Happily married 🎉

February 29, 2020

596days 7hrs

Clíodhna commented:

601 days ago

Leap day couples, it’s your wedding week! Are you ready for your big day?! Come join other just-about-to-be-married couples here in this thread! https://www.weddingwire.com/wedding-forums/whos-getting-married-this-week-22420-3120/ce5d58fd02095a04.html

Lynnie commented:

789 days ago

Save the dates, ceremony programs, champagne toasts... are they really necessary? Come share your stance in this week's game 'Need to Have or Nice to Have?': https://www.weddingwire.com/wedding-forums/need-to-have-or-nice-to-have/344c52603ee5495b.html

Laura commented:

841 days ago

Hey Julie! Make sure to share this with other WeddingWire Community members by posting your answer in the discussion Lynnie mentioned - just click the link in her message :)

Julie commented:

842 days ago

I'm fairly certain that the only point of family is to cause drama....or is this because my family is Italian on one side and Jewish on the other? Fiance's family is drama-free. I've got enough for both families.

Lynnie commented:

844 days ago

This week it's all about your guests in our face-off: friends or family! Who's been super helpful and who's bringing all the drama? Come chime in here: https://www.weddingwire.com/wedding-forums/friends-or-family/f1b10aa779f6eb15.html

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