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How much did you spend on bridesmaids gifts?

mmbrake28, on August 9, 2018 at 11:31 AM Posted in Planning 0 27
Happy Thursday!

A few questions:
1) how many bridesmaids do you have?
2) how much did you spend/planning to spend per person on gifts?
3) if you’ve bought them already, what did you get?

thank you!!! Smiley smile


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  • C
    Master July 2018
    Cuoghi ·
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    1. My sister. $50 I think. We arent really present people, more experiences over things.
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  • MrsD
    Legend July 2019
    MrsD ·
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    1. 9 bridesmaids

    2. Proposal Gifts: $15/person, Bachelorette Favors: $15/person (only 7 of them are going), Wedding Gifts: $170/person for hair & makeup, + $150 for gifts

    3. Monogrammed robe, personalized shot glass & tumbler, personalized tote & hanger, hand written letter from me

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  • Gen
    Champion June 2019
    Gen ·
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    I haven’t done my gifts yet so I’m not super sure, but I can let you know what I’m thinking so far. I have a MOH and 2 bridesmaids, will spend about $50 on each? Probably? I have no idea what I’m getting the bridesmaids yet, but I’m getting my MOH a necklace that’s rose gold with an opal... my FH wanted me to pick out my own ring so when I first got engaged, my MOH and I spent hours looking at pictures of rings on the internet trying to decide what I wanted, and then ended up digressing into what kind of ring SHE would hypothetically want (even though she’s not engaged lol) and she decided she’d want a rose gold ring with an opal, so I’m going to get her that as a necklace since 1) I know she likes the look and 2) it’ll be a reminder and a thank you for how much she helped me plan, starting from the very beginning Smiley smile
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  • KarenO
    Master June 2018
    KarenO ·
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    I had 4 BM, including the MOH. I spent about $85, I think, on each of them, with the MOH getting an extra gift. I also covered the makeup for two of them, $65 each, even though I didn't require them to have it done. (I would have covered it for all of them, but didn't tell them ahead of time.)

    I tried to "shop like it's their birthdays" but honestly wound up getting them small gifts that were essentially the same - a journal (different styles to reflect their personalities), a scented candle, a small essential oil diffuser, a Kate Spade bracelet (all the same), a personalized aluminum water bottle (just with their name/initial and no "bridesmaid" or wedding info on it), mirror compacts, lip balm and a personalized tote bag (again, just with their names). I also got the MOH a Kate Spade jewelry box. None of these were props, though I think they all wore the bracelet on my wedding day. I just tried to get them cute things that I thought they'd use/like.

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  • Happy Hedgie
    VIP September 2018
    Happy Hedgie ·
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    1. Only have a MOH no BMs.

    2. Just over $100 plus I paid for her dress and makeup.

    3. I'm not finished yet but, so far I have Fruits and Passions Body lotion and shower gel, a shower loofa, face masks, a makeup bag, Sephora Gift Card, a Lush Gift Card, and a bottle of nail polish. I'll probably add some Lindt chocolates, a tin of her favorite David's Tea and maybe a lemon scented candle if I can find it since she loves all things citrus. She is a total girly girl and loves pampering herself so I know she will appreciate it.

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  • Munchkin9218
    Master September 2018
    Munchkin9218 ·
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    5 Bridesmaids.

    Estimated spending about 100$ per girl (so 500$ budget total)

    Bought them:

    personalize water tumblers - 20$ each

    Vera Bradley 3 in 1 wristlets in a pattern each girl will like, valued at 70$ (bought at the outlets for 70% off so about 21$ per bag)

    Bangle with personal charm 15$ each

    I am also considering throwin in their favorite candy, or a gift card to a place they like, favorite coffee shop, or lush or their nails done etc.

    Total cost of gifts - 105$ (not including shipping costs)

    Actually spent - 56$

    It's better in my opinion to buy quality gifts they will like and use rather than trendy things or things that are really for you and your pictures. Robes they are unlikely to ever wear again are really a gift for them, or is anything emblazoned with bridesmaid that they won't ever use after that day. Try to think of it like their birthday, and shop accordingly.

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  • Scruffypine
    Savvy September 2018
    Scruffypine ·
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    I have 4 bridesmaids, I plan on spending about $25 on each of them. So far I got 4 cute mugs (on sale!) and I plan on filling the mug with a starbucks giftcard for 15$ and their favourite chocolate.

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  • BB-H
    VIP September 2018
    BB-H ·
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    I have 4 BMs and will probably spend between $30 and $40 on each. I haven't figured out what to get them yet, but I have lots of ideas. I'm not getting any of them the same thing, or anything that is really related to the wedding. Just neat things that I think they will like, like I'm getting them gifts for their birthdays.

