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Covid-19 Date Change... How to Re-invite People?

Kacey, on April 20, 2020 at 1:28 PM Posted in Etiquette and Advice 0 5

Hey there. My wedding was supposed to be this weekend, April 25 (sad face). We had a really easy time changing our date to August 29 (fingers crossed things are business as usual by then) but I am having trouble figuring out how to re-invite people? We have already let everyone invited know we are postponing, but i'd like to let people know our new date ASAP since we already have it.

What are other brides that have had to postpone doing for updated save the dates/invitations? Likewise, is EVERYONE getting re-invited including those that already declined?


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  • Chantal
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    I ordered postponement cards from Minted (super cheap, highly recommend) and then got business cards and designed them so they had our new RSVP-by date on them and asked everyone to defer to the website for updates and details.

    Our wedding got moved from May to August. It was another $250 out of the maxed out budget, BUT that was with addressed envelopes, stamps, and everything else.

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  • Caytlyn
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    Send change of date announcements.

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  • Gina
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    Hi Kacey,

    I'm so sorry you had to change your plans, but you are not alone. Keeping a positive attitude (through a funny announcement) can only help during this unprecedented situation.

    Here are a couple of discussions with postponement examples:

    - Coronavirus Postpone Announcements

    - Website Wording for Postponed Weddings due to COVID-19

    You'll also find more information (less funny) here: How to Word Your Wedding Postponement Announcement. There's also a glass half-full perspective piece: “My Wedding Was Postponed Due to Covid-19, but Now I Get a ‘Do-Over’” (with a link to a video at the bottom).

    I'm wishing you the best of luck! nLxcI1gBilPA_DYsaorCTBp6X1DzLckXmXiZsyyg

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  • Jennifer
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    I got business postcards from vistaprint explaining why we postponed and updated RSVP info. I sent one to every guest I originally invited, regardless of if they were going to be able to make the originally date or not. April 18th may not have worked for them, but August 1st might!

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  • J
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    The majority of the time, our decision to go to a wedding or not is because we can or cannot do it on a particular date. Some people are downsizing when they reschedule, thinking 50 to 80 people more spread out may be okay in a few months, but not 230 in a tent, with limited handwashing due to bathrooms. For that reason, you might only reschedule a smaller number. But I would not omit those who simply declined for your old date.
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