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Is Booking a Venue 2 years Out Crazy?

Allison, on June 23, 2020 at 3:56 PM Posted in Planning 0 19

Hey All!

My Fiance is a Medical Student and we have a very short window to when we can actually get Married, between his graduation and before we have to move for his residency. We have a set date in mind, June 11, 2022, so just under 2 years away, which fits that window and also has meaning for us. I think it is never to early to start touring venues, I have been creating lists with Pros and Cons for months. He thinks that talking about wedding planning before we are less than a year out is crazy (he grew up in a very religious culture where you get married at 18 or 19 and plan a wedding in 6 months, and he hasn't done any research about the typical or average wedding planning).

With COVID 19 canceling so many weddings, I am personally nervous that folks who had to cancel their 2020 wedding will start pushing into 2021, thus folks who want to get married in 2021 will have to get married in 2022, thus more competition. The area that we are getting married at is somewhat restrictive, not a ton of venues but a decent amount.

So back to the Main Questions. 1. If we are planning to get Married in June 2022, but have a very specific date in mind, when should we start touring venues and when should we book it? 2. If you are like me, who is an event planning lover and has been "planning" this wedding since we first started about getting engaged and knows a bit more about weddings and what she wants, how do I get resources/convince my fiance that soon is better?


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  • Melle
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    Melle ·
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    I don't think that's crazy!

    some venues are so popular they actually do book up that fast early on.

    booking a venue 1-2 years out from the date is fine.

    maybe you can show him some wedding planning checklists? the issue is, my husband was the same way too aha i don't think some people realize that some things are better to do now than later

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  • Julie
    VIP February 2020
    Julie ·
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    I would tour and book venues asap. A year's worth of brides are having to postpone and almost all of the dates for 2021 during popular seasons are booked for original 2020 brides and 2021 brides. After the venue I'd just pinterest away and interview vendors to get a good idea of price. With the exception of the photographer I'd wait on most other things. Maybe catering bit wait on the menu. And share all of your ideas with me because I miss planning lol
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  • Reena
    Expert February 2021
    Reena ·
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    I would start touring them now. You still have lots of time, but some popular venues get booked fast during popular wedding seasons.

    Best wishes in your planning.
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  • Aimee
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    Aimee ·
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    I would start looking now and book sooner than later especially since you want a specific date.
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  • Kelsey
    VIP September 2020
    Kelsey ·
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    I would book sooner rather than later especially if you have a specific date in mind. It doesn't hurt to have your venue booked earlier. As long as you know what you want.

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  • Stacey
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    Stacey ·
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    It probably depends where you live, but even in a non-COVID environment, the most desirable venues book 12-18 months out. Add COVID on top of that, and I don't think it's crazy to start looking now. 2021 is basically booked...and with a June wedding date, you're going to be in competition with a lot of other couples. No harm in at least starting to research your options now!

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  • Monica
    Devoted August 2021
    Monica ·
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    We booked our venue 2 years out and that was pre-Covid. I would definitely start looking now, especially if you're tied to a specific date.
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  • Mrs. S
    Super November 2019
    Mrs. S ·
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    I think it’s fine to book the venue two years out. Then you’ll have your date set and you’ll know the look and layout and what color schemes and dress would look good, you’ll get this year’s rates and have more time to save. But I wouldn’t try to book photography, catering, flowers, music until 12-18 months. My husband tried to tell me I was crazy for wanting to buy wedding bands five months out, and thank God we did because there was a mix up and mine almost didn’t come in time. Sometimes guys just don’t get it.
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  • Elizabeth
    Super June 2021
    Elizabeth ·
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    As long as you both know what you want, it isn't crazy. The only downside to booking early is that if you change your mind on what you want, you're stuck. I think you need to talk to your partner about what you each want and if you're 100% sure a venue you found fits that, then book it. But if you have any doubt, don't book it because you could change your mind and either be upset with your venue or be out the deposit.

    That being said, we knew we loved our venue when we toured it and decided that day it was ours. We booked in Feb. 2019 for our June 2021 wedding, so over 2 years in advance. It had everything we wanted and was in our budget, so we went for it with no hesitation. I think planning ahead is amazing, unless you have doubts or are unsure of yourself.

