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Honeymoon ideas under $2500, Also is that possible for Napa valley ca or Oahu Hawaii ?

Rachel, on May 11, 2019 at 10:46 PM Posted in Honeymoon 0 27
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So I really want to Napa valley CA or Oahu Hawaii, but I don't know if we can do that on such a small budget. Are there any hot places we could have a fun time for $2,500 or less for two people?

My husband is against doing a cruise. We both really want somewhere hot since we plan to go around Sep, Oct, Nov. Our honeymoon would be about 5 or 6 days. We don't need a long honeymoon. We could fly out of Chicago. We are debating whether to use groupon or a travel agency or plan ourselves. I don't even know if we would use air bnb or hotels at this point. I am overwhelmed with trying to find somewhere in our budget we would both enjoy. Any suggestions or tips appreciated!

Also if you have any honeymoon tips please share!


  • Rockie
    Dedicated June 2019
    Rockie ·
    What state do you live in? Travel expenses would vary greatly depending on where you are coming from
  • Mandi
    Rockstar March 2020
    Mandi ·
    I won't tell you Hawaii is out. But Hawaii is SUPER EXPENSIVE.
  • Rachel
    Beginner September 2018
    Rachel ·
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    Good question! We would book our airplane out of Chicago.

  • Rachel
    Beginner September 2018
    Rachel ·
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    Yikes, I thought maybe if we did airbnb and shortened our stay it would be doable.

    But if not, then we will save Hawaii for another trip when we aren't saving up for a house!

  • Mandi
    Rockstar March 2020
    Mandi ·
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    I never thought about air b n b. I honestly just saw some of the pricing and ran away fast.
    If you can find a good deal, go for it!
  • Rockie
    Dedicated June 2019
    Rockie ·
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    Hawaii will cost you around 1,200 + in airfare alone to the main island. Stay at a chain hotel (not an all inclusive) is probably at min 300 a night so another 1,500 for 5 nights It wouldn’t leave much room for activities or food. And these numbers are conservative.

    Napa will be closer to 900 in flights, Chain hotels will probably be around 150 a night so 750. This would leave you slightly more wiggle room but not much. Also depending on how warm you are thinking Napa is usually mids 60’s to low 70’s in October / November
  • Rockie
    Dedicated June 2019
    Rockie ·
    If you want somewhere warm that is a bit more cost effective look into Cancun (flights closer to 700) and generally they are more affordable all
    inclusive options
  • augbride
    Super August 2018
    augbride ·
    My husband and I did honeymoon in Mexico for 5 days all inclusive with airfare for about 2500
  • L
    Expert June 2019
    Lori ·
    I live about an hour from Napa and it is very expensive...there are other less expensive options in California that are similar...look into Placerville/Apple Hill and Murphys...these are 2 of my favorites.
  • Kelly
    Savvy October 2019
    Kelly ·

    Definitely check out AirBnB. My fiance and I went to Maui in April and found a great condo on the beach for $200 per night. There were less expensive options if you didn't mind being inland a bit. Another thought... get a Capital One Venture card and start putting everything on it (but pay it off, of course). You can erase travel-related charges with points. Staying in a condo means you'll have access to a kitchen, so you can keep other costs lower by eating breakfast in, being able to pack a lunch, and have dinner at home if you want. Target and Costco have prices that are pretty equivalent to the mainland, although other grocery stores can be substantially higher.

  • Ali
    Devoted August 2019
    Ali ·
    We went through cheap carribean and I would highly recommend them
    We are going to the riveria maya in September for 10 days it's all inclusive with resort food airfare drinks and 2 excursions and transportation from airport to the hotel
    All for 2300
    It will be hurricane season though so I'm assuming that's why the price is right
  • Amanda
    Dedicated June 2020
    Amanda ·
    Any of the Florida Keys or Miami.
  • Jenna
    Dedicated August 2019
    Jenna ·

    We are doing Northern California (near the Redwoods) for a week and we are at $2300 with flights from Detroit, the honeymoon cabin, and renting a jeep for the week but not food or other expenditures. However, we are homebodies so will likely be grocery shopping and cooking most of our meals in. We decided to splurge on a really nice cabin and the car we wanted since it was our honeymoon so guessing you could find cheaper options for both. We are planning on 1 nice dinner out somewhere on the water our first full day there and going ziplining in Sonoma on our way back to the airport (about a 5.5 hour drive, maybe 6). Good luck planning!

