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Any tips/tricks on staying in Oahu, Hawaii?

Coffee&tea335, on July 21, 2014 at 7:02 PM Posted in Honeymoon 0 5
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We have the hotel booked already, for next July, but not the plane tickets or activities. We'll mostly stay on Oahu, but plan to spend a day on Big Hawaii to visit the Volcano National Park, and we really want to visit Maui. Interesting twist: we're taking along FH's brother and his girlfriend, a couple we always have fun with. We figure they can do their own thing half the time and we won't get bored with each other. But besides that, any advice for places to go, to avoid, experiences you had, etc?


  • Brittany H
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    Brittany H ·

    BUMP It'sGoodToBeKing or HappyInHawaii can possibly help you out.

  • Betty
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    Betty ·

    On oahu Waikiki beach is awesome, if you have a car the north shore is amazing! there is diamond head, the zoo is fun, there are tons of places to eat and shop, Lulu's is awesome, cheap good food with great views! There are tons of beach front bars,

  • Barbara
    Master September 2014
    Barbara ·

    Most of the tours will provide transportation from most Waikiki hotels, so you probably don't need to rent a car.

    The Honolulu Zoo is one of the best in the country. It is definitely worth a visit.

  • Happy In Hawaii
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    Happy In Hawaii ·

    Hey I live on Oahu, about a 10 minutes walk from Waikiki so I can totally help you out!! Please feel free to message me with more info but I can share a few things for now! As people mentioned above the Polynesian Cultural Center is definitely a must-do activity. There are a lot of other things depending on what you like. If you like hiking I recommend the Manoa Falls trail (it's fairly easy but it's still a hike that you need good shoes for but the falls are nice). Diamondhead also gives you a nice view but it is not shaded and kind of tough. I also like the Makapu'u Lighthouse trail. It is actually paved but also gives a nice view. If you want to just hang out and shop and be a tourist in Waikiki then you don't really need a car but I highly suggest getting a car to see more of the island. You can get to places like Pearl Harbor and the Dole Plantation through a tour but I really recommend going up to the north shore. And if you do, take the eastern coast because there are a lot of great stops (there's a blowhole, some scenic outlooks, there's a macadamia nut farm, some fresh shrimp trucks, etc). If you like gardens then I think Waimea Valley is quite pretty and a great place to spend half a day and there's a beautiful beach right across the street (Waimea Beach). HAVE to do Hanauma Bay, you can get there by bus (if you don't have a car) and it is the BEST place for snorkeling, you don't even have to go out on a boat. Then Haleiwa (the town on the north shore) is a great place to go for some Shave Ice and I personally like to eat at the Grass Skirt Grill, the food is local and really amazing (I like the pulled pork). In Waikiki Lulu's is good, so is Tiki's, and our favorite is Marukame Udon. It ALWAYS has a line outside but the wait isn't too long (maybe a half hour at peak dinner times) and it is totally worth the wait. The udon is so fresh! Then if you like pretty views the Pali Lookout is a pretty place to stop (usually on the way to somewhere else). As for beaches, Lani Kai is my favorite, and Waimanalo Beach is also quite beautiful. I love the area up north near the Turtle Bay hotel, I also like some of the bay areas by the new Disney Aulani hotel. Anyway, there is SOOO much to see and do, it really just depends on what you like. I will be getting married next July so I'll actually be in San Diego for that and possibly my honeymoon after otherwise I'd say I could meet you and show you around. But please message me if you really want full details and help planning out your days. Oh and the Big Island is awesome, Volcanoes is such an amazing place to see!! Definitely a good decision. Maui is pretty but I think I may like Kauai a little better actually! Hope this helps!

  • Happy In Hawaii
    Master July 2015
    Happy In Hawaii ·

    I forgot to add, I wouldn't really say there are places to avoid, especially if you are reading tourist books and such, they won't recommend bad places. There are some crazy hikes though that people die on, the ones I recommeded are quite tame, but if you see a trail in a book labeled as moderate...most likely it is quite difficult. In general trails are tricky because rain makes things slippery. Also on a somewhat related note, if you rent a car be VERY careful with your belongings. Theft is like the number 1 crime, and they Target tourist cars. Put things in the trunk if you must, otherwise take everything with you any time you park your car. Even at the mall. Also, be very careful with parking, since it is a city there are limited places to park, be very careful about where you can park and the time parking is available. The police are very good at giving parking tickets. Also if you rent a car here, people drive crazy...not like California and they drive incredibly slow with no headlights at night and don't follow basic traffic knowledge lol! One last thing, downtown Honolulu and China town aren't that interesting unless you like the cultural scene and maybe some clubs and some dining. I'm not a big fan really. Okay that's all I can think of for now!

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