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A wedding DJ in Mineola, New York, Ultimate Sound DJs provides couples and their guests with the ultimate entertainment experience. Understanding that every ceremony and reception is unique and one of a kind, the company prides itself on ensuring your celebration is brought to life. A part of the wedding industry since 1985, Ultimate Sound DJs delivers masterful style, elegance and energy for a night you won’t forget!

Services Offered
Ultimate Sound DJs has the experience needed to create an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication. For an enjoyable experience for all, services include the following: 

  • Consultation
  • Liability insurance
  • Sound/PA system
  • Microphones
  • MC services
  • Projector
  • Uplighting
  • Flat screen
  • Photo booth
  • Disco ball

Areas Covered
Ultimate Sound DJs conveniently offers DJ services to ready-to-wed couples in Mineola, New York. Said services are extended to couples throughout Long Island, Queens and College Point, New York.

Categories: Wedding DJ

Regions serviced: New York City, Long Island

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We had an amazing experience with Ultimate Sounds and our guests couldn't say enough about how great they were. Not only were they professional and accommodating, but they were most-interested in delivering the type of wedding sound, vibe, and performance that WE were looking for (even if we didn't know it), instead of just a typical performance that they put together. On the microphone, on the beats, or working with them in the office, everything was on point. Raul is the man! His delivery and his cool helped to set the vibe for our wedding. So pleased with what we got with Ultimate Sounds. Would highly recommend them to anyone. Their attention to detail and knowledge across every genre is truly remarkable; EVERY genre, we can't stress enough how many DJs simply didn't know enough about Spanish music, rap, or soft pop. Go with Ultimate Sounds, you're in great hands.

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Profile Picture Eric, 7/8/18, 1 Review
Category: Ceremony Music, DJ, Entertainer, Lighting & Decor
Services Used: Microphones, Sound/PA System, Uplighting, Bilingual MC, Consultation, Do-Not-Play List, Liability Insurance, MC

My husband and I got married at Antun’s on May 19, 2018 and as part of the package we chose, we got a choice of DJs that Antun’s highly recommended (but were able to get our own if we knew someone else), and since they talked highly of Ultimate Sounds, we decided to take their recommendation and we were 1,000% pleased! Frank, the owner of Ultimate Sounds, reached out to us several times during the process via email and phone and answered every question we had. He told us exactly where to find the wedding worksheet on their website, where we were able to give them our top twenty songs that we wanted to hear. The worksheet was so thorough it made our lives easy and listed the events in the order they’d be happening at the reception. We were able to pick songs for everything we wanted to do. Upon meeting with Frank, we were given a separate worksheet in which Frank gave us more room to play around with such as 20 songs we definitely wanted played at Cocktail Hour, 6-8 songs we wanted to hear during dinner service and then 20 top songs we wanted to hear during the open-dancing. We were able to check off as many genres as we wanted, as well as songs from other countries and cultures.
Frank matched us up with the PERFECT MC and DJ (Raphael Squared—as they liked to call themselves since their names are both Raphael). They mixed the music perfectly from 50s and 60s all the way to Bollywood and EVERYONE was on the dance floor ALL NIGHT LONG! They were lively and made sure that we were eating and enjoying ourselves. They even interacted personally with our guests and made any announcements we needed to make. And to TOP IT ALL OFF, when our Viennese tables came out (tables full of pastries, sweets and ice cream), they SURPRISED US by playing the Star Wars Theme Song (my husband is a huge Star Wars fan). I have to stay, they really got to know us and I would recommend DJ Ultimate Sounds to everyone who needs a DJ, regardless of the event.

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Profile Picture Samantha, 5/19/18, 4 Reviews
Category: DJ
Services Used: Consultation, MC

Ultimate Sound DJs FAQ

Hip Hop
South Asian
Top 40
Bilingual MC
Do-Not-Play List
Liability Insurance
Video Projection
One Event Per Day
Disco Ball
Flat Screen
Sound/PA System

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Professional Network & Endorsements

Ultimate sound dj is wonderful. They have been working with our company for a few years and we love how our guest rave everything about them!!! There mc and dj packages are very reasonable and they offer great services from lighting, photo booths to dj packages. As well as the wonderful customer service they offer and there wonderful rate they are very easy to work with. We have never had any complaints from any of our parties from them. Always positive feedback. I would 100% recommend them to all my guests.

Ultimate Sound DJs is the preferred vendor of Flore' Events. Frank, the owner, is an amazing business man and can adapt to any culture. He can practically walk on water! I would proudly recommend Ultimate Sounds to anyone!

Great DJ company - a lot of fun to work with!

Makes our couples and event planners sooo HAPPY!

True professionals. I have used them for my wedding and so have my clients. They are guaranteed to keep the dance floor going all night.

Ultimate Sound DJs is a wedding Entertainment Group from New York. We service weddings throughout the local area, including Long Island, Queens, and college point . Ultimate Sound DJs is a professional wedding DJ that has been part of the New York wedding industry for 30 years. We specialize in multicultural.