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No honeymoon?

Mary, on June 12, 2019 at 7:17 PM Posted in Honeymoon 0 43
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My FH and I still haven't decided on going on a honeymoon or not. It's very expensive and I don't really enjoy traveling very much. How did you decide where you wanted to go and how much did it actually cost? If we do go on a honeymoon, I want to save as much as possible! Thanks!


  • Lynne
    Super August 2020
    Lynne ·
    We are not much into traveling either. But, I told him a nice quite weekend getaway would be perfect for me. There's a town in our state we love and that is where we are going for a weekend.
  • Shannon
    Expert June 2021
    Shannon ·
    We haven’t discussed it yet, but we have kids and we’re likely not going anywhere huge if anywhere at all.
  • Tris
    Expert August 2019
    Tris ·
    We will be taking a family vacation. These last few years we have gone on so many trips with others. We have kids and really want to something just the 4 of us. We decided on a short cruise, 5 days, and it will cost about $2000 we will also go to the beach and the zoo. After all is said and done we will probably have spent at least $3500. We are building memories and enjoying each other.

    Taking a smaller trip close to home would be really romantic for the two of you. Get a fancy hotel room and strawberries and champagne! Take a bubble bath together 😂.

    Or if you're not into that go hiking or camping.

    Go out to eat? Idk... Celebrate somehow!
  • Lauren
    Super February 2020
    Lauren Online ·
    FH & I LOVE traveling so we had to go on a honeymoon! I really wanted to go somewhere International, and FH wanted to go somewhere in the Caribbean since the weather will be really nice in February. We’re going to Turks & Caicos! The flights were pretty cheap ($344 each), but we only paid a total of $75 for both because I had a ton of credit card reward miles. The island itself is kind of expensive, but it’s SO beautiful there. We’re staying at an oceanfront condo that has 2 pools & a hot tub for only $1,200 for 7 nights! I found it on Homeway! It was WAY cheaper than all the resorts.
  • F
    Devoted September 2019
    Farrah ·
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    That sounds sooo nice!! Enjoy your vacation! That’s awesome you could get your flights so cheap!
  • C
    Super July 2019
    Crystal ·
    You could do something result small and visit a local place you've never been to
  • F
    Devoted September 2019
    Farrah ·
    We’re taking a short honeymoon, a 4 day cruise to Key West, and Cozumel. We love traveling and seeing new things. Our cruise for the two of us costs a little over $1000. And the cool thing with carnival cruise lines, you can make monthly payments so it’s easier to pay for! We can’t wait for our trip!
  • Anna
    Rockstar June 2020
    Anna ·
    I was an International Flight Attendant for eight years. I love to travel!
    My fiancee, has not traveled out of the United States.
    We decided to go to Saint Lucia, because neither one of us has been there.

    We went through Sandals and got a great deal.
    I would recommend a travel agent, if you decide to take a Honeymoon.
    They can find the best deals and guide you where to go within your budget.

    Good luck!
  • SraDeCarrillo
    Super August 2019
    SraDeCarrillo ·

    We have no immediate plans for a honeymoon. When FH and I picked our wedding date we thought we’d have a week or two before our kids go back to school but since we are new where we live, we found out that the kids start school 3 or 4 days before the wedding.

    We might plan something for a later date.

  • Alexandra
    Dedicated October 2020
    Alexandra ·
    I'd suggest going to another area around where you live for a couple of nights, nothing crazy or expensive.
  • Jeanelle
    Super September 2018
    Jeanelle ·
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    Credit card points are the absolute best. We both started saving up for a couple years before we got married and had enough points to cover flights to Tenerife, a week stay, and flights to Barcelona! (We then covered Barcelona, flights to Siena for another wedding and flights back to NYC).

    To the original poster: where will you marry and ehrf do you live? O you have a happy place somewhere close by? I would suggest booking something that hits the boxes for the two of you and it doesn't have to be extravagant but is a nice way to tie up the wedding festivities, even if it's a couple nights in a town over. Or in your own town as a staycation.
  • Michelle
    Super August 2019
    Michelle ·
    We both have the whole week after the wedding off and decided to do 3 nights at the end of that week in a cabin in Vermont. We live in Western Massachusetts and it's only about an hour from our home. We booked it through Airbnb and it was around $500 or so for the whole thing. And since we can drive there we only need gas money and there is a kitchen and some cute nearby restaurants so again, not a lot of money to spend there. Just a little getaway for the 2 of us to be able to enjoy being married alone for a bit. Lol
  • Samantha
    Dedicated September 2019
    Samantha ·

    We are going to Ireland for our honeymoon and honestly it was very spur of the moment. I was just looking at flights to random places and found a great deal on flights. We like to pay as we go, so we had the flights booked several months ago and paid those off and then focused on Airbnb's etc. In total for flights and lodging...I believe we paid less than $1,500. I know it's not always possible but using an airline credit card for big purchases (keeping money set aside to then pay it off) will really rack those miles up. We'd have money in our account that we had set aside for venue, photographer etc but used the card to pay and then turned around and put that money back on the card.

  • Jess
    Super September 2019
    Jess ·

    We decided based on something we've never done together as well as what is something that we wouldn't be able to do again for a long time. My FH has never been on a cruise and I was on one before but back when I was younger. So that is how we decided on a cruise but we knew we didn't want to go on a super long one because of money so that is how we decided on the 4 day Bahamas. We decided this about 14 months before our wedding so we were able to do a lot of research on cruise lines to find the best deals. By having the time to research we saved a lot of money! We only spent around $1600 for the cruise, flights, hotel stays, excursions on cruise, and transportation to and from the port. That would have been well over $2500-3000 if we didn't do our research.

  • Nora
    Expert July 2019
    Nora ·
    Not sure where you’re located but cruising can be a cheap option! We’re traveling out of Galveston for 7 days for about $1,500 total for the two of us! No excursions with that price but we’ll save and add on. Carnival is usually the cheapest but just depends! I didn’t want anything stressful so cruising and eating sounded great lol
  • Jazmin
    Rockstar April 2019
    Jazmin ·

    What about going somewhere near your wedding venue? My husband and I had a destination wedding, so we rented an Airbnb in another city. Maybe you can rent an Airbnb somewhere near the wedding venue.

  • Dayna
    Dedicated March 2021
    Dayna ·

    We will take at least a one week honeymoon, but haven't decided where yet! Saving up those vacation days already haha.

    If you don't enjoy travelling, don't feel pressured to go somewhere grand or far away. You can always have a fun staycation and just enjoy a few days off work at home or a nearby hotel/air bnb. I definitely think it's worth taking some time together to enjoy your new marriage, but that means something different for everyone

  • Sara
    Devoted April 2020
    Sara ·
    We have small children so we would like to save that money and take a family vacation. But we do plan on a small weekend getaway close by. Your honeymoon doesn’t have to be elaborate or right after your married. You can wait and save to feel comfortable when you do go. Just take a couple days to enjoy only each other even if it’s at home alone
  • CDickman
    VIP September 2019
    CDickman ·
    We are oozing a cruise bout 8 months after the wedding. Doing a mini moon at a air B and B right after
  • CDickman
    VIP September 2019
    CDickman ·
    You can do a starvation if you do not like to travel. Just do fun things at home.

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