October 12, 2019
Last Month Beauty Routine?
FutureMrsD, Today at 1:17 PM

We have 1 month left! We just started our "clean" eating diet and are both continuing our workout routines. I'm getting botox & extractions next week, and dermaplanning/O2 facial/lash lift &...

Jenna, 4 hours ago 31
Long Engagement - 1 Month to go!
FutureMrsD, Today at 1:18 PM

30 days left! So crazy! For all the brides that had long engagements, I know your struggle. We got engaged December 2017, and will FINALLY be married July 20, 2019 after 19+ months of planning! Am I...

Kelly, 4 hours ago 22
Tuxedo 101
Caitlyn, Today at 9:08 AM

I need help. FH and I don't know a thing about tuxedos. Our September wedding is traditional (Catholic ceremony, I'm wearing a timeless lace and satin ivory dress), the black-tie optional reception...

Caitlyn, 13 hours ago 4
100 Days to Go!
Future Mrs. H, Today at 8:54 AM

Eek! We started out at 582 days, and now we are about to be in the double-digits of our countdown! Where's everyone else at in theirs?Bridal Shower: 23 daysBachelorette Party: 57 daysWedding: 100...

Kellie, 6 hours ago 22
Engagement Photo Makeup
Nicole, Today at 1:07 AM

Just got home from our engagement photos and I’m so in love with it all that I had to share! First off, my make up artist did a great job (@theocmua on Instagram). And I’m already in love with our...

Allie, 11 hours ago 11
Did i just find my dress??
Rebecca, Yesterday at 7:19 PM

I walked into one of the bridal shops here in Lodi on a whim today and tried on some dresses for the first time! This dress was only the second one I tried on and I liked it so much I ended up...

Sinéad, 13 hours ago 12
Kids at a Halloween Wedding
Paityn, Yesterday at 2:30 AM

I am having my wedding on Halloween 2020. I want so badly for it to be adults only. But FH is worried his friends with kids will prefer to go trick-or-treating instead of attending our wedding. A...

Stephanie, Yesterday at 7:50 PM 24
Non-pro bam 6/15/19!
Lola, on June 17, 2019 at 4:58 PM

I'm in the airport on the way back to New Orleans where I live from our wedding in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where I was born and lived most of my life. I have so many thoughts and feelings, and definitely...

Jo, 8 hours ago 15
We Made It!
Grace, on June 17, 2019 at 8:25 PM

On May 31, I walked down the aisle and married my best friend. I've been holding off from posting a BAM because I haven't gotten all my photos back yet (just a few sneak peeks)! But I'll go ahead and...

Kyla, Yesterday at 7:03 PM 16
Feeling Disappointed
Bella, Yesterday at 9:49 AM

Hi Everyone -Before i get into things, let me start by saying that I am treading lightly here and am only telling part of the story in this forum so that in the off chance my friends are also on this...

Bella, Yesterday at 12:02 PM 8
rsvp wording
Danielle, Yesterday at 9:37 AM

Hi all! I’m ordering my RSVP cards tonight and I want to know what everyone thinks of the wording. I had to make sure I put something on them about number of guests because our list is really pushing...

Cliodhna, 16 hours ago 3 1
Quiz - Are You a Bridezilla
CDickman, Yesterday at 1:07 AM this his would be fun, I got a laid back bride. What about all of you?

Kelsy, Yesterday at 9:29 PM 20
Etiquette on Couple Separating Right Before Invitations
NextChapterReady, Yesterday at 10:34 AM

Okay so my FH is friends with a guy and his wife. We've gone on vacations and stuff with them and they've been great to know. We sent out the save the dates to them in January. ... Well fast forward...

Cristy, Yesterday at 11:12 AM 3
Bachelorette Party and Strippers
Ami, on June 17, 2019 at 4:32 PM

My ladys threw me an incredible bachelorette party this weekend. We did the typical bar scene Friday night, spent Saturday wine tasting (although I was too sick to partake at most of the wineries, had...

Ami, Yesterday at 2:11 PM 8
Pro Bam 25.05.2019 (picture-heavy)
Amy, on June 17, 2019 at 1:15 PM

Hi all, I have already posted lots of non-professional photos because of the excitement, now I've gotten the professional ones back and will shamelessly post again.First of all, despite all hiccups, I...

Sinéad, Yesterday at 10:34 AM 26 1
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