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How long did you wait for your professional pictures to come in?

gwiley6, on July 1, 2011 at 5:22 PM Posted in Etiquette and Advice 0 20
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Hi Ladies,

So I'm just curious if I'm being impatient or if this is really taking a long time lol. We've been married a little over a month now and have yet to see our prof pictures. How long did you wait to get yours?


  • Julean
    VIP May 2011
    Julean ·

    I had to wait about 5 1/2 weeks for mine...and then the second disc had an error, so I am still waiting on the reship of that disc... It's all of the posed creek pics that I was so looking forward to...

    From what I have seen and heard, about a month to 6 weeks seems to be average.

  • gwiley6
    Dedicated May 2011
    gwiley6 ·


  • Lacy A
    VIP June 2011
    Lacy A ·

    We were told 4-6 weeks so we're still waiting.

  • Lisa Kretschmann
    August 2019
    Lisa Kretschmann ·

    We typically tell our brides 6-8 weeks during the high season in the summer.

  • NiseyyD
    Super February 2012
    NiseyyD ·

    Have they at least sent a preview/teasers?

  • Leslie Spurlock
    August 2019
    Leslie Spurlock ·

    I tell my brides 8 weeks, but I try to get them done sooner. I do give them a sneak peek asap, within the first week.

  • gwiley6
    Dedicated May 2011
    gwiley6 ·

    We have had a few pictures sent to us, but that was after 4 or 5 emails and a couple of calls.

  • Lisa Kretschmann
    August 2019
    Lisa Kretschmann ·

    Yeah they get a sneak peek the next day and two teaser post within a week or so. However some less tech savvy phootgraphers do not blog or post pictures on facebook as much perhaps that could be the issue.

  • E.
    Super June 2012
    E. ·

    I got my engagement pics two days later.

    However, I don't want to scare you, but my co-worker knew a couple who had to wait SEVEN years, seven months, and some odd days to get their wedding photos. I know that's hard to believe, but my co-worker showed me the fb status update of his friend which said EXACTLY that.

  • Kelly Embry
    August 2019
    Kelly Embry ·

    What does it say in your contract? Every photographer will vary in their turn around time and this is the midst of peak season, so Im willing to bet they have several weddings to work on. Photo turn around can be anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months really. Just think of it this way.... the longer it takes, the more effort and time they are spending producing quality images for you.

    If all else fails, just send your photog a friendly email asking when they are expecting your photos to be ready. Sometimes showing an interest (and reminding them you are there) will speed things up on your order.... as long as you are friendly and pleasant about it

  • Lee
    Devoted April 2011
    Lee ·

    Well we only waited a few days and everything was done on a dvd

  • Keith Berry
    August 2019
    Keith Berry ·

    We put 100 or so of our favorites on our clients facebook wall with a link to the full gallery of images on our website usually by the Friday after the wedding. When they go online we burn the DVD of images right away for the couple. Our average turnaround to get them to the couple both online and on disc is about a week. If we have three or more weddings in a weekend it could get to two weeks though. It's a lot of work, but makes everyone happy!

  • Brian Donnelly
    August 2019
    Brian Donnelly ·

    If you don't have anything in your contract stipulating image delivery time, and haven't heard from your photographer, it's absolutely appropriate to check in with them at this point.

    Image delivery times can vary greatly from photographer to photographer, particularly depending on how much they retouch. Our typical contract says we'll have the retouched images delivered no later than 30 days after the ceremony, but we average about three weeks.

  • Jen
    Expert May 2011
    Jen ·

    We had a teaser site/images in about a week. Got DVDs w/ all the images just this weekend (right at 8 weeks). Now onto ordering prints and picking out pictures for the photo album...

  • Mrs. Smith
    VIP May 2011
    Mrs. Smith ·

    We had ours on a website within 10 days and the discs within 2 weeks

  • ashlee
    Master January 2012
    ashlee ·

    I think the standard is 4-6 weeks.

  • Ava
    VIP September 2011
    Ava ·

    We waited about 7-8 weeks for our engagement pics only, and we were told the same time frame for our wedding pics. I think that a long wait is a sign of great editing!

  • A
    Just Said Yes May 2017
    Ashley ·

    I always try to have a sneak peak up on Facebook within 48 hours, which is usually 5-10 of my fav images. Then I will finish the rest within 2-3 weeks. I def think it’s ok for you to call.

  • V
    Just Said Yes November 2018
    Violet ·
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    I know this is years later, and I hope you got your photos and were happy about them, but as a professional photographer- I get emails constantly from clients who have signed a contract stating clearly that turnaround time is 3-4 months, wanting to see photos and have their photos ready just weeks after their wedding. Professional photography and running an entire business normally alone is not easy. From what it says here you got a sneak peek of your photos, even calling and emailing several times, and still wanted all of your photos. I will tell you this- I shoot about 30 weddings a year. Total about 20 during peak season alone. That is somewhere around 40,000 photos for me with my second photographers photos as well. I put in about 70 hours a week in this business because it is so much more than just working on photos. It's insane actually, and though I truly love photography, wedding photography is rewarding but with one major downside... the way we are treated after the wedding day. You have to understand this is your wedding day and we have a lot of work to do. We care for your photos. We care about you. That becomes tough when people lose patience and kindness after a while! But try to hang in there and put yourself in their shoes too.
  • D
    Just Said Yes September 2018
    Danielle ·
    I’m still waiting it’s been 6 months and I haven’t even seen online proofs yet!

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