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Dish those wedding details!

Lynnie, on January 7, 2020 at 11:12 AM Posted in Community Conversations 0 11

A new year means new brides and grooms in our WeddingWire Community!! We're so glad you've found us and can't wait to plan your wedding with you! 馃挋

Whether you literally #justsaidyes over the holidays or are almost finished planning, we want to know more about you and your wedding! From who to where and when - it鈥檚 time to give us low-down on your wedding details so we can all get to know each other a little better!


Ready? Click on each of the discussions below and tell us all about your love story and wedding plans:

How did you meet your fianc茅(e)?

Where did your proposal happen?

What's one word to describe your relationship?

Where will your wedding take place?

What time of year are you tying the knot?

What is your wedding theme or style?

What does your guest list look like?

What are you most excited about?

What's your current countdown?

What's up next on your planning checklist?


Latest activity by Tiffany, on June 27, 2020 at 3:54 AM
  • Angelica
    Just Said Yes July 2020
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    We met at work he was all cute about it he thought I was married Cuz I work in shipping so I deal wit alot of male drivers so I always have a ring on so anyways V-day showed up n he asked me wat my partner got me n I like my partner is 1 n he can't buy nut in right now lol he said something bout the ring I was look so stun Cuz I completely forgot all about the ring so I explained to him wat happen n we talked for a few more minutes cuz it was lunch break n then he asked me out n then 2 weeks later he met my father a month later he met my mom n then a year later we had a baby n on his birthday I through him a suprise birthday party wit all his favorite ppl n some one he manage to get the surprise turned around Cuz he wanted to make a speech to everyone but instead he jus kneeled down n asked me n I was surprised lolz n we agreed that day would be the day we got married

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  • Ashley
    Savvy October 2020
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    We met playing Xbox 6 years ago. Just playing game that we loved. we eventually met each other three years ago I decided to move in with him Because I live three states away. He proposed at Cedar point at amusement park because we both love amusement parks shows a win-win lol
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  • Katelan
    Beginner October 2020
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    鉂も潳 this is awesome!
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  • Molly
    Savvy October 2020
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    We actually met online. I did the free trial, he signed up for 6 months! We started talking and clicked right away with the first week of his 6 months and the last week of my trial. We met somewhere public that was comfortable for me. After 2 months we knew we loved each other and he was there for me when my grandpa passed away. Within 6 months, we moved in together and knew we were going to spend the rest of our lives. After being together for 3 years, lots of hardships between family and jobs, an ectopic pregnancy and a miscarriage, he proposed on New Year's Eve/Day 2019 (around 12:30am) surrounded by friends of ours. We've now been engaged for a year and 7 days, have a lot of the planning done. Getting married 10/24/20 (also my grandparents anniversary, what would've been their 65th anniversary). We have the venue and reception, Landmark Resort in Door County, WI, photographer, flowers, dress, close to having hair/makeup. I work at a jewelry store, so rings are set and well as jewelery for the day, aside from the pearl necklace my grandmother is lending me for the day.
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  • Jessica
    Savvy July 2020
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    We met through my best friend. We started talking while he lived in West Virginia on November 13, 2009 and by Thanksgiving he was living in Georgia where I lived. We have been together for 10 years engaged for two. I wanted to make sure that he could handle my 鈥渃razy鈥. We get married in 86 days. We鈥檙e having a simple southern style wedding.
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  • Alice
    Savvy October 2020
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    We met through mutual friends at the Houston Auto Show. We both love cars and were instantly attracted to each other. It's been a bumpy 6 years we dated off and on, but that definitely helped to smooth out the ride. 94 days left to go! We can't wait! Our family and friends are soooooooo excited for us both. We having a 400+ person wedding, and we just want to make sure that our guests have the best time of their lives!

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  • Zandra
    Beginner February 2021
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    Me and Tyler meet on tinder, and tbh it was the perfect match, we called and FaceTime for like a month before meeting each other, and on our first day he took me bowling, we got sonic and he took me to his favorite spot to stargaze!! Things between us move quick, we have been dating about 6 months now!! When he ask me to marry him it was kinda funny he talk to my mom and dad first, told me to get dress up, and drove me to south mountain and we did a little hiking but nothing to crazy, as the sun was setting and we could see the whole city, he told me to look around and tell him what I saw, there was beautiful mountains and different paths a big city with beautiful homes, he smiled and told me a story, when he was an Eagle Scout he did a son and dad vaping trip with his other scouts and the walk 36 miles until they go to there destination, it was hard it was a struggle but with motivation they al go throw it and it was the most beautiful thing he鈥檚 ever seen, after hearing that story I started to cry a little bit, but never the less he took my hands and said, the path ahead may look easy until you start walking for miles. Zandra we are going to have so many ups and down in life so many struggles but at the end it鈥檚 going to be worth it I can promise you that, he got down on one knee, 鈥淶andra I want to be there with you throw all the ups and downs all your highs and lows, so will you please do me the honor and become my wife鈥! Of course I was bawling at this point and of course I said yes!!!!!!
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  • Ashley
    Savvy October 2020
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    Thank you Smiley smile
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  • S
    Just Said Yes July 2021
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    Hello! We meet in 1996. We was always friends. We got together in 2006, been together ever since. We are not the traditional type. We are just having a reception. We just recently push the date back till next year(2021). We figure it was best. No rushing. We was trying to do it this summer. It was getting overwhelming trying to rush everything. I am feeling better about the push back.
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  • Stephanie
    Just Said Yes May 2021
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    We met in 2007 when we were in middle school through my best friend (his Godsister). Although I liked him, I wasn't about to tell him or make the first move. We actually never went further in even in a friendship because we ended up going to different high school's. He actually got sent to Nigeria to finish high school for a few years (the worst message ever</3). After he finished school he came back my bestfriend said, "hey my Godbrother's back from Nigeria." I thought it was a joke because I had lowkey been crushing on him still and waiting for him to come back from Nigeria because I knew we would be together (lol, so random). We met officially again in 2012, started dating December 5, 2013 and recently got engaged a day after our 6 year anniversary, December 6, 2020 (a journey to remember for good Smiley heart). Now I get to marry my best friend and super excited for what God has in store for us!

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  • T
    Dedicated November 2021
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    How did you meet your fianc茅(e)? I met him in 2011 when I was 15, he was my older brother鈥檚 college roommate and friend during his senior year. We didn鈥檛 start dating till Nov 2017, a few months after I graduated college.

    Where did your proposal happen? In Paris, France 馃嚝馃嚪 鉂わ笍

    What's one word to describe your relationship? Everything

    Where will your wedding take place? A castle in NJ

    What time of year are you tying the knot? Fall 馃崄馃崅

    What is your wedding theme or style? No real theme but we want it to be classic, timeless and romantic. It鈥檚 in a castle so maybe fairytale theme?

    What does your guest list look like? We want it small so 70-90 guests

    What are you most excited about? Being his wife

    What's your current countdown? Over a year馃ゴ bc coronaaa

    What's up next on your planning checklist? Finalizing food, flowers, venue details

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