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Do you think a videographer is necessary?

Crystal, on August 22, 2009 at 12:02 PM Posted in Planning 0 29
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So I have been trying to think of ways to cut costs since it looks like noone in our families are going to help with any of the costs of the wedding. Which is to be expected considering we have a child together and live together...whats whatever. What do you all think... is a videographer worth it?


  • Amanda D.
    Super July 2010
    Amanda D. ·

    I'll be following this discussion because I'm debating whether or not to get a videographer too.

  • Celebrations
    September 2019
    Celebrations ·

    We just had a couple family members video our wedding. I do regret not having it professionally done. They can do all the editing and such. If I were happier with the way our photos turned out, I may not regret the video decision so much. If you need to cut something, I would definitely get a professional photographer and skip the videographer. Another alternative is to find a student to record everything, they are usually less expensive...and on ocassion you will find a really great student.

  • Laura Kaschak
    September 2019
    Laura Kaschak ·

    It's alway tough trying to decided where the money would be best spent in your budget. We each have different priorities as to what's "worth it". Personally the photography and videography were extremely important in our budget. I still don't have my video yet, they said it can take up to 4 months so I'm not freaking out, but I'm DYING to see it. I can't wait to hear us say our vows to each other, see all we missed during cocktail hour, our first dance and more. The photos are great but they only take you so far in your memories of the day. If I didn't have my video to look forward to I'd be so sad by now, and I'm only 3 months married! We had big discussions about how important the video would be to us. When we decided on having a yearly tradition of watching our video while toasting with our champagne flutes from the wedding on our anniversary, we knew it was worth it to us to have it done right. hopefully I'll be able to share highlights of it on here!!

  • Crystal
    Expert March 2010
    Crystal ·

    I feel like photo and video are both really important, as well as a good DJ... they are all part of the big picture! I just hope I dont go over budget!

  • L
    VIP August 2009
    lauren10 ·

    All my married friends who had a videographer say that they'll watch the video but hardly ever look at the photos. I think the video really puts you back in the moment.

  • Jadw1999
    Expert May 2010
    Jadw1999 ·

    In the beginning of the planning, I excluded video and just budgeted for photography because of the cost. But I really wanted video too for more real memories. At the time of booking our photography pacakage, we were able to get video along with our photography that fit into the budget. Thanks to attending the Bridal Expo we received a percentage off photography and video which really helped significantly to enable us to do both photography & video. Otherwise, we may have just went with Photography only.

  • Carmen Martinez
    September 2019
    Carmen Martinez ·

    Hi Crystal,

    Next November, my husband and I will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary. There's nothing more that I wish for than to have a video of our wedding. It was accidentally destroyed about 10 years ago. Our tv/vcr combo ate it up (NO DVD's back then). I wish I still had it, so that my daughters could watch it, and so my husband and I could watch it and relive our day. Remember also that after all of the planning, your wedding day will pass in a flash. There will be so much that you won't remember or miss simply because you can't be in two places at the same time. I say spend the extra cash. It will be a lasting memory. I don't think that you'll regret it AT ALL.

    Best of luck and many blessings!!

  • Yunisbel Marrero
    September 2019
    Yunisbel Marrero ·

    Here is my 2cents, photo is been always the traditional way of saving your memories of your wedding/event...and it is more easy to share with family and friends. But techonoly has change so much hat video has become popular too. with video you not only see one still from your first dance, you will see it again, hear that song (that way your husband won;t forget the song, je je je) live of those moment when he was telling you his vows...just in case you need je je...anyways both of them are important, you don't have to pay a fortune but get somebody that knows what are they doing. and remember that this something you can share with your childrens in a future. thanks and congratulation on your wedding.

  • Michelle Powell
    September 2019
    Michelle Powell ·

    We are coming upon 10 years of marriage, and I can say that hiring a videographer was the BEST thing we did for our wedding! None of my brothers and sisters hired one, and they really wish they did!

  • Allan Goldberg
    September 2019
    Allan Goldberg ·

    Up front, let me identify that I am a professional wedding videographer. A number of posters above have picked out that a key value of video is it provides the audio to go go with the pictures. You can hear the vows, hear the laughter, and hear the music (that you paid so much for).

