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Ceremony Seating

ASMini914, on August 19, 2019 at 9:03 PM Posted in Family and Relationships 0 7
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I am fully aware that I am putting way to much thought into this, but it has been on my mind for weeks and I just don't know what to do. Here is the back story:

My parents got divorced ~12 years ago, my wedding will be the first time since they were in court that they will be in the same room. They are each dating someone, but each relationship is only about 1 year long, and I CANNOT STAND my dad's gf. She literally ignores me every time I see her, refuses to talk to me (won't even ask me how my trip was after flying across the country to see my Dad, which has happened multiple times), and I can't believe she is even coming to my wedding. She is honestly terrible, and needless to say she will not be receiving any special acknowledgement or treatment at the wedding. My mom's bf is ok, he is nice and harmless, but will probably voluntarily sit in the back row at the ceremony.

FH father passed away, and my FMIL has asked her brother, his wife, and her other sister in law to sit with her in the front row on FH side.

I have NO idea what do with with the front row on my side. What I don't want is my dad's gf to sit there, because honestly there is a new one every 12 months and I don't want my pictures ruined. What I want is for the gf to sit with the rest of the guests in rows 2 - however many there are. That being said, on my side it would just be my dad and mom, should I ask an aunt/uncle on each side to sit with them in the front row?

I'm honestly so conflicted and confused.


  • Kat_
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    Kat_ ·
    Girl, I’m in a similar situation. My mom and dad divorced a million years ago and are ok.. but my dad is in the middle of a divorce with my step mother. My mom is like “she is not sitting in the front row” and how do I explain this to my step mom? Both my sisters will be my bridesmaids and my step mom is the mom of one of my sisters. I look forward to hearing the replies in your post because I’m in a sticky situation too! Good luck!
  • Cliodhna
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    Cliodhna ·

    Hey there!

    This is a tricky situation so I can totally see why you’re worries about it.

    I think asking an aunt/uncle on each side to sit with them in the front row is a really good idea! You could pick a sibling you know your mom and dad are friendly with. They can act as a buffer for any awkwardness, along with filling the seat space.

    Do you have an aunt/uncle for each of your parents in mind?

  • Concetta
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    Concetta ·

    Hi, I had no idea that you ask people to sit in the front row? is this a thing? now my mind is going lol! I think you should ask any other relatives such as aunt, uncle etc to sit next to your mom and be in the front row

  • Amber
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    Amber ·

    I think I would tell your parents that you want immediate family only on the front row so you can ask your aunt and uncle to join without looking like you hate the idea of having her as part of the front row lol. I can imagine you especially don't want the pictures of your closest family at your wedding to be tainted with your dads girlfriend if you don't think she's gonna be around much longer anyways

  • Renee
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    Renee ·
    This isn't an answer to your question, just a random suggestion. Have the dad's gf is at the edge of all the pictures. That way you can literally cut her out after they break up lol
  • ASMini914
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    ASMini914 ·
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    Yes! We already have a first look planned and all of the formal photos before the ceremony, and she is arriving on the bus with the rest of the guests and arriving just in time for the ceremony so I won’t have to deal with too much of that.
  • Rachel
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    Rachel ·

    I don't have any advice, but if it helps at all, I'd be as baffled and anxious as you are. By all means, figure out a way to have the flavor of the week not ruin your photos.

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