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Caila, on June 6, 2020 at 11:22 AM Posted in Etiquette and Advice 0 6
Hi all! What is everyone doing for groomsmen gifts for the wedding?? And what did some of your future husbands get their dads?
I have decided on gifts for my bridesmaids, MOB, MOG, FOB, stepfather of bride & stepmother of the bride! Looking for help on the father of groom & groomsmen! Thanks in advance!!


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    A few weeks before our wedding, my husband, his brother and their dad went to Alaska on a fishing trip so my husband had one of the photos of the three of them printed and put in a frame and gave that to his dad. For his groomsmen, he got them mugs that look like baseball bats and had their names engraved with our wedding date. They were approximately $60 each.
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    We got the groomsmen each a flask and filled it with their liquor of choice. We got FiL a small bottle of his favorite scotch.
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    We got our dads a limited edition version of their favorite alcohols
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    Something related to individual interests
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    Hubby had been in multiple weddings in the year before and the year we married, and the usual in either his home area or School work area is something for a hobby or interest. He gave one of his guys a folding poker table ( bigger and sturdier than a card table). For one who hikes a lot, two nylon net hammocks light enough to carry back country. A chess set with carved pieces, a pair of concert tickets and for his best man who opened his family cottage on a lake for a bachelor weekend, Celtics /Knicks tickets. For the mid teen ushers ( from his family) books of movie passes good on weekend and premier shows. As a GM or groomsman himself, he has received and given away loads of flasks and cufflinks. ( He had built up 17 flasks last time he cleaned house. Personalized ones thrown out, Goodwill won't take them but take unmarked ones. He has kept new felts, once for his pool table, once for a poker table. Nice polarized sunglasses, a zippered leather briefcase, a box of a dozen glass 18 oz beer mugs ( from a restaurant supply place), nice wooden handle barbecue tools, a floating chair he loves for our swimming pool and at the lake, Oversized bathsheets he uses as beach or longer towels, a string hammock for two, and a bar rack he put on the wall, holds 16 wine or pilsner glasses by stem, a shelf for rocks glasses, and a row of hooks for beer mugs. And three big coolers in a couple years, Two regularly kept for cookouts and parties, one for the SUV. Map books by section, covering NH, NY, VT, and southern Quebec and Ontario. A couple of multi tool and swiss army knives, much used.
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    This is what my fiancee and I put in our bridal boxes for the groomsmen.
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