    While I would rather see you have a friend or maybe a student videotape your day than not have a video at all, there is a reason to invest in a professional's services. I stress the audio; good audio doesn't come from consumer camera microphones. So many couples talk only to each other when they say their vows. They sometimes can't even be heard in the second row. In many venues such as large churches, the reverbs (echos) seriously garble what is recorded by the camera. A pro should have multiple mics (wireless and going to recorders) to get the clearest recordings, and his/her cameras will get much better images in low light.

    My 5 and 7 year old grandchildren already love to watch their parents' video!

  • Yunisbel Marrero
    September 2019
    Yunisbel Marrero ·

    Watch this as reference only

  • Tamara
    Dedicated November 2009
    Tamara ·

    I initially didn't have one in my budget, but through the planning process I knew I would regret it if I didn't get one. So I shopped around to find one that was reasonable. I am glad I did. I am sure we will not regret it.

  • Crystal
    Expert March 2010
    Crystal ·

    Yea I was talking to my father and his wife about it tonight. His wife sid they watch their video all the time, especially when they are not getting along so well. They said it reminds them why they got married and why they should work out whatever it is they are disagreeing on. I'm definately going to try my best to make sure this one happens! Thanks for everyone's input!

  • Jennifer Pearl
    September 2019
    Jennifer Pearl ·

    As a planner, I used to say skip the video if your budget cannot afford it since there are alternatives. But, four years ago my father passed away suddenly. While going through the attic, my mom found some old VHS tapes she figured were vacations, graduations, etc. To her surprise, one was their wedding video that a friend had shot as a favor. She converted them to CD and played it for us (I have three siblings) and we all just sat quietly, staring at the screen, watching my dad come back to life. It was priceless to see our father the way he was, they way he held my mothers hand and laughing on their wedding day. A picture is worth a thousand words, but hearing your husbands voice who has since passed is like music to your ears. So now, I tell all of my clients, if you can't afford a pro, find a friend or family member to film for you and have it edited later.

  • Peri Basseri
    September 2019
    Peri Basseri ·

    Ditto That Video Guy.

    Uncle Ned means well, but he can't shoot video with great sound like I can!

    I'll bet he can get some fairly decent stills though. Lately so many guests shoot stills and some with really high-end cameras.

    While I'm sure the results vary, I'm willing to bet that more amateurs can shoot decent stills than decent video.

    One idea to save money. Hire a pro photographer to shoot your portraits.

    Hire a pro HD videographer and grab stills use your guest stills for the reception.

    Here's a promo one of my colleagues produced on this subject:

  • Dyan
    Devoted October 2009
    Dyan ·

    At the beginning of wedding planning my FH and I were not going to hire a videographer. I changed our plans after talking to several of my female family and friends who had gotten married in the last 5 years. All of them said as the bride you miss everyone else walking down the aisle, where as the groom sees everyone since he's one of the first ones out. They said the video helped them actually see their wedding and how all of the planning came together. Those who had not hired a videographer really regretted it.

  • Chad Nickle
    September 2019
    Chad Nickle ·

    I know this is a very old post, but I have to say the idea of getting a film student to do your wedding is a horrible idea. it is no better than hiring an amateur to do the photos. Please do your homework if you are going to hire a filmmaker to capture your wedding day!

  • Gloria Slaughter
    September 2019
    Gloria Slaughter ·

    Go to and search for Porterfield Call Wedding. They paid $500 for their movie-trailer-style video and it's exceptionally beautiful. C West Productions (videographer) can be reached via my site

  • L
    VIP August 2009
    lauren10 ·

    Hi all...I'm back...for today anyway! I searched out this old post becuase after not having a videographer, I'm finding it's the ONLY big, giant, horrible wedding regret and mistake I have made. We bought a great HD video camera before the wedding, gave it to a friend to record the ceremony, and they set it to camera instead of video, and we didn't get anything but a single crappy snapshot. I get SO sad when I think about it, to the point of tears. The ceremony had such amazing moments for both of us, and I'm sick over it that the memories are going to fade over time. wah, poor me.


  • Jon & Caroline Ruffridge
    September 2019
    Jon & Caroline Ruffridge ·

    We are a video company and honestly the biggest reason we went into business was to provide quality video that we couldn't find when we got married. Being on the other end now, I can't tell you how many couples we've spoken to that are SO thankful they decided to get video and also how many regret that they didn't get video. It's one of the few timeless investments you'll make in your wedding day.

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