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Perfect for laid-back beach travelers, a Molokai honeymoon offers an authentic way to experience Hawaiian culture and outdoor adventure on your honeymoon.

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Advice for traveling to Hawaii
Lindsay, on March 13, 2019 at 7:41 AM

My fiance and I have decided to honeymoon to Hawaii! I'm looking for budget friendly advice on booking flights and hotels in Honolulu. Which sites are best to use? If you have visited the area, what...

Sarah, Mar 13, 2019 5 Comments 63
Hawaii Honeymooooonđź’–
Susy, on March 6, 2019 at 4:05 AM

Hello ladies!! My fiance and I want to go to Hawaii for our honeymoon, I wanted to see if any of you have gone? Any recommendations on resorts? Activities? Please let me know!!!đź’–

Maureen, Mar 21, 2019 12 Comments 145
Hawaii Ideas
Tamera, on February 22, 2019 at 4:40 PM

My FH and I are planning on going to Hawaii for the honeymoon, but that's pretty much all that we have picked. Does anyone have any suggestions on places to stay, activities, sightseeing,...

FutureMrsD, Feb 25, 2019 5 Comments 96
Hawaii Honeymoon
Jane, on February 26, 2019 at 11:46 AM

We are planning to go to Hawaii for our honeymoon around the end of May this year. We won’t have the luxury of a long vacation, so we are looking at about a week there. I think we are going to stick...

Jane, Mar 4, 2019 11 Comments 106
Hawaii as a honeymoon?
Megan, on January 7, 2019 at 1:19 PM

Has anyone decided on Hawaii as their honeymoon destination? If so do you have any recommendation? We are planning on going after our wedding, so it would be the summer of 2021 due to the fact of...

Iris, Jan 8, 2019 15 Comments 151
Hawaii Honeymoon
Rosario, on May 1, 2018 at 11:03 AM

FH & I really want to have our honeymoon in Hawaii but have no idea what hotel we should book or what island we should stay at. We’ve never been. Any recommendations?

Jennifer, Jan 27, 2019 12 Comments 238
Hawaii Honeymoon
Brittany, on December 29, 2018 at 4:05 PM

Hi guys! Sorry, this is my second post in the honeymoon group today, lol! I'm just so excited to start planning/booking! Has anyone traveled to Hawaii for their honeymoon? or plan to? We've officially...

Stephanie, Dec 31, 2018 10 Comments 146
Hawaii honeymoon?
Sue, on January 5, 2019 at 12:56 PM

Is there anyone who is considering Hawaii for Honeymoon? From Phoenix, Arizona to Hawaii (& vice versa) roundtrip for only $306 now. Just in case, i wanted to share....

Kelly, Jan 6, 2019 3 Comments 83
Honeymoon in Hawaii... which island?
Ohdarling, on January 11, 2019 at 12:07 AM

Hello! My finance and I are thinking about Hawaii for our honeymoon and need island recommendations. Neither one of us have been and the trip would be at the end of June for a week. We enjoy nature,...

Brianda, Jan 15, 2019 6 Comments 80
Hawaii in December
Andrea , on January 12, 2019 at 12:34 AM

Hey there! We are doing our Honeymoon end of November - beginning of December. Has anyone been to Hawaii at this time of year? Will the weather be warm? Nothing is booked we are still trying to work...

Andrea, Jan 12, 2019 5 Comments 60
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