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Black Tie or Cocktail Attire?

Lynnie, on June 4, 2019 at 11:43 AM Posted in Wedding Attire 1 171

What about your dress code? Are you going for a very formal vibe, or a little more relaxed?

Black Tie?Black Tie or Cocktail Attire? 1

Photo from Sagets Formal Wear in Drexel Hill, PA

Or Cocktail Attire?Black Tie or Cocktail Attire? 2

Photo by j Elizabeth Photography in Saint Louis MO

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Latest activity by Squeezy Bean, on December 25, 2020 at 12:03 PM
  • Danielle
    Master June 2019
    Danielle ·
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    Definitely relaxed. We want our wedding to be comfortable and fun. It will be nice and well put together, but we aren't going to pretend we are super formal people either.

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  • Meghan
    Master October 2019
    Meghan ·
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    Cocktail attire. I want it to be nice, but not stuffy.

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  • Nykole
    Expert October 2019
    Nykole ·
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    Cocktail attire for our guests. Wedding party will be a little bit more fancy though.
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  • Angerra
    VIP August 2019
    Angerra ·
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    Cocktail attire. I want everyone to let loose on the dance floor and not feel stifled by their clothes lol.
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  • Kelsey
    VIP September 2020
    Kelsey ·
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    Cocktail attire for our guests. I hope. Some of my FH's family thinks that means old tshirts and shorts. So we will see how that goes.

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  • Caytlyn
    Legend November 2019
    Caytlyn ·
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    Cocktail attire.

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  • K
    Dedicated June 2020
    Kellie ·
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    Relaxed. Men will most likely be in jeans and a dress shirt.
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  • Becca
    Super August 2019
    Becca ·
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    On the nicer side of cocktail attire
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  • Future Mrs. K
    VIP June 2019
    Future Mrs. K ·
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    Cocktail for sure!

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  • Cierra
    Savvy June 2019
    Cierra ·
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    Cocktail! Very relaxed.
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  • Diana
    VIP December 2019
    Diana ·
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    We’re black tie....
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  • Brianna N
    Super October 2019
    Brianna N ·
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    Groomsmen/Groom will be in tuxes but cocktail attire for guests!

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  • NextChapterReady
    Super October 2019
    NextChapterReady ·
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    We are doing Black Tie Optional, so pretty formal! Smiley smile

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  • Melle
    Legend June 2019
    Melle ·
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    I would say mine is cocktail. I wanted a more casual vibe. I hope people can come dressed relatively nicely though
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  • Amanda
    Dedicated August 2021
    Amanda ·
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    Cocktail attire!

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  • Rebecca
    Savvy October 2020
    Rebecca ·
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    Dress casual. Groom and groomsmen are wearig jeans, so guest can too.
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  • Brepybus
    Savvy October 2021
    Brepybus ·
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    In the middle? Wedding party will be in black tie, but our guests will be on the nicer side of cocktail attire.

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  • CourtneyBrittain
    Master August 2019
    CourtneyBrittain ·
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    Relaxed cocktail; the guys are in grey slacks, white button ups with the sleeves rolled up and suspenders with a tie. FH will possibly be wearing a vest but no jackets for anyone

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  • Dedicated September 2024
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    BLACK TIE!!! I think I would die if anyone at my wedding showed up in casual cocktail attire.
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  • Crystal
    Devoted September 2021
    Crystal ·
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    Cocktail attire!!!!
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