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About to lose a toe nail :(

JJ, on July 22, 2011 at 9:09 AM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 7

So annoying and GROSS! I tripped over Memorial Day weekend and stubbed my toe pretty good. About a month later I was going to give myself a pedicure when I noticed it looked like it could be loose. I skipped the pedicure and tried to take care of it (bandaids). Last night after volleyball, I went to put my sandals on and the darn thing lifted almost all the way up. It's still on there, but hanging by a thread Smiley sad

And I already bought open toed shoes for the wedding. Any chance of the damn thing growing back enough for a real pedicure in the next 80 days?


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  • Wicked Lizzie
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    Thats really nasty thanks for sharing ;-) and most likely i will grow back but you could also have the pedi people put a fake one on i for the day I had half of one for ever and they put acrylic on it to make it whole

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  • Mrs. Jayjohn
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    Your real nail might not grow back in time but check with a reputable nail salon in your area and see if they can to a fake toe nail for you. By then your nail bed should be calloused enough that they could put one on. I know that Wal-mart sells nail kits that include press on toe-nails

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  • Mzlouis2b
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    The exact same thing happened to me a few months ago. Dont pull it off, just keep to covered with a bandaid until it comes off naturally and be sure to keep the area clean and dry. I did that for mine and when it finally did fall off on its own a new nail was growing underneath. It was back 100% in 60 days (but my nails do grow fast). But like Wicked Lizzie said, you can always put a fake one on if its not all the way back yet

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  • Kimi K
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    I'm a marathoner... the joke around us is you know a good runner by their toenails (they don't have any) I must not be a very good competitor because I have all my toenails - they just get all brused after the 26.2mile run.

    ***What I will say will be gross***

    Don't pick at your nail - in my experience typically the new nail grows pretty fast which will eventually push the old nail off. I would not reccommend getting a pedicure at a nail salon unless your nail is def. there. You can risk infection & sometimes nail salons can be rough with pedicures - the skin where the nail is supposed to be may break (infection) My advice: Take the vitamin Biotin daily. It'll help your nail grow faster. No one will notice your nail is missing on your wedding day - you'll have a gorgeous dress, flowers makeup& Hair - only weirdos stare at your feet.

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  • Lala
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    Aw, Jessica, that sucks. Smiley sad

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  • ~*Mrs. WFL*~
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    Don't worry Jessica, you're not alone. About 5 months ago, I wore these shoes to go out in, well, I was on my feet for about 6 or 7 hours in them and they didn't seem to be bothering me until the end of the night. Well, the next few days my big toe toenails was so sensitive, I could barely put socks on. Well, a week later, they both turned black... They are STILL black and they are now growing out, so, the new nail is growing and pushing the black nail out... it's disgusting... My FH gets so grossed out by them, it's kind of funny!!!! HAHA! My wedding is in 2 months and I will probably still have black toe nails! Luckily I am trying to find ballet slipper like shoes to wear being that my wedding is outside and i don't want to sink in the ground in heels. YUCK!

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  • Dena&JD
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    Wow I'd be dead lol i love to show off my toes

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