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Beach Wedding Dresses from China????

chearysgirl, on May 25, 2009 at 1:52 PM Posted in Honeymoon 0 9
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Ok, so Im searching for a elegant, but simple a-line dress, for my beach wedding in Jamaica next year.I wanted the traditional 40 pound dress, but I hear the airlines will charge extra for the weight and the extra carry Im trying to find something simple yet elegant...I have found some amazing dresses on Ebay but the shop is in China...just wondering if anyone has had one made for them or know of someone who has....and how they looked...the price is amazing 160.00 with free shipping. Thanks!!!


  • Nadz
    Dedicated August 2009
    Nadz ·

    You have enough time to change it just in case things should go wrong...

    I would say do your research find the most reputable dealer and go for it!

  • Judy Meggs
    October 2019
    Judy Meggs ·

    Don't know your size, but we have some awfully pretty preowned dresses at The Green Hanger Shop, so we could probably save you some money. Have a professional lined up to press it when you get where you are going. Sounds like an amazing wedding destination!

  • H
    Dedicated April 2011
    heisthebride ·

    I ordered a dress from China via Ebay for Halloween one year, hard to find dresses for a 6'4" guy and the price was right. They are very good as far as quality goes but they are designer knock offs so the detail isn't exactly what is in the pictures. If it is a basic design I think you will like the result.

    I had some difficulty with sizing issues but that is to be expected with a non standard size. If you are able to order a standard size it should work out OK I think. Try to leave some time and budget in case you need to have a fitting done after it arrives.

  • ruth
    Expert July 2009
    ruth ·

    I ordered my dress from China via and I love my dress plus it was only $150 that included shipping. I saw the same dress at David's Bridal for $2,000. I heard all the pros and cons and ordered my dress early just in case it was wrong I would have time to get another one. Thankfully it was perfect. Good Luck

  • Harper Della-Piana
    October 2019
    Harper Della-Piana ·

    I'm sure the initial price tag is alluring, but i've had to completely remake one or two and they're Not Easy... usually because of the really bad quality of materials and the extremely poor quality of the work it makes putting it back together hard work. One had clear plastic thread holding it all together!

    My Chinese Dress analogy: you buy a house for an amazing deal and then find that nothing in it is up to code and it's practically a tear down.

    See if there are shops in your area that sell Second Hand (some are completely unworn with tags) or Sample Gowns before you take that Chinese risk!

  • Amanda&Matt
    Savvy June 2009
    Amanda&Matt ·

    I actually did the exact same thing. I found someone on eBay who makes the dress and then sends it to you. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way, you get what you pay for. Oh and mine was $160 as well. She had all excellent reviews and the dress looked gorgeous in the picture and her page said I could return it if I wanted. So ordered and it was awful. I ended up having to buy another dress and am in the process of trying to return this one but she will not respond to emails now that she knows I want to return it.

    Your seller may be better than mine but I had an awful experience with this.

  • Jennifer Sherman
    October 2019
    Jennifer Sherman ·

    If you are worried about quality and getting your money's worth, feel free to email me with what you are looking for in a gown, I will have my designer do up a quote for you. We offer your money back if you are unsatisfied, but we love to cater to our customers so I think we can find something in your price range that you will love and the best part is, we make it to fit you

    Best Wishes,

  • L
    Beginner January 2010
    Lea Ann ·

    Double check with the airline, but most let you bring it carry on, and then they put it into the steward's closet at the front of the plane. That said, make sure the fabric of your dress can be steamed once you get to Jamaica. enjoy your day!

  • Lizzette Brodsky
    October 2019
    Lizzette Brodsky ·

    You definitely don't want to wear 40 pounds in the hot sun anyway!

    If you still aren't certain, also check out bridesmaid dress styles or evening gown styles that you can get custom made in Ivory or White for the wedding. For example, is the perfect destination dress and it's only $139. Plus, you can always get a fabulous hair piece or veil, or if you need some more bling, just add some yourself!

    If you need more tips or have any questions, feel free to email me at

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