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How do you deal with impatience on wanting to be married already?

Gabriela, on June 10, 2019 at 10:42 PM Posted in Community Conversations 1 18
I feel like I’m so eager to just be married already and I’m not getting married until November of next year! I keep looking at wedding stuff and watching wedding videos. I feel so impatient like I have such a need for it to be the day already. It feels like I’ve waited a lifetime for this moment to arrive and now it feels like a lifetime until it’s actually here. I honestly think I should just stop thinking about it for a bit so I’m not so impatient but I can’t help myself!


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  • Yoice
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    Yoice ·
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    I had a love hate relationship with passing time. I wanted to finally get married to the love of my life and have my dream wedding but at the same time I didn’t want the planning to end. I had stress and all but I truly enjoyed every minute of it as I’m a planner and I love what I do. So if of course planning my wedding was so special. I would say it would get here faster than you know it and then you’ll feel soooo empty or maybe relief lol.
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  • Jessica
    Master September 2020
    Jessica ·
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    I understand how you feel! My FH and I started talking about getting married close to three years ago, we have now been together six years. Some days I want to just say screw it let’s go get our marriage license, sign it, and be married already. My FH waited until I finished school to propose, which was smart because wedding planning would have definitely competed with school work and knowing me it would have won more often than it should have. We decided to push the wedding back from this September, as initially planned, to next September because getting everything done so quick felt overwhelming and lots of vendors I contacted were already booked. Some days I wish we’d just stick with this September, but I’m great full I can plan at a more leisurely pace (and so far I’m having fun and not stressing!). Everyone says it’ll go fast, and as Ive watched my countdown go from over 550 to nearly 450 I’m starting to believe it. I think once we hit 365 it’ll really start to fly. Good luck and happy planning!
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  • Rachel
    Expert September 2019
    Rachel ·
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    Yep, I'm there too.

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  • Lynne
    Super November 2021
    Lynne ·
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    I get it, I feel the same way. I'm getting married next August.
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  • Ingrid
    VIP October 2020
    Ingrid ·
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    I feel the same way, we began the process in 2017 but knew we wanted to wait until 2020 after our kids graduate high school. We wanted to be completely available to them before starting our lives. We're a year and a half out and it's moving but not as fast as I want when I want.
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  • Sydnee
    Just Said Yes July 2019
    Sydnee ·
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    Pinterest is amazing! You can search all the board and save all your ideas. That way as you get closer you’ll have all your ideas in one place. Also, I found it best to find one person I know will love to listen to all my wedding ideas. That made it easy for me.
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  • Nikki
    Expert March 2021
    Nikki ·
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    Same here been with fh for 10 years been engaged for 9 months and have 9 months till the big day. Just needs to hurry up Smiley smile
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  • Anna
    Super April 2020
    Anna ·
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    Omg I feel the same way you do. I'm getting married in April. It feels like forever to me. My fh and I dont live together so I just think I want to be with him already. Wake up next to him. But I am trying to enjoy this moment cause I'm only going thought this once. I want to remember it forever. But i do know how you feel. When i leave him, i tell him let's get married cause I'm tired of leaving him every night. So for us being married will be a whole new experience that will be amazing.
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  • JuneBride2018
    Devoted June 2018
    JuneBride2018 ·
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    I know how you feel but trust me don’t rush. When our day was over I cried. I missed everything. I was so happy to be married to him. But I missed the planning, the cake tasting, the pictures, bridal party checking in to make sure everything was ok, the events before the wedding, the shopping for our new home. All of it was over and I missed because we enjoyed soooooo much of it. If I could go back to last year I most definitely would so I always tell people to enjoy the moments because when that day is over you will miss it.
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  • Kayla
    Savvy March 2020
    Kayla ·
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    Girl I understand I am getting married October 2020 and the other day I was told to slow down that we have plenty of time to plan things and I am just like lets plan this now lol. It is hard

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  • Cheryl&rock
    VIP June 2019
    Cheryl&rock ·
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    I'm getting married Saturday. I know how you feel! I did the countdown in increments. In the beginning it was the next hundred, then double digits, then by 10's, to now days, soon to be hours. The past 16 months have flown by, but once we hit 30 days time went supersonic!!!
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  • Nicole
    Super October 2021
    Nicole ·
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    The time will fly! We also have a long engagement ( I think like 20 months lol) and i felt that way in the beginning. I'm not stressed because we're checking things off the list ahead of the WW schedule, but still it feels like time is flying. We'll be 1 year out in no time. Pick things to focus on each month/every two weeks. It makes it fun and keeps the anxiousness at bay.'

    Also remember to enjoy this time. Enjoy calling him your fiance, enjoy all the excitment of people asking you about your wedding plans....once you're married that all ends. So i'm trying to really focus on this "engagement chapter" and cherish that it'll only be for a few (alot) of months Smiley winking

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  • Courtney
    Master December 2019
    Courtney ·
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    Less than 6 months and I'm ready to go! Everything has been designed and ordered and I can't wait to see how it all turns out.

    Oh..and get married haha. Smiley xd

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  • Grace
    Dedicated November 2019
    Grace ·
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    This is exactly how I feel! My FH and I are doing the same thing and that’s the biggest excitement I think! Just not having to leave each other anymore!
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  • Jess
    Super September 2019
    Jess ·
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    Honestly patience will be your best friend. I have been engaged since July 2017 for a Sept 2019 wedding. I felt the same way thinking the day would never come and how I cant wait to be married! Now being only 3 months out I still cant wait to be married lol but I cant believe how fast time has gone by! I feel like I have so much still to do even though I've already had pretty much 2 years of planning. So trust me, just be patient and the time will fly by!

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  • Tina
    Super August 2019
    Tina ·
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    Trust me it will be here before you know it! Its great that you have that desire. Embrace it.

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  • Meaghan
    Savvy October 2021
    Meaghan ·
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    I completely understand how you feel! I am so excited and ready to do it (my fiance and I have been together for years). I just keep reminding myself that if I was rushing the planning process, it would require me to compromise on some of the things that we want - which we do not want to do! More time to plan means less compromising so that it will be exactly what you want!

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  • Michelle
    Dedicated July 2019
    Michelle ·
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    Yep! That's why we are only having a 6.5-month engagement! We had been together for almost 5 years when he proposed, and neither of us wanted to wait too long!

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