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We cover the area's most spectacular events!

Sugarplum Tent Company delivers the finest in tent rentals for unforgettable weddings, parties, corporate events and other special occasions throughout Maryland and the Eastern Shore, Virginia and Washington, DC.

Our staff handles the most complex logistics with professionalism, support and execution unparalleled in our industry. From the largest tents to the smallest details, you can count on Sugarplum to get it right every time.

We offer the highest quality tents in white, clear, sailcloth and more, along with all the accessories: dance floors, staging, lighting (lighting options range from chandeliers to lanterns to  pin-spotting & more), tent liners, pole drapes and swagging, climate control and more. 

We work closely with you from the first phone call to the final takedown to ensure the success of your special event.

P.S.  ALL the photos on the site are OURS  from actual jobs we have done!

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Regions serviced: Washington DC

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I highly recommend Sugarplum Tent Company. Having hired a coordinator for only the final 6 weeks before my wedding, I handled much of the front end planning myself. Given that I had never planned a wedding before—or any large event for that matter—I didn’t really know where to start when it came to renting a dance floor and band stage. I called a few different places, and Tara was the first person who put me at ease. She helped me calculate what dance floor size we’d need, she gave me some questions to ask the venue and band to make sure everything was perfect, and she was always quick to respond. Not to mention, their selection of dance floors is leaps and bounds above the selection of comparable companies. A few weeks down the road, when our head count was a tad lower than expected, she offered her recommendation to downsize the dance floor to better fit our group (rather than push for the more expensive, larger one), and quickly updated our invoice and order to reflect the change. Both Tara and Casey were lovely to work with, and there was no point in which our rentals from them caused any bit of stress.

Profile Picture Jessica, 5/4/18, 11 Reviews
Category: Event Rentals & Photobooths

Sugarplum Tent was amazingly accommodating, service was excellent, and they were the utmost professionals! As I continued to change my mind in regards to plans for my wedding, they patiently adjusted my contract & guided me through the process. The end result was a beautiful clear tent for my historical venue in DC! Thank you so much!

Profile Picture Emma, 4/28/18, 5 Reviews
Category: Event Rentals & Photobooths

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Clear Tents

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Sailcloth Tents

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Professional Network & Endorsements

For the past few years, Sugarplum has been an amazing vendor to partner with. Not only is their product top notch (goes without saying), the people we have the privilege to work with makes the experience so seamless and enjoyable. Tara, Ashley, and Casey are awesome and we look forward to continuing our relationship for many events to come!


Boyds, MD 20841   See On Map
301-869-2054 (phone)
Sugarplum Tent Company is a wedding tent and event rental company from the D.C. metro area. We service weddings throughout the local area, including Maryland (including Eastern Shore), Washington, D.C., and Virginia. Sugarplum Tent Company is a professional wedding tent and event rental company that has been part of the Washington, D.C. wedding industry for 20 years. We specialize in providing wonderful party and wedding tents and accessories for all events.