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Getting Ready - Mixed Bridal Party

Jennifer, on October 15, 2021 at 1:26 PM Posted in Planning 0 6
I’m having a mixed bridal party with my brothers standing by my side. For those that have done a mixed bridal party, where did they get ready? Would my brothers be getting ready with the groomsmen or just kind of on their own? Or they come to the bridal suite with me where I’m getting ready with my MOH and bridesmaids and where the mamas are also getting ready? I don’t think my girls would feel uncomfortable (though I’ll ask them first). One of them is my brother’s wife, another is one of our close cousins, and my MOH traveled in a camper trailer with my younger brother during Covid. Looking for advice on how mixed bridal parties get ready, please.


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    I am having a man of honor and I’ve left it up to him where he’d like to get ready - either in his own hotel room with his SO, then come down to the suite where the rest of us are getting ready when it’s time to take pictures, or he (and his SO, if she wishes) could get ready in the suite with us. He chose the first option.
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  • Jennifer
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    Thank you! Smiley smile I’ll ask my brothers!
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  • Samantha
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    Originally my brother was going to be a bridesman and he was going to get ready with the groomsmen then come to the bridesmaid suite for the final getting ready pictures! That way he could hang out with my FH but still be in the bridal party pictures with me. But he's got one sister and I've got one brother so we traded and now I have all the girls and he has all the guys.

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  • Allie
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    My FH's best woman is doing kind of half and half. I asked her if she wanted to do her hair and makeup with us, and she said yes so she's coming over to have that done. I told her she's welcome to hang out with us for a bit or leave and do whatever she would like. My FH is getting ready at our venue, so she might go up there and get ready with him and take some pictures. We are letting her decide what she's most comfortable with though.

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  • Melanie
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    This is such a great question! My FH has two ladies in his party and we’re trying to figure out where to have them get ready. The bridal suite at our venue is a decent size but there will be me, my 7 ladies in my bridal party, 2 flower girls, and my mom. I don’t think it’s big enough for even that amount of people to be getting ready. Plus, I want him to have his friends in there to be able to celebrate and have some fun together before we get married. So I’ll be following along for some advice too.
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    I did not have a mixed bridal party, but I would really caution against having them actively get ready with you and instead maybe just come hang for a little while during hair/makeup/lunch etc. Everyone will likely get dressed at about the same time and there just wasn’t a lot of space, even in a big suite with separate bathrooms, so we were all changing and shimmying into shapewear in the open. I’ve never been in a wedding that didn’t have some level of scramble at the end that I think would have been awkward for my BIL’s.
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