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Adorable Stories about Flower Girls & Ring Bearers

Heather, on February 29, 2020 at 12:03 PM Posted in Community Conversations 0 3

Little kids are the cutest thing ever and "say the darnedest things." Haha.

I wanted to share with you a couple of cute stories relating to my flower girl and ring bearer. Honestly, I never thought kids would even care about doing one of these roles, but boy was I wrong. Smiley xd

So my flower girl is my oldest niece and she is 3 years old (will be a 1/2 a month shy from 4 at my wedding). When I asked her, she was so happy. My SIL let me know a few weeks later that she woke up crying one night. I'm not certain what she thought, but she was crying because she wanted to be in my wedding. I can't remember if it was because she thought it already happened or that she thought I went with someone else or what. Either way, I felt so touched, but also a little sad that she cried about it. Poor thing, haha. My mom has also told me a few times, that she asks when they get in the car if they are coming to my wedding. She cares so much about being in my wedding. We went to pick out her dress last weekend and she was so excited to try on dresses and loves the one we picked! I get to pick it up tomorrow and so excited to have her try it on again to make sure the size we ordered fits! She's so excited to get her hair done too. (:

My ring bearer was supposed to be my nephew and he will turn 6. I asked him a few times over a span of a few months and he said no each time. I'm not hurt by this or anything, I just wanted to make sure he was sure he didn't want to be in it before I asked another person. Poor thing told my mom he was scared to be embarrassed by whatever might happen while walking down the aisle. Anyway, so I have a bridesmaid that has 3 kids and I asked her oldest son who just turned 5! He doesn't seem excited about it around me, but apparently he does around his parents and siblings. He also keeps asking when it's time for the weddings (this friend is getting married two months after me!). She told me he likes to brag to his siblings about being in my wedding. I feel a little bad about that part, but kids are funny and she assured me that they don't care.

Kids will just surprise you everyday. Something I never thought they would be excited about and here they are, bragging, asking, and talking about it quite often.

Share some of your cute and funny little kid wedding stories below!


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  • plangalCG
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    Hahaha! I didn’t have a flower girl but I asked my nephew who was 5 if he wanted to be a ring bearer, as he said “no thanks.” 😂 then I explained to him that it was a very important job to carry the rings for us, so he said “oh. Okay, I guess.”
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  • Natalia
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    Awww I love this so much!
    I work with kids and I am also part of a family with a lot of young kids, so there will be plenty of appearances by kiddos in our wedding!

    I asked my little cousin, who is 3, if she would like to be a flower girl in my wedding. She looked at my aunt, not really understanding. My aunt said, “You get to wear a pretty dress.”Then she instantly said “Yes!”😂❤️
    It’s also very special because my youngest brother is five years old and will be in the wedding — we have a really unique and close relationship. He is one of our ring bearers and is so excited. He has been telling everyone that his job is to get my ring to me ❤️ Kids are so fun!
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  • Clíodhna
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    Hey Heather Smiley smile These are such cute stories. Bless them, it means so much to them to be involved

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