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I am having a hard time picking out bridesmaids dresses..... Attached is what will be a part of the grooms attire. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated...


  • V
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    Veronica ·
    My suggestion would be to take the fabric into a store with you to match up either the green or blue. My other suggestion would be to do a netrual color like gray. Based just on your photo, I think Horizon or Juniper from David's Bridal would look pretty, but it is hard to tell for sure just based on a photo. I would keep the bridesmaids dresses simple since you are having the guys in plaid. I personally have never seen plaid as part of a wedding, but I would think simplier dresses would look better otherwise your going to have too much going on.
  • MOB So Cal
    January 2019
    MOB So Cal ·

    Take a look at Azazie's "Dark Green" -- it's a hunter/forest green. It's really a lovely color.

  • Lyndsey
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    Lyndsey ·

    Hey there - is the tartan being used as part of traditional Highland (Scottish) Dress/kilt or in another way (e.g. trews, full suit)?

    I am a Scottish bride getting married in Scotland and am here to tell you tartan isn't as scary as it looks when working it into your colour scheme! It's very common at Scottish weddings. In Scotland men traditionally each wear their own clan tartan, so whilst you can, if you wish, choose one tartan for groom and groomsmen to wear, it's common to see several different tartans on display at a wedding. I know this can sound off-putting but once everyone is dressed up in the full regalia tartan isn't in your face the way it looks when you view it on its own.

    My FH is wearing his family tartan which is mainly a mid-blue but with stripes of red, yellow, black and white. Sounds horrid written down like that but its actually gorgeous. His father will also wear the family tartan, the groomsmen are all wearing their own tartans, and my dad and brother will wear theirs too. Once everything is tied together with the same jackets, waistcoat etc, it looks lovely. My bridesmaids will be in cornflower blue. I expect that some guest will also show up in their own family tartans so there will be a riot of colour!

    I'm telling you this to demonstrate that you don't have to dull down your bridesmaids just because there is tartan in the mix, however you're using it. If the groom was wearing a full on tartan suit, jacket and trousers, I would pick out one of the colours in the tartan and go along that route, just because it is that bit more full on, but it doesn't have to be the same shade. If it's traditional Highland dress, then I honestly wouldn't worry that much. I recently saw pictures of a wedding where the groom's tartan kilt was bright red and the bridesmaids were in a vivid lilac, and honestly it looked lovely. Wearing tartan is all about identity, so don't be afraid to show your own tastes!

  • Tara
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    Tara ·

    First of all, I absolutely love that print! I'm not sure what exactly you're doing with it or how the groomsmen will be wearing it, but it's so beautiful!! I think a dark emerald green would look fabulous with this. You could do a lighter color like a cream too. When is the wedding? You can base your color scheme on that too. These colors are so rich, deep and beautiful I do think a lot would go with them. I think a simple dress would probably look best with this print, but it's your wedding and you should do whatever you want! Here's a few different photos I found that might give you some inspiration. I absolutely love the plaid pants on the men, it looks amazing! If you're doing kilts, a blush or lighter color would look great. A dark green bottom with a cream colored top for the bridesmaids might look nice too.

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  • Tara
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    Tara ·
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    This is great advice!! Scottish weddings sound so colorful and beautiful. I hope you'll post photos of your wedding afterwards!

  • Lyndsey
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    Lyndsey ·
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    Thanks! I will def post pictures 😊
  • Kristal
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    Kristal ·

    My FH and groomsmen are wearing another tartan which has become the basis for most of the decor.

    I personally choose one of the colors (in my case navy blue but for you, probably the royal blue) and had the bridesmaids get dresses in it. It may also be possible to get ribbon in that tartan to use as a sash from zazzle or elsewhere online. If you dont want to use the tartan colors throughout, a black or other neutral color could be better. make sure you keep it simple either way. for reference, here's my tartan and dresses:

    note: the colors on the tartan in this pic are a bit faded but the main blue matches in person.

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  • Erin
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    Erin ·
    What about a lighter blue to pull out the lighter stripes in the plaid? I think a slate/cornflower blue like this dress would go nicely with the tartan! The lighter pinks look lovely in another post as well!

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