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Help with savory snack option!

Toni, on November 11, 2019 at 6:58 PM Posted in Planning 0 6
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Alright coming down to crunch time (pun intended)
we’re having a cake and punch wedding on January 25, 2020 (ceremony at 2-short reception from 3-5 after)
so far for food I have: cake/cupcakes, variety of cookies, assorted popcorns, and chocolate dipped strawberries. Drinks will be a hot chocolate bar (with a spikeable option) wine and water.
Im really wanting to add that last savory component to pull it all together-i wanted to do soft pretzels but our venue doesn’t have any way to keep them warm or from going stale. Any other suggestions?


  • Hannah
    VIP July 2019
    Hannah ·
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    You could always do classic cheese/crackers/veggies. Small tea sandwiches may be a cute idea too.
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  • Kelly
    Champion October 2018
    Kelly Online ·
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    I would do a cheese and charcuterie station.
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  • Erika
    Devoted April 2021
    Erika ·
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    How about Sliders?
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  • Stefanie
    Devoted December 2019
    Stefanie ·
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    I’m having some marinara sauce shots with grilled cheese sandwiches, it sound weird but once you see it together if looks really nice and it’s delicious
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  • Melle
    Champion June 2019
    Melle Online ·
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    Pretzels would have been such a cool idea. I don't know why I'm thinking about chicken wings or eggrolls at the moment aha. For mine we did eggrolls as the savory one
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  • Jennifer
    Super April 2020
    Jennifer ·
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    Cheese, crackers, veggies and a cheeseball would be great!

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