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Do you close the bathroom door?

Lynnie, on April 2, 2019 at 11:05 AM

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As you get more comfortable in a relationship, you start letting down your walls! But many people think there are some doors that should always remain closed. Do you close the door when you're in the bathroom? Never, always, or sometimes? Next Question: Do you "keep score" in the relationship?...

As you get more comfortable in a relationship, you start letting down your walls! But many people think there are some doors that should always remain closed.

Do you close the door when you're in the bathroom? Never, always, or sometimes?



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  • Alexandria
    Expert November 2020
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    Almost always, mostly because if I don't my son thinks an open invitation to join me. And he always does, mostly to hide away and play on his phone without interruption from our kids lol.

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  • Summerbride77
    VIP July 2019
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    When using the toilet yes! 100% FH and I both feel very strongly about this. Gotta keep some mystery 馃槤. That said the door is open for everything else
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  • Lc
    Super September 2018
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    We always close the door. Sometimes we leave it open if we鈥檙e just peeing real quick & we鈥檙e in the middle of a conversation haha. But usually we close it.
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  • Jazmine
    Dedicated September 2020
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    I NEVER do, he always does.

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  • Laura
    Master October 2019
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    Sometimes. Depends on "what" I need to do. Same with him

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  • Kimberly
    Just Said Yes July 2020
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    Nahhh. I鈥檇 say we鈥檙e too comfortable 馃槀
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    Expert April 2021
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    The door usually stays open for everything but #2 lol. That's where I draw the line, but he doesn't have a line lol
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  • Alicia
    VIP August 2019
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    I second everything about this. Including the cat needing to have access to the bathroom. If I shut the door the whole way, they sit outside the door scratching the entire time! We don't sure the door to pee, but we both prefer our privacy when other things are happening!

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  • Amber
    Super September 2020
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    Never have n never willSmiley tongue
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  • Gloria
    Super March 2019
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    My husband and I been together for four years got married last weekend and I do close my door the only time my door is open is when we shower together or if I鈥檓 peeing,any other thing I got my door closed I鈥檓 not that comfortable yet he is comfortable at all times but I鈥檓 not
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  • Christina
    Devoted February 2020
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    I don't, he does. But my dog likes to push the door open because he has separation issues and can't let mommy pee I peace. lol
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  • Tamara
    VIP August 2019
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    My FH INSISTS on my closing the door....even if we are in the middle of talking. I personally could care less since I鈥檝e seen all his business anyway. Lol!
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  • Caytlyn
    Legend November 2019
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    Always. We like to keep some level of privacy.
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  • Marlena
    Expert June 2020
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    I never do unless we have guests. (mainly because of our 2yo) he sometimes closes the bathroom door
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  • Future Mrs. Polar Bear
    Super April 2019
    Future Mrs. Polar Bear
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    Depends what we are doing. If we are *cough* using the bathroom than YES that door remains closed. Anything else though, no it's open, or partly open or something. Our animals are always walking in and out so it's hard to keep it closed.

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  • WeddingCruiser2019
    Devoted January 2019
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    This question makes me laugh because I grew up in a household that was very open so when hubby and I moved in together I started keeping the bathroom door open when going pee. He nicely asked me to close it which I fully respect and now I close the door Smiley smile

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  • Alyssa
    Super July 2019
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    Never. He warned me before we moved in together that he would follow me everywhere like a lost puppy and that included to the bathroom. I gave up trying to shut the door after about a week of living together.
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  • Native Dancer
    Dedicated July 2019
    Native Dancer
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    If the kids are around, which they almost always are, except a couple days a month, we shut it. If they鈥檙e not, I hardly close it unless it鈥檚 more than peeing. He on the other hand likes his privacy and always closes it, but there are many times where either one of us are in the bathroom and we feel the need to come in and have a conversation for some reason LOL. No shame!
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  • HayMrsO
    Master October 2018
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    I do sometimes. He always does. He is weird about that. Lol

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  • Jasmine
    Savvy May 2020
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    If im using it- yeah.
    But shower or brushing my teeth no. He doesnt at all.
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