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How much should a DJ cost?

Jessica, on August 1, 2011 at 6:20 PM Posted in Planning 0 52
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I was quoted $700 for 3 hours. Is that reasonable?

Thanks ladies


  • Rachel W.
    Master May 2012
    Rachel W. ·

    Absolutely. Ours is costing $1000 for 4 hours of music and lights included.

  • Jen P.
    Master January 2012
    Jen P. ·

    I am paying $600 for 6 hours, including lights and everything.. but I found mine for dirt cheap. Most other ones I have seen are around $1200-$1500 for like 4 hours.. but that's based on my region I suppose.

  • Adrienne
    Dedicated August 2011
    Adrienne ·

    My dj is $1300 for six hours - including music & mics before and after ceremony, music during cocktail hour, dinner and of course for the dancing. He is also providing the lighting. This is the second dj I met with, the first one wanted to charge over $2500 for 5 hours. I thought that was bogus.

  • NJ Bride
    VIP September 2011
    NJ Bride ·

    Sounds pretty reasonable to me... a large chunk of that cost is probably travel and setting up and dismantling of the equipment which is the same no matter the length of the engagement. Ours is $825 for 5 hours and he was almsot half the price of anyone else we found.

  • Blanca
    Super March 2012
    Blanca ·

    I found a DJ that is going to charge us $550 for 8 hours with sound and lighting plus some other stuff.. I haven't confirmed but we will be meeting with him tomorrow..

    That price is actually the best I've found in my area, hopefully he can deliver what we want!

  • Carlos Molina
    September 2019
    Carlos Molina ·

    DJ costs can vary greatly... and depend on many different factors. As a starting point, check out They have a fairly realistic cost for DJ's.

    $700 might be reasonable for your area. However, you need to know what it includes. Lighting? Ceremony sound system too? Insured? Legal Music library? Professional Equipment and backup equipment? those are some of the questions you need to ask before you book.

    @Carolyn S. I would discourage you from "renting" a DJ system. If you don't like "cheesy" DJ's... simply hire one who is not cheesy. Here's what tends to happens with "rented systems:"

    Good luck with your selection, ladies!

  • Meghan
    Master August 2011
    Meghan ·

    I would agree with checking him out. Read his reviews. Frankly, that seems a little low for a real professional to me, and only 3 hours seems a bit odd. That will not include cocktail hour, ceremony sound and will that cover the dinner hour? You need a DJ for all of those, with multiple systems.

    @Carolyn- please reconsider just renting equipment. Unless your friend has experience DJing weddings- this is a horrible idea. You may save money, but a professional DJ brings alot more than just equipment and music. They bring knowledge and experience! They know how to work timing, make appropriate announcements- like introducing the bridal party, orchestrating people through the buffet lines and the first dances. That stuff takes experience, not just equipment. They also know how to get the crowd moving. They will play the music you want- but they also know what the crowd will dance too. It doesn't have to be the traditional wedding stuff.

  • Dena&JD
    Master April 2012
    Dena&JD ·

    My dj costs $250 6 hours, animation, lights, smoke but I am havin a DW in PR

  • Larry  Williams
    September 2019
    Larry Williams ·

    Ummm... $700 for 3 hours of what? Might be OK, depending on what sort of equipment, sound, speakers, lighting, MC skills, legal music, etc etc. There are WAY too many variables to say for sure.

    Watch this video of last weekend, and tell me if your DJ is going to do this. If you can get this for $700, you are getting a FANTASTIC BARGAIN!

    @Carolyn, please come back and comment on how it went with your DJ. I hear brides all the time, talk about the fantastic deal and DJ, but no one ever comes back later to say if it was a success, or disaster... I have a guess why they don't talk about it later...

  • Larry  Williams
    September 2019
    Larry Williams ·

    @Blanca... I love your comment: "Hopefully, he can deliver". Now you understand. Anyone can be a DJ, and charge whatever they want, but delivering the "goods" to the customer, is the operative goal!

    Price isn't the first thing you should consider... try skill, commitment, knowledge, history, attention to detail, and ability to please the customer first, then work out a price.

  • Amanda P
    Expert May 2014
    Amanda P ·

    I am having a wedding coordinator and there is two of them that work together. The DJ I am having is actually married to one of the wedding coordinators. He is going to charge $100 per hour.

