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How Did You and Your Future Spouse Meet?

Erin, on January 13, 2020 at 11:11 AM Posted in Community Conversations 1 2
I love to read these kinds of stories. I’ll start with my story, and then I’d love to hear yours!

My FH and I met at work. He was a coach in need of a trainee and I was a trainee in need of a coach. His friend was the supervisor I talked to when I got to work that morning. He decided to play “haaaaave you met Shawn?” And put me with him for training For the day. We really hit it off and decided to hang out and we became friends. Things went from there Smiley smile
Please share your stories below!


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  • Amber
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    My fiancé and I met on Bumble. I was in my final semester of college. I briefly dated a different guy that I also met on the app, but that ended at the beginning of winter break. The day I came back to campus after winter break I downloaded the app again and we matched that night. After a few days of talking we met up at a local mall and ate burgers. At the end of the night I introduced to him to some of my friends that followed us around the mall. I’m glad that didn’t scare him away, because it’s nearly 3 years later and we are planning our wedding.
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    That's a sweet story, Erin Smiley smile

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