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  • Amber
    Devoted January 2022
    Amber Online ·
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    We booked our venue for January 2022 in November over 2 years in advance. I say go for it. And it might actually take a couple of weeks to months to tour all the venues you like and get a contract finalized.
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  • Molly
    Expert August 2021
    Molly ·
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    I've heard of brides who got their venue 3 years in advance. Especially when your wedding is in June which is peak wedding month. That was the first thing we put money done on. The sooner you get it the better. That way you can book everything else around that venue. I also agree with the Covid pushing brides into other years. We plan on getting married August of 2021 and got many of our other items that originally I would have wait till this August to get but, I'm nervous about 2020 brides pushing into 2021. Maybe show your FH articles talking about planning timelines.

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  • A
    Super October 2021
    Ashley ·
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    If you have a date or venue in mind, it's never too early to lock it down. Booking two years out also gives you more time to space out payments! You'll have plenty of time to plan and won't feel pressured or stressed to do it within a shorter time frame, and you can lock in any vendors that are super important to you such as a great photographer without as much worry that they'll already be booked. One of my best friends booked two years out, and she told me that was the best decision they made! Explain things to him the best you can. Venues normally book at least a year in advance, if not sooner. When you only have a small window, you cannot play around with dates if your favorite one gets booked up. You'd be running a big risk by waiting. If he's money conscious, remind him that spreading out payments longer helps relieve some of the financial burden.

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  • Allie
    VIP November 2021
    Allie ·
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    If it’s crazy then I guess I’m crazy as well! We got engaged in November and had our venue, photographer and DJ booked by January. We are getting married November 12, 2021 so it was just under 2 years. Especially now with the COVID issues we’ve been having, I think the earlier you plan the better. As far as getting your fiancé on board, can you tell him that you’re excited and want to start planning right away? Maybe try making it about the budget? We booked everything early so we had enough time to make the payments for everything and not break the bank. Waiting less than a year is so difficult, my best friend planned her wedding in 6 months and she had a rough time with it. It’s a lot to do!
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  • Martha
    Devoted February 2024
    Martha ·
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    I am like you planning two years out, I think its best to do as much as you can before you actually book. I am thinking of touring a venue come this fall. I am weeding out as much as I can that way I can book once we are ready.

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  • Chelsea
    Expert July 2021
    Chelsea ·
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    I got engaged June 2019 and plan for July 2021. When I started looking at halls in October I had 2 halls already booked for my date. So book your venue asoon as you have a rough budget/ guest list... Than you can relax and figure out what you want, colors, theme, etc..

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  • Haley
    Expert October 2020
    Haley ·
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    I booked my venue August 2018 for my Oct 2020 wedding! Just make sure it's somewhere reputable and not likely to close!

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  • Jeanette
    Expert July 2022
    Jeanette ·
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    We booked ours two years ahead! And turns out we were right in doing so because next year is getting busy, as you said. Actually we only had so much availability because we wanted July and most people would rather choose a cooler month.
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  • Harmony
    Dedicated June 2021
    Harmony ·
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    I got engaged in 2019, and planned to get married in 2021. Similarly, my fiancé is graduating from graduate school the same month we are getting married.

    I contacted my venue two years in advance and they did not have the dates open for 2021 yet but gave me the month that those dates did open and we were able to take a tour. Ultimately I did a lot of research online before looking so we only looked at one venue before booking.

    Like you stated most people are having to move their dates back a year. Booking vendors had always been easy but now the closer we get the more I find that our date has already been reserved.

    Since you enjoy planning, plan and then present the top three venues that you like. Have him choose a venue from the three that he would like to tour and start talking about the benefits of planning ahead. Unless you have an unlimited budget, knowing far in advance how much certain things are going to cost makes saving for them/paying for them much more palatable.

    Most venues charge at least $1,000.00 to book them and then you will have to pay them off a certain amount of months before your wedding (for example our venue has to be paid off three months before the event and we pay on it monthly). It will vary depending on your state and city but again you have to do research and communicate with venues to know what will be expected of you.

    Hope that helps!

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  • B
    Just Said Yes September 2022
    Brittny ·
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    I’m crazy too!! We got engaged in January 2021 and I booked the venue 2 weeks later! With covid going on and us getting married on Labor Day Weekend in 2022, we wanted to make sure to get the big stuff locked in. Our venue has a photographer, dj, and florist included with their package so all I have to worry about putting in lock is a caterer which we are meeting in April so that’s even pretty early. But I think most couples are gonna be rescheduling for 2022 and all vendors I’ve talked to are already getting booked for 2022 so I don’t want to risk losing vendors I love.
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