  • Mouche
    Master October 2012
    Mouche ·

    I've been pricing already and I was quoted starting at $675 for 4 hrs. My reception will be small 100 at max. So not really looking for all the bells and whistles, just a good mix of music that we both like.

  • Dianna & Patrick
    Expert November 2011
    Dianna & Patrick ·

    Jessica not sure how much Dj's typically charge. However my FH & I are paying 1200.00 for 6 hours he also included Our custom logo name plate for the dance floor. He will set up the Officiant with a headset Mic for the ceremony.. Good luck in your search

  • Larry  Williams
    September 2019
    Larry Williams ·

    Ladies!!! You can't judge your DJ by the price he/she charges. $300 for 5 hours, is not a better deal than $1200 for 5 hours if you don't get what you want. I have this huge list of considerations (on my blog) that lists many things to consider... here are just a few:

    Quality of equipment (pro gear is heard by your guests)

    Years of experience

    Legal music (if he/she steals music, then you are stealing it too)


    Liability Insurance

    Proper sound system for your room

    Lighting and/or decor with uplighting

    Ability to read a crowd

    Back up gear available

    Do they have a professional web site?

    Do they provide a planner or timeline?

    Do they have logos - videos - or projection available?

    Do they attend training for DJ's to upgrade their service?

    Do they have current, up to date music?

    Equate some of the above statements to this:

    "I got a really good car for $300"

    "I got a really good car for $3000"

    I'm sure you get the point!

  • Larry  Williams
    September 2019
    Larry Williams ·


    Send me a PM with all the details about your DJ, and I'll go over it, and tell you if you're getting a good deal for your money. There are too many things to consider to respond to your original question.

    DJs run the gamut of skill, quality and service. I'd be happy to help you and give you questions to ask him/her.

  • Mark Sanchez
    September 2019
    Mark Sanchez ·

    What is a Reasonable Price?

    How Much Should Your Wedding DJ Cost?

    DJ's will charge what they believe they are worth. Pricing is mainly based on talent & experience. If you booked a DJ that sold you on just his audio & lighting equipment, lighted monogram etc.. They are more of a rental company. I wish you luck.

    To the DJ's here, bride's don't care about your equipment, they just want a good, fun party. If they hire a PROFESSIONAL DJ, professional equipment to be expected with the service. I've seen terrible amateur's with great pro-audio & lighting gear. Entertainment is a talent based business!

  • Kerry
    Super March 2012
    Kerry ·

    The DJ company we chose is insured, has back up equipment, will provide music for our ceremony, cocktail hour and reception, will provide lighting, and will provide the mics/sound equipment for our ceremony & reception. We're paying $850 for six hours in the Scottsdale, AZ area - but we were given a discount because our wedding is on a Friday.

    In addition to the above services our dj will provide glow sticks/props for kids/drunk adults to use at the reception. I met with our dj once already and was highly impressed at the level of detail he went into, and I have full confidence in his abilities/.

    Does your dj have a Facebook page with photos/videos you can view? Or better yet, would they be willing to let you pop in on an event they'll be djing in the near future?

    To be honest, I would have spent more if it required so. Having a good/bad dj can really make or break your wedding.

    Good luck!

  • Mark Sanchez
    September 2019
    Mark Sanchez ·

    Best way to find a wedding DJ is to get recommendations from other wedding professional that work with DJ's. i.e. photographers, coordinators, videographers.. Unedited video of the DJ in action (MC skills) is also recommended. That DJ is representing you on one of the biggest days of your life.

  • Charlie
    September 2019
    Charlie ·

    Geez another DJ pricing thread! Sadly most responses making suggestions are WRONG!!! Entertainers or DJ's are selling thee experience and results!!! NOT GEAR or MUSIC LIBRARY!!!!!

    Do you see photographers selling cameras, lenses and whether or not they use legal film

    Brides...most of you have NEVER seen a really good DJ. If you did, why haven't you booked him rather than searching online for one?

    Hopefully I've raised your eyelids a tad.

  • Jessica
    Devoted September 2011
    Jessica ·

    Yeah my thread seems to have been hijacked

    But thank you ladies for the advice!

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