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Expert October 2014

Favorite bridal shower game?

Becky, on August 6, 2014 at 8:25 AM Posted in Community Conversations 0 13
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I have looked up games so I know pretty much what all is out there but which one have you or other guests enjoyed the most at showers you have been to? Trying to help out my MOH. The shower is Saturday and we have a few ideas for possible games but are trying to narrow it down to just 2-3 good ones. Thanks!


  • TiffanyShay
    Master October 2014
    TiffanyShay ·
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    My favorite tends to be the purse game because as a guest I usually win lol. My mom did the normal - shower invite, chapstick, picture of the bride... etc but then added on things specifically related to FH and I. an M&T item, something purple, something coffee related lol....

    I also love the bride/groom question game, my friend did it with just random facts about her and her hubby... who gets up earliest, who has been to more countries... my mother did fb posts though and it was a he said/she said deal. It was a LOT of fun!

    We also played the who got the groom game and we went around the room saying who got what random men, everyone had a blast with the random ppl my mom put in there.

    And my last and final game is a guilty pleasure and I believe works best when you have younger and/or just outgoing people in your group... the toliet paper bride... I haven't played it in a long time but as a kid I LOVED it because I was the one the older ladies wanted to "dress up".

    I think it's best to vary your games based on your guests... Have fun outgoing guests do games that get people up and moving. Have some more laid back guests I would do more seated/calm games.

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  • LJ411
    Master April 2015
    LJ411 ·
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    I'm a big fan of Bridal Shower Bingo. It forces people to pay attention to the gift opening and gets them all excited to win prizes. Any type of shower I've been to that didn't have something like that always left me feeling sad for the Bride or Mom-to-be. Women lose interest after the first few gifts and no one pays attention.

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  • allidb8579
    Super March 2020
    allidb8579 ·
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    My guest for some reason loved bridal bingo, They were going nuts over it lol!

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  • rusticbride
    Master May 2014
    rusticbride ·
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    Bingo was fun.

    My other favorite was something my shower host made up. It was a memory box game. Everyone had a piece of paper and pen. Everyone then had to write down a memory that they had of me, and all of them went into a box.

    The shower host then read them out loud and I had to guess who wrote each one. It was super fun, and I still have every single one of them in the same box.

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  • Karen
    Super October 2014
    Karen ·
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    My mom created a cross word puzzle of stuff about us. Where we met, where was our first kiss, whats our dogs name, etc. I had one big bridal shower for all of the family so it was a fun way for guests from his family that didn't know me or from my family that didn't know him to get to know us more. Funny enough I couldn't even get them all but my best friend did!

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  • C + R
    Master November 2014
    C + R ·
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    I like the "who knows the bride and groom best" game, but only when the bride and groom are also asked the questions about the other person (in addition to the shower guests). It's fun to see how many the groom gets wrong about the bride and vice versa. We are playing this game at my shower, and I can't wait to see FH's responses.

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  • SharSam14
    Expert August 2014
    SharSam14 ·
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    My maid of honour made a game where she got rolls of crepe paper and divided the guests into groups. The objective is to use the crepe paper with only tape or glue and make accessories for the bride ... anything from necklaces to bouquets to rings to head pieces to veils, whatever. At the end, the bride can decide which is her favourite but really by the time the bride has everything on, everyone forgets its a game and just starts taking pictures with the bride because everything looked so cool!! People can really really really get creative!! I still have a headpiece one of my aunt's made because it's actually pretty awesome!! One of my friends managed to make a "pearl" necklace with the crepe paper. I don't know how she did it but wow ... it was pretty cool!

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  • L
    VIP September 2014
    LSC_sf ·
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    Everyone loved bingo at mine and the "mystery present" game. You have a gift and someone reads this poem and the gift gets passed from person to person. It's nice because people get into it and they get to know each other a little more by figuring out who the person is. We gave out a second gift for the second to last person too. You can change it to be other things.

    Look around and you shall see

    A gift that is a mystery.

    Listen carefully and you shall hear

    To whom it belongs will soon become clear.

    It could be something fair to wear,

    First, pass it to the one with the longest hair.

    If you like to take walks, it could be for you,

    Next it goes to whom ever has the largest shoe.

    It might be something daring and bold,

    If you are wearing the most red, it’s yours to hold.

    Perhaps for a writer, close to fame,

    Pass it to the one with the longest name.

    Could it be for the traveler who hates to delay?

    Give it now to the one from the farthest away.

    It may hold memories strong and true,

    If you’ve known (the bride) the longest, it next goes to you.

    Or maybe it’s a gift for a special day,

    Take it now if your birthday is nearest today.

    This poem must end before it is night,

    So pass the gift now to the one on your right.

    Congratulations! You’ve won the prize.

    Open it now to reveal your surprise.

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  • Maltese
    Master June 2015
    Maltese ·
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    Anything that doesn't require me to move from the table or be too embarrassing. Bridal bingo would be my favorite (you can cheat and go online to their registry and write down the gifts that way!)

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  • Becky
    Expert October 2014
    Becky ·
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    Hm I think I only have about 20 or fewer attendees I wonder if I will get enough presents for bridal bingo...

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  • Chelsea
    Super August 2014
    Chelsea ·
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    At my shower my MOH asked my FH questions before the shower. Stuff like?

    Are you having kids?

    If FH was a superman who would it be?

    What is FH's shoe size?

    FH's fave food?


    And then I had to answer them and if I got one wrong they made me put a marshmellow in my mouth. It was hilarious. Everyone was laughing! I got 4 wrong! haha

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  • Carrie
    Super September 2014
    Carrie ·
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    It wasn't so much a game but something that everyone really enjoyed. We went around the table and everyone told how they met me and a touch about our relationship. It was really fun because I had a lot of girlfriends there and family and they got a kick out of the funny stories that came up (it seems most of my friends were met with smoking involved in some way lol).

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  • kaylarae
    Master April 2015
    kaylarae ·
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    At both my shower & my friends shower the purse game went really well! Everyone got really into it haha

    Also, my MOH did a he said/she said where she read out Facebook/twitter statuses and they had to guess if I or FH said it. It was so funny! Guests loved it

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