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Budgetary Suggestions for Italy Anniversary?

LovroftheArts, on May 17, 2018 at 12:32 PM Posted in Honeymoon 0 7
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Calling on all brides and grooms who have honeymooned or even simply vacationed in Italy!

My husband (gosh that feels nice to finally write!) and I are already planning our 1 year anniversary trip in Italy next Spring for late April/early May. We're looking to stay 9 or 10 nights and know we definitely want to visit Rome and Venice (probably Florence as well) during our stay.

We are trying to guestimate how much we will need in TOTAL for this trip (including flights, hotels, potentially a car rental/train tickets, all meals, tours, and souvenirs.)

We were thinking we can do it for $7,500 but I've heard folks recommend going up to $10,000 for that length of time and others insisting a "budget" trip can be done for as little as $5,000.

Can any/all who've visited share about what they spent and details about the kind of trip they took? Thank you, in advance!


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    Lisa ·
    Depending on where you live, you can find some cheap plane tickets. For example, I live on Long Island and Norwegian air is flying from Newburgh NY to Ireland for $69, and then it’s super cheap to look at flights from Ireland to Italy. So sometimes flying out of a smaller international airport or to another destination in Europe can be cheaper. Flying within Europe is very reasonable. I’ve been to all 3 places you want to go to....Rome- see all the “spots” you should see (forum, coliseum, Vatican, etc) and you can do that on 2 days tops. I don’t consider Rome to be super romantic compared to Florence and Venice. Florence which is in the Tuscan region is basically wine country and you can go on day trips and just ‘get lost’ in the beauty of the countryside. Heads up, some smaller villages may only have people that speak Italian. Venice is also unreal- very cool place to experience. I would check out Airbnb for these places. You can get more bang for your buck without paying hotel prices. I would also suggest looking Stan Pinterest because sometimes people plug deals into their blogs for tours etc. But you can totally make this trip however budget friendly/expensive you want. Its usually the airfare and hotels that will cost $$$. Everything else is extremely reasonable (food, tours, wine). You will have an amazing time! My FH and I are looking to visit positano, Capri, and sorrento next year!!!
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    Lisa ·
    *at Pinterest
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    Mcskipper ·
    I would think you could definitely do it for $7500.
    we were there just for a vacation (it’s where we got engaged!) for a week and we definitely spent less than $5000, (I want to say we were around $3500?), and found Italy to be relatively affordable (granted, we live in nyc. And I found dirt cheap flights, which was 100% why we picked the location)

    We stayed based out of Rome and took (fast) trains everywhere (day trip through Naples to grab pizza and see Pompeii, spent one night in Florence in advance of a Tuscan vineyard tour trip)— and actually our accommodations were so reasonable [we didn’t stay anywhere fancy, just a pleasant midline hotel] we ended up keeping our hotel room in Rome while we were in Florence, and just got a cheap spot to crash for the night in Florence. I want to say our hotel was somewhere around the $115/night price point and the spot we found in Florence was maybe $65

    I think for us it was prob about
    $800 flights (again, I found an insane deal. Drawback was they weren’t direct flights)
    ~$1k accommodations
    ~$500 in Train travel including aforementioned trips, a day in the countryside, & to&from the airport
    ~$750 in tours including : all of the stuff Rome, Pompeii, full day (3 stop) vineyard tour, half day town and vineyard tour (**a couple of these tours included a big lunch!)
    ~$1k on GELATO (I’m kidding....kind of. ...we probably did eat gelato every day though) ...im not sure about food. I’d say we definitely spent under 100 euro per day (ya know, including the gelato and a zillion cappuccinos) I think our most expensive dinner out (including appetizer, carafe of house wine, of course tiramisu for dessert) was still under 100 euro....we found food to be super affordable....but again we come from NYC. Eating out definitely cost less there than it does here. And we did NOT hold back indulging. We went budget conscious on flights, found a nice reasonable hotel, but we certainly ate to our hearts’ desires .

    so, I feel like a $7500 budget sounds great

    Couple of notes:
    —there is a hotel occupancy tax that won’t be included in the nightly rate. I forget what the rate is (and it might vary city to city), but it is per person, per night, so be aware of that.
    — you can often secure a cheaper rate by buying train tickets in advance, but you don’t necessarily need to do so if your travel plans are flexible (we pre-booked tickets to Florence to be sure we would catch our tour. We figured we’d play our return by ear depending on how we felt after visiting 3 vineyards haha, so just bought tix in the station on the way home. I don’t think the price increase was dramatic)
    — house wine always!! we had heard this tip because it’s cheaper but also the best, and I’d say it’s definitely true. We sprang for a nice bottle the night we got engaged and we were both unimpressed, like...huh we shoulda just stuck with he house stuff
  • Marissa
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    Marissa ·
    We bought a trip off Groupon that included Venice, Florence, and Rome for 1200 a person (flight, hotels, taxis, tours, trains between cities, and breakfasts included). So if you want to save some money I’d look into Groupon. Also I’d definitely put Florence on the list and limit Venice. Venice is very small and can be done in a day or two. Florence is where all the good museums and tour are besides Rome. We did buy extra tours in Florence and Rome so all together the trip probably cost 1600 a person.
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    MrsD ·

    I'd check Costco if you are a member! We always book our rental cars through them, and plan on booking almost everything for our Honeymoon.

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    ItalyBride18 ·

    You can absolutely have a very nice trip within that budget! You're also planning to go during a nice time of year when the weather should be mostly nice but it won't be high season with so many tourists.

    - In Rome I would recommend 2 FULL days at least if not 3 depending on your interests. There is SO much to see and while it may not be the most quaint city, there are so many amazing historical sites to see and get lost in.

    - Definitely do 1 full day (2 nights) in Venice. People have mixed feelings about the city but nobody can argue that its super unique and beautiful. There are many fun day trips to the surrounding islands if you're there for longer including the colorful island of Burano. If you're a prosecco fan then this is where you'd base yourself to do a day trip too!

    - Give Florence 2 full days actually in the city and more if you intend to take trips out into the country.

    The good thing about each of these cities is that are some really nice places that are super inexpensive. I stayed in a cute little 2 star hotel in Florence (Hotel Nizza) that provided all the basics we needed, breakfast, and convenient location for 5 nights for $270 TOTAL. This was in November so probably will be a bit more in spring but we really enjoyed the place, everyone who worked there (still family run) was soo nice! I booked it on Booking.com

    Sign up for Google Flight alerts if you know your dates or sign up for Scott's Cheap Flights which sends you emails when flight prices drop. Keep checking them until theres a deal for your preferred destination.

    Typically train tickets are released 3-4 months before your dates. Unlike airline tickets the prices don't fluctuate up and down, they only go up. Best to buy these in advance once you have your schedule. Most of the time they run specials where you can get upgraded seats for the same price as the cheaper ones!

    Depending on your interests, Tours will probably be a larger chunk of your budget just because they're typically a fixed price. Check out Viator.com if you've never used it. When you sign up they send you a 10% off coupon so if you know you want to buy a couples tours then save your code for then. They also periodically offer specials on their tours which they'll email you about. We recently got a $100/person tour for $60/person!

    Y'all are going to have a great time!

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    Dominique ·

    Went last year a week after our engagement and we probably spent a total of $4500 in total for a ten day trip. Stayed in Piano di Dorrento & Rome... Visited Amalfi Coast, Pompeii, Capri, and numerous historical sites in Rome. We are actually eloping in Ravello this upcoming Septmeber and honeymooning in Greece. We are projecting to spend around 5-6k for our weddingmoon. Good luck!

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