  • FutureMrsD
    Legend July 2019
    FutureMrsD ·

    Hawaii would all depend on the flights, so that will depend on time of year. I'd look now since those flights are already released for those months! We are going to Oahu & Maui for 7 days and spending around $6,000.

  • R
    Dedicated October 2019
    Roxana Online ·

    I highly suggest AirBnB, just make sure you research! We will be using them for our honeymoon

    We're going to Destin, FL (Clear water and White sand beaches!) and all things considered we're looking at exactly 2,500 for a full week.

    That includes:

    -AirBnB condo (which is very nice and right on the beach!)

    -Flights from Virginia

    -Food costs


    -Rental car

  • R
    Dedicated October 2019
    Roxana Online ·

    In case you're interested, here are some pictures from the AirBnB we're renting. Personally, I think it's basically as nice as a fancy hotel but to be fair we're pretty laidback.

    Honeymoon ideas under $2500, Also is that possible for Napa valley ca or Oahu Hawaii ? 1

    Honeymoon ideas under $2500, Also is that possible for Napa valley ca or Oahu Hawaii ? 2

    Honeymoon ideas under $2500, Also is that possible for Napa valley ca or Oahu Hawaii ? 3

    Honeymoon ideas under $2500, Also is that possible for Napa valley ca or Oahu Hawaii ? 4

    Honeymoon ideas under $2500, Also is that possible for Napa valley ca or Oahu Hawaii ? 5

    Honeymoon ideas under $2500, Also is that possible for Napa valley ca or Oahu Hawaii ? 6

  • Rachel
    Beginner September 2018
    Rachel ·
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    Oh my gosh Roxana, your house even has a pool?? Your air b n b looks amazing! What kind of excursions are you able to do in FL/would you suggest? Are you buying your own food to make? What made you decide on FL?

  • R
    Dedicated October 2019
    Roxana Online ·

    Actually this is an unit in a condo, not a house!

    The unit comes with a fully equipped kitchen, so we will definitely cook some meals but I'd also like to splurge on some nicer dinners. I've accounted for us to spend an average of $50 a day on food.

    We decided on FL because we also wanted to go somewhere warm for our Honeymoon that was within budget. Airfare to FL was just way more affordable than it was for Hawaii, and the water/beaches are gorgeous on the Panhandle! Plus, my Future In-laws honeymooned in Destin 30 years ago and loved it

    The excursions and prices will vary based on where in FL you go, but for us this is a list of things we could do with an allowance of $300 total, we decided to set aside another $200 for shopping and such.

    1. Picnic at Henderson State Park/Crystal Beach- $6

    2. Snorkeling (Destin Snorkel)-$80

    3. Fireworks Cruise (SunVenture)- $40

    4. Parasailing/Jetski?-$85/hr

    5. Go to The Track (MiniGolf/Bumper Cars)- $20-40

    6. Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park- $40

    7. See shops/attractions at Okaloosa Boardwalk- Free

    8. Explore HarborWalk/Crab Island- Free

  • Expert August 2020

    I went to Oahu last April and I would not recommend it. You will not be able to go there for $2,500 unless you eat fast food and sleep in a roach motel. It is ridiculously expensive. Also, it does not seem like the safest place either. We rented a car and drove out away from the touristy areas. It got really shady really quickly. There are scammers everywhere too. Literally, every 15-20 feet, you have someone trying to get into your wallet. We could barely see any peace for these reasons. We were relieved when we left. It was the most unenjoyable trip we've ever had.

  • Dayna
    Dedicated March 2021
    Dayna ·

    It's not exactly Napa Valley, but my sis and I took a trip to San Francisco (including a Napa Valley day trip) for $3800 total for both of us. We did 4 days plus 2 days travel (7 hour flight for us). A tiny room in San Fran seems to be much more expensive than a room at a BnB in Napa, and the hotel was our biggest cost, so I definitely think you could do it at least under $3000. We also flew much further than you would. Our day in Napa was beautiful. My FH and I are considering it for our honeymoon too. Our cost breakdown was:

    Hotel (5 nights) - $1900

    Flights (Jet Blue from Florida) - $635

    Ground transport (1 day car rental + shuttles + trolley) - $200

    Tickets and Activities - $375

    Souvenirs - $160

    Dining - $580

    Also, I'm from Florida and the weather here is usually beautiful in October/November if you end up considering that. Too hot in September still. You can probably do Florida cheaper than Cali. We are getting married in St. Augustine and love all the history downtown and beaches not far away. Clearwater is also beautiful and there's lots to do nearby in Tampa/St. Pete. Just some other ideas

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