Miss Harlequin - Wedding Makeup Artistry and Hair Design

Miss Harlequin - Wedding Makeup Artistry and Hair Design

About Miss Harlequin - Wedding Makeup Artistry and Hair Design

Miss Harlequin artists are more than just talented, our personable team will become your best friend

Having worked with over 1000 Brides worldwide, Miss Harlequin Make up and Hair Founder Lucy Flint, and her hand-picked experienced team of artists have developed an unfaltering reputation as New Yorks go to hair and make up services specializing in Bridal and Special Events.

Miss Harlequin Hair and Make Up caters for every need and number and we find an artist whom best fits your aesthetic, your personality and best of all, your budget. Miss Harlequin Make up and Hair artists are so personable they are very likely to become your best friend!

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Regions serviced: New York City

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I engaged Lucy to do my hair and makeup for my pre-wedding photoshoot, and I was absolutely pleased with her service from start to finish. She was extremely responsive to my emails and even friendlier in person. On the day of my photoshoot, I described to her the look I had in mind and showed her a sample photo of my preferred hairstyle, and she worked her magic in just an hour! The outcome was so amazing, I wish I could look like that every day :P Thanks again, Lucy! :)

Profile Picture Jean, 3/2/19, 2 Reviews
Category: Beauty & Health

I had a great experience with Lucy. She was professional, funny, sharp, knowledgeable and a total pleasure to spend time with. She did a fantastic job on my wedding day hair and makeup and also worked her magic on my mom and grandmother. What a great businesswoman and person. I would definitely recommend Lucy and her company!

Profile Picture Caitlin, 7/21/18, 4 Reviews
Category: Beauty & Health

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Starting from $249.00
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Starting from $129.00
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Starting from $249.00
Bride - Trial
Starting from $129.00
Attendants/Family - Trial
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Starting from $249.00
Bride - Trial

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220x220 sq 1481945486748 wedding hair makeup annaneal1 1024x576
220x220 sq 1481945486769 wedding hair makeup annaneal2 1024 576
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220x220 sq 1481945560554 wedding hair makeup jesse shannon 2 1140x640
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220x220 sq 1483465259330 wedding   hair   makeup   melissadanny  4
220x220 sq 1483465279133 wedding   hair   makeup   melissadanny  5


303 West 21st, New York, NY 10011   See On Map
415-533-4388 (phone)
Miss Harlequin - Wedding Makeup Artistry and Hair Design is a wedding makeup & hair designer from New York City servicing weddings throughout the local area, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, and New Jersey. Miss Harlequin - Wedding Makeup Artistry and Hair Design is a professional makeup & hair designer that has been part of the New York wedding industry since 2012 specializing in wedding hairstyles and makeup.