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Are engagement photos worth it?

bappybride, on November 12, 2015 at 7:33 PM Posted in Planning 0 24
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Engagement photos aren't part of my photo package. How long does the typical session last? My photographer charges $300/hour. As of now, my FH and I will be doing some pre-ceremony pics off-site -- so it's just us, but in our formal garb.

I wansn't thinking I'd have an engagement session but some of the pics on here look really cute! Does anyone here who is married regret not having them?

If you did pay extra for an engagement session, was it worth the money?

Many Thanks!


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    Master October 2013
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    Ours were included in our package and I think they were useful. Besides having some nice, casual pictures of us, it got us used to working with our photographer and posing and helped us develop a great rapport with her, so on our wedding day, we were totally comfortable with her. Ours took about 60-90 minutes, I think.

  • Mrs. Mac
    Master July 2016
    Mrs. Mac ·

    I feel like it depends on the price. We got a heck of a deal because the photog is an acquaintance and I've done her daughter's birthday cakes at cost. I am happy we have them but if it weren't for the low price and getting to turn it half into a family portrait session (I have children from a previous marriage), I wouldn't have done them.

  • nursetraveler87
    VIP October 2016
    nursetraveler87 ·

    Our engagement picture session was an extra $300, but I thought it was totally worth it. We were able to meet and work with our photographer, and I think this will allow us to feel more relaxed the day of. Plus, I loved how our e-pics turned out, so I feel a bit more at ease about the wedding pictures that she captured us as a couple really well.

  • MzRosaLu
    Master July 2016
    MzRosaLu ·

    We only did e-pics because it was included in the wedding photography package. I would not have paid extra for them. That being said, it is nice to have professional photos and get used to being in front of the camera. Also, our session was a little over an hour. We had to walk quite a bit into the park to get to our location, which ate up some time. You could do a great session within one hour.

  • Kim0423
    Devoted April 2016
    Kim0423 ·

    If it's in your budget, absolutely. We actually didn't plan on having ours done because we don't have it in the budget. Luckily our photographer gives a free engagement shoot with her package. It will be a good time to get to know your photographer, and get more comfortable with them. And you will get to see how their photos come out before your wedding in case you happen to not like them.

  • Kaitlin
    Expert May 2016
    Kaitlin ·

    Our engagement session was included in the wedding photography package we chose. The value of the session was about $300 as well and we took about 1 1/2 hours, but if you decided on an hour you should have plenty of time to get some great photos. As others have said, it's a great time to work with your photographer and become comfortable in front of the camera. Also, I liked having the photos for our save the dates and wedding website! I definitely think it is worth it

  • Pinky Winter Promise
    Master February 2016
    Pinky Winter Promise ·

    Our was included in our package (or we could do a bridal portrait or we could get a credit for it).. We decided to go with the engagement photos because it allowed us to get used to the photographers and we could also tell them our "self-conscious" spots, so they would give suggestions on how to make that area "look better" or would know where to stand to get the shots we wanted.

  • SamtasticLou
    Super April 2016
    SamtasticLou ·

    Ours was also included in our wedding photography package. I think I would have paid to get them done though because FH hates getting his picture taken and it helped him practice being comfortable in front of the camera.

  • WolfWedding2016
    Master May 2016
    WolfWedding2016 ·

    I would not have done them due to our small budget but our photographer included them in our package - and it was so worth it to me! It took about two hours (and actually she spent an extra 15 minutes with us so I bought her a bubble tea too since the day was so dang hot) but with how gross out and sweaty I felt, I honestly couldn't imagine any of our pictures turning out...and they were amazing! I'm so glad we did it. Now I'm actually looking forward to photography for our wedding as opposed to the way I was feeling before - awkward and like I would ruin the photos haha.

  • Caitlyn
    Super December 2016
    Caitlyn ·

    You can get engagement pictures pretty cheap from up and coming or student photographers. I think they are a fun thing to have and a good memory to make.

  • N
    Master October 2016
    no1 ·

    Do you have a friend with a pretty good camera? Honestly I dont think they are worth it unless you plan on using the pics for save the date, invites and/or other part of the wedding.

    I love pictures but I cant stand the idea of spending more money on picture I will probley put on fb and maybe one picture frame.

    Our ex-roomate took the picture I have as my profile and a few others. They look good and are high quality pixels so they were easy to edit and it cost me $0.

  • Private User
    VIP August 2014
    Private User ·

    We didn't do it. We had a friend take a few dozen shots and we chose one to put on our Save the Dates. That was it!

  • MrsBest2B
    Master June 2016
    MrsBest2B ·

    I love mine, but they were included in our photographer's package. There's no way we would've paid for them though as they weren't a priority.

  • NewMrsWesely
    Master September 2016
    NewMrsWesely ·

    Ours was included in the photo package. To me they are multi purpose. Biggest thing is that you get a preview of how your photographer works. The other one is that you get some pictures of just the two of you.

  • Catie
    Expert October 2016
    Catie ·

    I haven't done mine yet but we are doing them next weekend. Ours are included in the package but I would have totally paid more for them if needed. I like having them on our website as well as see how our photographer works with us before its too late. Also we want to dosafe the dates and those pictures will be really helpful. If I were you I would just so the hour and make sure all the ideas are planned and discussed before hand so you can get the most of your time!

  • tjacob2014
    VIP April 2017
    tjacob2014 ·

    My photog is awesome but expensive, and we can't afford to have a separate engagement shoot.

    My mom is an amateur photographer, and lives in a really gorgeous part of the country, so when FI and I go visit during the holidays she's going to take some pictures for us. We really only want them for Save the Dates anyway, so not super important to us. Our walls will eventually be full of wedding photos anyway and since we will be living in a tiny 1 bedroom apartment I don't think we will have much room to display e-photos anyway! lol

  • Old married lady
    Master September 2016
    Old married lady ·

    My uncle did ours because he has a nice camera and has taken photography classes. If he didn't do them I would not have paid for them. $300 elsewhere goes a long way

  • Bethie
    Master May 2016
    Bethie ·

    Worth it, 100%

  • Jennifer
    VIP July 2016
    Jennifer ·

    I guess if its included in a package... I'm not doing them, don't see a reason to do them. I'm not going to put them up on my wall. As it is, I don't think I'd put any wedding pics except my family pics on the wall. I'm probably going to have a photo album, but I remember from my first wedding, I didn't look at it past the first couple months. I didn't look at my guest book after the thank you notes either. It got thrown in a box in the back of the closet.

    Sorry, to me there's a ton of stuff about weddings that are super extraneous and un-needed. There's a ton of stuff we had to have/do for the wedding the first time I got married and it all just ended up packed away, never to be seen until the divorce, where it all was thrown away.

    Master September 2015

    Ours were included and 100% worth it! We were able to show our personalities and include our pups. It was nice to have pro photos that aren't just wedding.

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