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This isn't just A wedding, it's YOUR wedding. Makeup, Lashes, upstyling.

 Congratulations on your engagement!

The most photographed day of your life is your wedding day.  Let's WOW the one you love and your guests with professional makeup and hair that lasts through the night!

We LOVE the fun and excitement of being a part of your big event and we understand exactly how the wedding day unfolds and we are right there with you to keep you calm and relaxed as well as on time and gorgeous.

Most of our staff are licensed Estheticians, Cosmetologists and Makeup Artists.  They are also  trained to ensure a high standard of hygiene with our cosmetics and tools. We can also help prep your skin prior to the wedding to ensure you glow from the inside out. 

Thank you for considering to make Beautiful for your wedding day beauty.

All full pricing is found here: http://blog.tomakebeautiful.com/bridal-wedding-makeup-services  and feel free to email me directly at: tomakebeautiful@gmail.com

THANK YOU for considering us!!!!

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Regions serviced: Boston

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Kim, Angela, Jessica and Kasey truly delivered in making our entire wedding party look and feel beautiful both inside and out. They are not only talented artists but kind and caring people as well. It was a magical day for all of us and we cannot thank the To Make Beautiful team enough for sharing in the love and laughter here at the lake and helping to make our daughters wedding day perfect!

Profile Picture Pamela, 8/25/18, 1 Review
Category: Beauty & Health

Regarding To Make Beautiful wedding services for my daughters wedding this summer. Kimberlee and Nicole are simply awesome!!! I cannot say enough about the quality of their work, their great personalities and how helpful they were giving us a sense of comfort that we could simply relax and enjoy the pampering, knowing the final product would be exactly what we wanted, and more. As a mom, out of state, planning a wedding was very stressful. Kimberlee and Nicole were very helpful to lighten that stress. Even those last minute bridesmaids, I planned for them, they both handled with such grace and just got the extras done without complaint. They are so awesome!! Nicole even saved the day helping with all the tiny buttons on the back of the dress. We were running behind and she was really there for us!! Can't say thank you enough to both of them!! Would love to have them near me for all my special occasions.
Photographer: David Benoit

Photo of to Make Beautiful in Stoneham, MA
Photo of to Make Beautiful in Stoneham, MA
Photo of to Make Beautiful in Stoneham, MA
Profile Picture Diann, 7/8/18, 1 Review
Category: Beauty & Health
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468 Main Street, Stoneham, MA 02180   See On Map
781-454-8415 (phone)
By appointment. We suggest that you book your wedding 6-12 months in advance. A pretrial is best scheduled about 3-6 months prior to the wedding. All of our wedding pricing is listed on our website as well. :)
to Make Beautiful is a wedding Makeup Artist from Boston, MA. We service weddings throughout the local area, including Boston, Cape Cod, and NH. to Make Beautiful is a professional wedding Makeup Artist / Master Esthetician that has been part of the Boston wedding industry for 10 years. We specialize in on Location Bridal Makeup, Engagement photos, Prom Makeup, lash extentions and advanced skincare.