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Affordable Europe Honeymoons

Kymmy, on August 1, 2014 at 12:56 PM Posted in Honeymoon 0 7
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My FH and I still haven't finalized our honeymoon (talk about last minute!) We were set on a Caribbean honeymoon after the wedding and are ready to book but my dream honeymoon has always been Paris. We decided to do it later because it is probably expensive. Our honeymoon budget is $4k.

Is this possible for a honeymoon in Europe? I just want to look at all possibilities before we finalize our decision with our travel agent, who has been fabulous thus far. I don't do a lot of water activities and I'm more into sightseeing, museum, culture, food , etc. My FH is open and said he saw really good deals on Expedia recently for a Paris trip. Any suggestions? (doesn't have to be Paris)


  • Maltese
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    Maltese ·

    You may, but it would be tight and require a lot of pre-planning...FH and I were looking to go to Europe in July but airfare was $1700/person so we decided not to go this year. Maybe try looking at Apple Vacations or even Costco/Sam's Club (if you have a membership. Even if you don't and find something you like and can afford, it would be worth getting the $50/year membership right there). They do have great pricing on vacation packages

  • Kymmy
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    Kymmy ·

    Thanks! Where did you decide to go? I am working with a travel agent because I can't deal with planning one more thing! lol. We probably should have started a lot sooner.

    My FH saw flight/hotel deals on Expedia for a really good deal (can't think of the exact amount but I believe it was less than that). Ours would be for October though, so I guess it depends on when you are traveling.

  • Kate
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    Kate ·

    I would recommend's where I have found the best prices for most of my international flights. I searched flying out of O'Hare to Charles De Gaulle in Paris 10/15-22, the flight/hotel package, and there are options for less than $4k. You could also just fly, and try to find a cheaper hotel. But the package is probably your best bet for finding something at least somewhat reputable! A travel agent can be great if you get a good one, but make sure you're not spending more than it's worth. Also check, which will get you discounts on tourist things, give you a guidebook, transportation, etc.

    *I searched Wednesday to Wednesday because that is usually the cheapest day to fly to Europe. You wouldn't have to do this, but if you can swing the time off it would probably be wonderful to have a couple days to recuperate after the wedding and pack, in addition to being less expensive.*

    Paris is beautiful, and you can either be cheap or expensive. When I was there we bought a lot of fresh bread and milk and only ate out a few times--it is what you make of it. The desserts in the bakeries are amazing, though, chocolate is wonderful, and the bread is the best I've had in the world. Hope you're not gluten intolerant!!! (Also, I've done quite a bit of traveling and planning my own international travel, so PM me if you want advice or opinions!)

  • Maltese
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    Maltese ·

    Also, check out Groupon/Living Social for travel deals, but you have to watch the blackout dates and when you have to travel by. The locations can be limited but deals are there. (we were going to go to Malta this summer with a layover in Paris so instead we are planning a honeymoon starting in Athens. Greece and then heading to Malta)

  • Kimberly N
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    Kimberly N · also is a great resource for planning european vacations. If you can get flights under $1000 each i think $4k seems doable.

  • Jennifer
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    Jennifer ·

    Paris for $4k would definitely be doable (looks like flights are around $1,100 each) but I guess what you need to decide is if doing Paris "on a budget" would bother you for your honeymoon. You can probably find a decent/cute place to stay for around $100 a night ... so I guess it just depends on if you will feel let down if you don't have fancy meals out and a luxurious place to stay. Maybe finding a cute apartment on instead of a hotel would help make it feel more romantic?

    You said you aren't set on Paris so just a thought... flights to Dublin tend to be cheaper (seeing $800) and there are always cheap package deals available for Ireland. You could probably get a package that includes airfare a rental car and a couple nights in cute B&Bs in the Irish countryside and castle hotels! For around $1,000 each

  • Jennifer
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    Jennifer ·

    Check out Gate 1 Travel. They have really good deals that include airfare in the package. They also run promotions all the time, so sign up for their emails. My parents have taken several trips with them and say they are a really good company.

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