone, there are threads regarding Sept and Oct 2020 so starting the Nov 2020 thread!

I’m curious where brides are at right now with Nov 2020. After Initially hearing Bakers guidelines we were okay with a 25 person wedding which would be just our immediate families. I have three sisters - two of which have kids and I learned this week that they won’t bring their kids and it’ll just be them. Then I have another sister who works in healthcare in a state with rising cases. She will also have to fly, so the chances of her coming are going to be last minute and likely slim. I’m very torn because I want to marry my fiancé but cannot imagine doing it without my family there!
How is everyone else holding up in this category and when/what are you deciding? We haven’t sent anything out yet. Thinking of all of you. This is so tough!


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  • Lynnie
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    My heart goes out to your Nhung, these are all such difficult decisions! ❤️

    There's a central discussion here for Mass brides you can check out: Brides in Massachusetts? Thoughts?. There are also several posts from other November couples sharing their current plans and concerns: How is everyone dealing with Covid-19 & their wedding plans?, Wedding 11.14.2020, and Fall wedding.

    There are a lot of incredibly special intimate weddings happening right now, so I wouldn't be turned off by a smaller guest list if your sisters decide to leave the kids at home. You could can check out some recent weddings from the WeddingWire community here:

    Last week's wedding photos, engagement pictures, and more! 📷
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  • Janieva
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    Hello! My wedding date was scheduled for November 6th, 2020. We made the decision to postpone until next November. I'm originally from Pennsylvania and with how things have been going I don't think any of my family would be able to make it. It was an incredibly difficult decision for us to make since we put so much time into it but we wanted to ensure everyone was safe and could enjoy our day. He and I are still getting married this year on our date, it'll just be incredibly tiny with my family watching through FaceTime. Not what I pictured but I'm looking forward to marrying him(:
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  • Amanda
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    We opted to move out wedding up to NH. We were only having 50 to begin with and everyone is local except 1 person. The new venue said if covid shuts them down they will give full refund so if that happens we are banking the money and sending a message to meet us at X spot if you want to witness the ceremony there will be no reception.
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