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FIJI Honeymoon.. Maybe??

Irchykk, on February 8, 2012 at 11:15 PM Posted in Honeymoon 0 4
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So I have always wanted to go to Hawaii for honeymoon, but after we got engaged, I changed my mind & now want to go to Fiji or Bora Bora... Since I travel none stop for work, I have A LOT of Starwood points, so after finally talking DH into possibly going to Fiji & he agree to it (before he kept saying its a 3rd world country, people sleep in the trees still), I called Starwood & reserved a room for 10 days at Westin Resort in Fiji ... after I got off the phone, I decided to look up at flights...

Soooo.. I knew it was going to be a LONG flight, but I thought about 20 hrs give or take... well 1 there are no none stop flights of course to Fiji... & to make things MUCH worse, you have at least 2 lay overs AND it will take 2 days to get there.. which means at least 4 days in travel!!

That is crazy!!!! So now my dream honeymoon might not work out... I have 6 weeks vacation, but as for DH, he only gets 2 weeks off, & i am sure he wants to take it before the reception few days.. ahhh


  • Diana
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    Diana ·

    But it will all be worth it!!!! Fiji looks gorgeous!! Me and FH booked a 10 night honeymoon in Bora Bora from NY and you're right, it's 2 days of traveling. But honestly, it's the best occasion to go there (I heard everyone there is on their honeymoon and there are NO children) and there really isn't that much activities to partake in over there so 7 days there is definitely good enough! Do it!!!

  • Piper
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    Piper ·

    Fiji is my favorite place in the world for a Honeymoon however I do NOT recommend going to Fiji & spending 10 days on the main island. You might as well go to Hawaii. Many people from AU/NZ (visit the main island much like we do in the US to Hawaii) and you will definitely find families at the resorts on the main island. Many of the outer island resorts do not allow children. The Westin is a nice property, but you will want to spend at least half (if not more I would hope) of you stay on an outer island in a Bure (private cottage) on the beach. It depends on budget, and if too expensive please save and go for an Anniversary.
    What city will you fly from? Air Pacific has non stop flights from Los Angeles four days per week. Keep in mind that when you come home you arrive back into the US earlier on the same day that you left (as you gain 24 hours coming back over), so it is not really 4 days of travel but more like 2.

  • Irchykk
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    Irchykk ·

    Piper, Westin is at Nadi Island, not sure where is the main island & which one is there not. The reason we are staying at Westin is because of my points, I have been saving them up for the past year, & we have enough points for about a month now at the Westin (Thanks to my job & all the crazy traveling, but its all worth it, for now at least :-) )... & Fiji only has 2 Starwood properties, Sheraton & Westin & they both on the same island.

    We are really not going out partying type.. All we want is beach, beach, beach & more beach.. maybe pooll & a spa ...

    Going for 1 year Anniversary was another idea, since our Civil ceremony was Dec 28th, we can do it next year for Xmas & New Years together... 1 we can take a lot less days off work & 2 have an awesome vacation...

    I figured if we will go to Hawaii then we might awe well go to Fiji, its a long flight either way...

    We live in NJ, so we can fly out of Newark or JFK in NY but I really dont want to fly for so long.. cont..

  • Irchykk
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    Irchykk ·

    Cont.. DH didnt want to go in the 1st place, & with changing all the planes, he really will not want to go .. so if somehow I can talk him into going with all the plane changes then I would be OK with going, I just really really want to go .. its just soooo beautiful there...

    Dont know where locally Carribean we will want to go here... whereever we go there needs to be a W hotel or a Westin property ... I really do not want to pay extra for hotel since we have all these points that we been saving all for the honeymoon ...

    Diana, if you find none stop flight to Bora Bora, can you PM me pleaseeeee :-)

    Thanks ladies

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