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Wedding and Portrait photography serving Raleigh/Durham and throughout North Carolina

I have been a photographer for the past 10 years, documenting weddings, families, babies, and even those adorable 4-legged friends. Do not ask me to pick a favorite, each present their own unique challenge and reward. But I can honestly say, I love what I do!

I started my career with a focus on wedding photography, where I still thrive today. But in more recent years, since the arrival of my own little girl, I have ventured into family, newborn and maternity photography.

My husband and I are affiliated with several animal rescue organizations in the area and I often lend my services to help educate and promote these organizations. With 3 cats and a dog of our own (all previous foster animals), I take great pride in helping where I can.

I am deeply honored you are considering Megan Kime Photography to photograph your wedding day, capture precious moments with your family or document your baby taking his or her first step. I offer a fresh and natural style, a blend of photojournalism & traditional, which enables me to capture the unique personality of each subject. I will go out of my way to make sure your photographs exceed expectations by providing quality products, style, and professionalism.

Please visit my site to take a look at my Featured Weddings!

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Regions serviced: Raleigh, Wilmington

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Megan is an AMAZING wedding photographer! She is so nice to work with and made us feel right at home. She even did a free photo shoot with us and our family dog, because we found out the dog was terminally ill and wouldn't have long to live. Her turnaround time on getting us pictures was very fast and we LOVE her style. Very photojournalistic, with emphasis on capturing special moments. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who asked!!! The quality of her photos is amazing, the ones I put here are just screenshots because wedding wire doesn't actually allow big photo files

Photo of Megan Kime Photography in Willow Spring, NC
Photo of Megan Kime Photography in Willow Spring, NC
Photo of Megan Kime Photography in Willow Spring, NC
Photo of Megan Kime Photography in Willow Spring, NC
Photo of Megan Kime Photography in Willow Spring, NC
Profile Picture Sarah, 10/21/17, 3 Reviews
Category: Photography
Services Used: Second Shooter, High-Res Images, Albums, Canvas, Digital Files, Prints

Absolutely the best! As a wedding photographer myself, Megan is the only one I trusted with my wedding photos. She is not only an amazing photographer, but super sweet - and she gives you so much more time/editing/effort than all the other photographers that I know.

Profile Picture Summer, 9/2/17, 3 Reviews
Category: Photography
Services Used: Second Shooter, Additional Hours, Boudoir Shoot, Engagement Shoot, High-Res Images

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220x220 sq 1464025436319 megankimephotography0069
220x220 sq 1464025444091 megankimephotography0070
220x220 sq 1464025450516 megankimephotography0071
220x220 sq 1464025457902 megankimephotography0072
220x220 sq 1464025465050 megankimephotography0073
220x220 sq 1464025472265 megankimephotography0074
220x220 sq 1464025481953 megankimephotography0075
220x220 sq 1464025492578 megankimephotography0076
220x220 sq 1464025502232 megankimephotography0077
220x220 sq 1464025508745 megankimephotography0078
220x220 sq 1464025518919 megankimephotography0079
220x220 sq 1464025525426 megankimephotography0080
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220x220 sq 1464025536060 megankimephotography0082
220x220 sq 1464025542352 megankimephotography0083
220x220 sq 1464025552487 megankimephotography0084
220x220 sq 1464025557854 megankimephotography0085
220x220 sq 1464025565865 megankimephotography0086
220x220 sq 1464025574187 megankimephotography0087
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220x220 sq 1464025588420 megankimephotography0089


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220x220 sq 1464022763307 megankimephotography0001
220x220 sq 1464022763522 megankimephotography0002
220x220 sq 1464022769422 megankimephotography0003
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220x220 sq 1464022779930 megankimephotography0005
220x220 sq 1464022785448 megankimephotography0006
220x220 sq 1464022790440 megankimephotography0007
220x220 sq 1464022797991 megankimephotography0008
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220x220 sq 1464022813576 megankimephotography0010
220x220 sq 1464022817946 megankimephotography0011
220x220 sq 1464022822898 megankimephotography0012
220x220 sq 1464022828283 megankimephotography0013
220x220 sq 1464022836909 megankimephotography0014
220x220 sq 1464022842532 megankimephotography0015
220x220 sq 1464022847029 megankimephotography0016
220x220 sq 1464022851443 megankimephotography0017
220x220 sq 1464022855451 megankimephotography0018
220x220 sq 1464022859968 megankimephotography0019
220x220 sq 1464022865031 megankimephotography0020
220x220 sq 1464022869852 megankimephotography0021
220x220 sq 1464022874875 megankimephotography0022
220x220 sq 1464022879698 megankimephotography0023
220x220 sq 1464022884717 megankimephotography0024
220x220 sq 1464022891538 megankimephotography0025
220x220 sq 1464022901503 megankimephotography0026
220x220 sq 1464022908337 megankimephotography0027
220x220 sq 1464022913553 megankimephotography0028
220x220 sq 1464022922014 megankimephotography0029
220x220 sq 1464022929686 megankimephotography0030
220x220 sq 1464022936922 megankimephotography0031
220x220 sq 1464022941070 megankimephotography0032
220x220 sq 1464022947755 megankimephotography0033
220x220 sq 1464022952265 megankimephotography0034
220x220 sq 1464022957840 megankimephotography0035
220x220 sq 1464022963239 megankimephotography0036
220x220 sq 1464022974275 megankimephotography0037
220x220 sq 1464022981032 megankimephotography0038
220x220 sq 1464022989301 megankimephotography0039
220x220 sq 1464022995887 megankimephotography0040
220x220 sq 1464023003357 megankimephotography0041
220x220 sq 1464023009170 megankimephotography0042
220x220 sq 1464023015870 megankimephotography0043
220x220 sq 1464023020677 megankimephotography0044
220x220 sq 1464023026125 megankimephotography0045
220x220 sq 1464023031139 megankimephotography0046
220x220 sq 1464023036622 megankimephotography0047
220x220 sq 1464023042847 megankimephotography0048
220x220 sq 1464023047764 megankimephotography0049
220x220 sq 1464023053681 megankimephotography0050
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Megan Kime Photography captures your most treasured moments in a captivating and creative way.


6508 Blalock Forest Drive, Willow Spring, NC 27592   See On Map
919-270-6249 (phone)
Megan Kime Photography is a wedding photojournalist from Raleigh, NC servicing weddings throughout the local area, including Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill. Megan Kime Photography is a professional photographer that has been part of the Raleigh wedding industry since 2006 specializing in weddings and portraiture.