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Pang, on October 8, 2019 at 12:20 AM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 6
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We went in for a fitting today at a Nordstom for theblacktux.com. We were really interested in this blue suit. After our consultation, we left a little bit defeated.

My fiance tried on so many different sizes and cuts. To us, the blue suit jacket looks great on him minus a slight flare at the bottom because of his mid section. We are planning on renting the vests too so I'm sure no one will notice a slight flare.

I showed the saleslady a picture of my dress (Essence of Australia). She then continue to say that she thinks the blue suit is too casual. She suggested a different style for us. The different style is fine, but it turns out they only have it available for the groom and not the wedding party.

When I got home, I researched it a bit more. I saw some Real Wedding pictures and they look absolutely fabulous. The reason we would like to stay with this company is because we like the color of the suits and the price is affordable for everyone.
What do you guys think? We shopped Men's Warehouse and Josa bank. We were not sold on them. Their options for rentals were very limited. Should we get what we like or is it really too casual?
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  • D
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    Decemberbride ·
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    We chose a blue Hugo Boss suit for our wedding. We looked into rentals but he found the style options for rentals too limiting. Perry Ellis and Brooks Brothers also had nice options. We never made it to Nordstrom.
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  • NextChapterReady
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    I don't think that looks too casual at all!

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  • Shannon
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    Shannon ·
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    My sister's BF turned us on to https://www.studiosuits.com/ so we are looking into that. It was almost the same price to buy a fully custom tux as it was to rent (looking at a blue tux). The only downside is it didn't include shirts, ties and shoes :/

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  • Cliodhna
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    Hey there, Pang! At the end of the day, it’s important you and your FH get what you like. If someone thinks it’s too casual, that’s simply their opinion. If you like the look of it all together and it fits your vision, go for it Smiley smile

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  • M
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    Michelle ·
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    I don't feel this is too casual at all. It looks very sleek & modern to me, and my inspo is similar! I wouldn't weigh this one opinion too heavily, especially from someone who doesn't know you two and isn't familiar with your shared vision for your wedding day. The important thing is that you both love the look & your FH feels confident in it.
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  • P
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    Pang ·
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    Thanks guys. The more I thought about it. It's not what she thinks. If we're comfortable with the look, we're gonna go with it. But we have found other options as well. I just wish more tux/suit rental place have samples for you to look/try on. And I also have to keep in mind that it's a rental not a custom made suit or tux like how my wedding dress will need to be altered to me.

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