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Anyone do/doing a safari honeymoon?

Caitlyn, on February 28, 2016 at 4:11 PM Posted in Honeymoon 0 7
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So I really want to go on a safari for our honeymoon. However, a lot of the tours I am finding are like 5000 per person EXCLUDING international flights. Good Lord.

Has anyone gone to Africa for their honeymoon? I am open to different areas but would love any recommendations for respectable companies, etc.


  • Miranda
    VIP January 2016
    Miranda ·

    I'm of no help, but that would be so fun! I've heard they are terribly expensive though.

  • Susan
    VIP September 2016
    Susan ·

    I've been to South Africa about 6 or 7 times. Swaziland once. If you could get to Kruger National Park and spend a week there - you would have an incredible time. It is in the Northern Part of South Africa. You will be going during their winter - so the weather will be perfect 70's ish. Kruger is the only safari place in South Africa I would go to. I've never been to Kenya - but my sister has twice and that would be the second country I would look at (and the flights would be cheaper as it isn't as far). I've never used a tour company. If you can get to the places and just stay there and then use their guides, etc.

  • Susan
    VIP September 2016
    Susan ·

    Me again! If you are looking at Lodges in south africa - the American dollar is really good there right now. It is about 16 rand to 1 dollar. That is the best I've ever seen it as it has more than doubled in the past 5 years. Also take into account that the price at some of these lodges include meals. Usually they take you on a morning game drive and a dusk game drive (2 a day) as that is the best time of day to see awake animals. Once again - you are paying more for the tour company than just flying to the country and getting to the lodge to stay. If you haven't traveled international before then maybe the tour company is the way to go to stay safe and learn the culture.

  • Sandyfish
    Super August 2017
    Sandyfish ·

    Following. This is my dream honeymoon!

  • NowASeptMrs
    Master September 2015
    NowASeptMrs ·

    Never been but sounds awesome if you can afford it!

  • Dana
    VIP October 2016
    Dana ·

    Look into excursions through local zoos and other outlets like WWF, Discovery channel. They do group safaris of 10-12 people with your own guide and sometimes include airfare. I'm not sure of your location, but the closest zoo to me that does group rate vacations is Columbus, OH.

  • Elle
    Just Said Yes March 2017
    Elle ·

    Hi, I lived for 10 years in Kenya and have to Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Swaziland, and Egypt. Safaris are indeed very expensive. You will likely be paying the "non-resident" price which is sometimes triple the "resident price" for any game park entry fees, and hotel accommodations. this isn't a scam it's just the way these countries make a good portion of their national income. Keep in mind that often no food or drinks are inclusive in hotel prices so you'll need to factor in that price as well as airfare. I can recommend several good places to book, but bottom line you will be paying at least $3500 per person and up depending on how long you want to stay and how luxurious you want your accommodations to be. There are are also other things to think about like the recommended vaccinations to get before you travel to Africa (yes even if you stay in nice hotels in major cities) and preventative Malaria medication. Several places in the U.S.A. that give a "Safari Experience" and will be much cheaper even if you do have to fly there. Here are a few

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