i hate posing for photos

Elizabeth, on October 12, 2020 at 4:20 PM Posted in Etiquette and Advice 0 7
I feel SO uncomfortable posing. I know it looks nice. But it feels like wasting hours of our special day doing something I almost loathe. My photographer is great and nice. But I CANNOT like posing. I almost only want 10 pictures or something. I know I’ll be glad to have pictures. But how minimalist can you be about photography? I’m not into feeling like I can’t act like myself and I always feel that way when people are taking pictures.


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  • Kaysey
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    I'm the same way. I wasn't thrilled about the idea of taking photos on my wedding day (because I'm not a fan of photos in general), but I knew that if we didn't take the time to get some photos that I would regret it. I had at list of photos that I wanted to get on my wedding day that I gave to my photographer, but asked her if she could do more candid shots. That way my husband and I weren't posing for a lot of them and so we could capture the "in-the-moment" shots of the day and not what we wanted to make a photo look like. We did do the normal standard posed shots with our bridal party and family, but the majority of the photos we got back were the candid ones we asked for when it came to photos of my husband and I during our first look and after the ceremony.

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  • G
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    I agree with PP, I’d look for a photographer who can focus on taking great candid shots if you’d prefer to not pose!
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  • Lisa
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    Is your photographer willing to take more candid photos instead of posed? Or, find some examples of photos that you like online, and show them to your photographer so they can get an idea of the style you're looking for.
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  • V
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    I know our photographer likes taking more candid photos rather than posed. I would also look for inspiration photos online to see if you like any of those.

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  • Mcskipper
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    Hi, are you me? I don’t like posing, I don’t like posed pics of myself either. I didn’t want a photographer in my face all day. I wanted to be as present as possible. I don’t like super forced moments. ...but I KNOW the memories are important. So, I only hired a photographer for part of the day— originally was going to be only ceremony and portraits (knowing those would be important to many others), and then I ended up adding in getting ready which I’m so grateful for because they’re all candid and my favorites.

    The ONLY portraits we did was : my immediate family, his immediate family , groomsmen , bridesmaids, full wedding party (like 4 shots, no position changes but one version nice and one version silly), and then a handful of just us but we shut it down pretty quickly because we were desperate to get to our party.
    We have PLENTY of pictures, more than I could ever know what to do with. Enough that I found a few posed that I actually like haha. We don’t have things like cake cutting pics and I don’t miss them AT ALL.
    We talked to our photographer about it at length...so she was well versed in all our discomforts, disinterests and priorities. It worked well— she got us and worked well with us. We have a lot of ‘moving shots’ she took of us in action acting naturally — my absolute favorites. Instead of posing us , she gave us a little direction and then was just a fly on the wall of our moments — theyre perfect. All I need and want!
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  • Mrs. Spring
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    I feel ya! I absolutely hate looking at pictures of myself. We plan on not hiring a professional photographer bc I'll only like 10 percent of the photos. Thats not worth $1,000 to $3,000.
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  • Katie
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    The right photographer will help with this and get good candid shots. I'm not good at posing and feel so stiff but they do things to make you laugh, act natural, etc.

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