July 20, 2019
Junior Bridesmaid whats appropriate?
Callie, Today at 11:49 AM

I was 10 years old when my mom had me be a junior bridesmaid in her wedding. Now my sister is 11 years old and going to be a junior bridesmaid in my wedding. My mom Keeps complaining that she is to...

Veronica, 47 minutes ago 1
How to make ceremony special
Mumsie, Today at 9:01 AM

What are you including in your ceremony that puts your personal stamp on it? Music, readings, traditions?

Becca, An hour ago 4
Venue Site Fee - What Is Typical?
Jenn, Today at 9:52 AM

My fiancé and I are in the early stages of planning. We looked at a barn venue and fell in love! The venue rental fee is $6,000 alone (which includes the grounds/barn, bridal suite, and...

Kari, 6 minutes ago 8
What color for the groom???
Jennifer , Today at 8:26 AM

We are getting married October 10, 2020. We are having a "Fall on Love" theme with all the typical fall colors and a splash of teal! My question is what color suit for my groom??

Kendra, 3 hours ago 5
Bridal party help!
Brittany, Today at 8:27 AM

I thought I had my bridal party figured out until last night, when my fiancé's grandmother asked if I was asking his sister to be a bridesmaid. Now originally, I was not going to ask her, because she...

Renee, 56 minutes ago 5
What colour suit from the Groom? If my bridesmaids are in champagne
Corinne, Today at 4:14 AM

Hello!I am after a little help 😀.My wedding dress is Ivory White and my bridesmaid will be in champagne but I'm totally confused what colour would go best for the Grooms suit? Any ideas or does anyone...

Veronica, 4 hours ago 1
Feeling guilty about bridesmaids
Katie, Today at 4:23 AM

Would you feel bad if you were in a coworker's wedding in March and she keeps asking about your bridesmaid, which I havent asked them yet, but I dont plan on having her? But I do plan on asking...

Stefanie, An hour ago 4
Is two years too long for an engagement?
Christine, Yesterday at 8:13 PM

Me and my fiancé got engaged on October 4th and we really wanted to have an October 10th 2020 wedding but we couldn’t find any venues we liked with that date available let alone any dates in October...

Becca, An hour ago 34 1
Bridal party gifts
Jessica, Yesterday at 7:03 PM

Do you have to get everyone gifts?

Cher Horowitz, Yesterday at 11:44 PM 7
Taco Bar at Wedding Reception
Jenny, Yesterday at 7:11 PM

Hi, I'm looking for honest opinions - I am the Mother of the Bride and my daughter wants to do a taco bar at her wedding because they don't like typical wedding food, i.e., filet mignon, chicken,...

Ivy ORP, An hour ago 32
Bridal party
Holly, Yesterday at 2:33 PM

Our wedding is on oct 3 of 2020 when you suggest picking out/finalizing the groomsmen tuxes and the bridesmaids and flower girl dresses?

Becca, 58 minutes ago 7
How to get ordained
Paige, Yesterday at 4:38 PM

We want a friend to officiate our wedding here in Michigan. While I know it varies by state, how should she go about getting ordained? I want to have some details for her before my FH and I ask her to...

Cyndy, Yesterday at 10:20 PM 5
Wedding favors
Sarah, Yesterday at 2:04 PM

So I am completely lost when it comes to figuring out wedding favors. My theme is Beauty and the Beast, I want something cute and affordable, also with the wedding date on it. If anyone would care to...

Susan, 5 hours ago 18
Bridesmaids - to match, not to match, or to match a little??
Ilana, Yesterday at 1:01 PM

Hi everyone! So I have 7 bridesmaids, and they are wearing a mix of dresses and pantsuits. They are all wearing lavender. I was wondering if you'd recommend everyone wearing something different, or...

Nemo, Yesterday at 10:32 PM 3
Photographer not emailing back
Catherine, Yesterday at 5:59 AM

Hi everyone! I need some advice. Me and my fiancé were at a bridal show a few months back and won a free engagement session with a photographer we liked. We emailed back and forth and he said the next...

, Yesterday at 11:50 AM 3
Bridesmaids dresses
Brittnee, on October 18, 2019 at 9:01 PM

Where are y’all getting your bridesmaids dresses from? I’m getting married next October and wanted my girls to wear an orange. I can’t seem to find the color orange I’ve got in my head on a dress.

Modupeola, Yesterday at 7:50 PM 24
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