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  • Mrs. Jones
    Expert May 2018
    Mrs. Jones ·
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    I had 7 BM- i spent a lot lol I paid for their hair and makeup, robes, hanger, jewelry (earrings &Neckalce), monogrammed tumblr, lotion, and perfume

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  • Emily
    Savvy September 2018
    Emily ·
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    I have 5 bridesmaids and spent more than intended..
    I got them each: a button down with their monogram, a necklace, a travel mug, bags with their names on them, bath bombs... And I am paying for their makeup on the day-of
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  • starsinwaves
    VIP November 2018
    starsinwaves ·
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    I have six bridesmaids and plan on spending about $85 on each of them. I got/am getting:

    - tote bag for proposal ($20)

    - nice Ugg pajama set (originally almost $100 but got on sale for $35)

    - mini candle ($3)

    - coffee mug to match their personality ($7-$20)

    - coffee or Starbucks gift card depending on the girl ($10)

    In my circle, it's normal to get the BMs all the same thing, but I kept the individuals in mind when picking out the items (the mugs are all different, the BM in Australia got a shorts PJ set instead of pants, etc.)

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  • Jennifer
    Master September 2018
    Jennifer ·
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    7 bridesmaids- $50 per bridesmaid approx. Each of them got one of these with their initials embroidered on it & either a gift card to their favorite restaurant/store or a bottle of liquor depending on taste. We are all beach/boat people and this bag will definitely be something they will use.

    How much did you spend on bridesmaids gifts? 1

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  • M
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    Mia ·
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    I have 5 girls in my wedding party.. I spent about $75-100 on each one... I did ALOT of Etsy shopping .. I found really cute tote bags and had them made in their fav colors with their initials on them, found wine sippys and personalized them, I did beach towels, a charm bracelet and or charm (some already had bracelets) and found these really cute jewelry pouches that the lady personalized with words so each girl had their own memories on them of our friendship, and I did little spa packs I found at Marshall’s along with a serenity spa candle (Marshall’s as well)

    Here are the Etsy vendors I used they were all AMAZING

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  • MP1013
    Dedicated October 2018
    MP1013 ·
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    I have a MOH, and 2 BM's, one is my 12 year old daughter. I am doing what a PP talked about - shopping like I would for their birthday. Getting the MOH and adult BM $50 gift card to their favorite stores (Nordstrom and Ann Taylor) and then monogrammed totes for all 3 ($30 total on etsy) and then a bottle of their favorite liquor (or wine) with some nice glasses. For my daughter I am getting her a charm bracelet she has been wanting, and a gift card to Justice.

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  • No
    Devoted September 2018
    No ·
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    1. 5 bridesmaids

    2. I was planning to spend about $150 on each person. I ended up spending about $350 per person and about $550 on my MOH. Oops!

    3. My MOH is getting married a month after us and I know she has an account so I'm not going to list what I purchased for the wedding, but these are some of the other expenses.

    Proposal : handmade custom box with a personalized puzzle that looked like me and each of them. $32 each

    Spa Day just for fun: Soak in the hot tubs and grabbed coffee/lunch spent about $40 each

    Paying for them to get their hair however they want : $80 each

    Dress and shoes: $135

    Wedding: They are each getting 3 items, all unique to them.

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  • A
    Beginner October 2019
    Adrionna ·
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    1. I have 6 total including MOH

    2. I didn't really set a budget. I've just been shopping around for awhile trying to decide exactly what I want to get and then trying to find the best deals.

    3. I'm still battling back and forth with myself on what else I want but so far I found wine glasses with painted sunflowers on them. I'm going to order vinyl names from etsy and do it myself (saved so much money this way)! I had $4 a piece in those plus bought one for myself. (By the way this is the proposal gift) I bought them each a small candle, $3 ea. I found a 6-pack of bath bombs for $7 so they each will get one of those. Now I just need to buy the boxes to put them in and a mini bottle of wine for each girl, plus I'm writing each one a note. I'm having what they think is an engagement party but it's really a party to ask them all to be in the wedding. I'll have a balloon attached to each box with their name on it and I'll have those set out on the tables as they come in. My wedding is next Oct so for Christmas this year I'm getting them each a personalized bag (buying the canvas totes from hobby lobby and then taking them to a local shop to have them personalized). Then as wedding day of presents they will each have a personalized champagne glass, a robe, a hanger and depending on if I can get a group deal, I would like to pay for their hair and makeup. If not, I will probably do earrings or a necklace.

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  • Emily
    Devoted August 2018
    Emily ·
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    4 bridesmaids, and I'm not sure how much I spent, But I got embroidered bags for each, makeup bags, personalized robes, heels for the wedding, hangers, body butter, candles, earrings, bracelets, and hair pieces.

    We also paid for all bridesmaid dresses and alterations.

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  • AJ
    VIP September 2018
    AJ ·
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    I spent about $30 on each of my 4 bridesmaids and 1 bridesman, and $45 on my MOH.

    Most of them are getting a bottle of wine from a winery in the town we're getting married in as well as a personal gift, but 2 don't like wine so I just spent more on their personal gift or got them a drink they do like. We're also offering free lodging to most of the wedding party by renting a big cabin full of bunk beds at our venue. Some have chosen to get hotels instead (mainly those bringing SOs) but many are excited for the free beds lol
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  • MIWM
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    MIWM ·
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    I have not thought about bridesmaid gifts yet. Not getting married until June 2019. Not sure what to purchase for them. I have 2

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  • M
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    Megan ·
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    I absolutely adore those bags! Where did you get them at?
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