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Khoa Photography is a passionate wedding photography company based in San Diego, California. Owner and photographer Khoa focuses on a natural and photojournalistic photography style that will tell your love story. Valuing the power of connections, he aims to create images that will allow everyone who views them - even strangers - to feel your love.

Services Offered
Khoa Photography’s most popular wedding package includes digital files, an engagement shoot and multiple locations. Services such as being willing to travel to your wedding destination and additional hours allow them to capture your wedding no matter where or when your big day unfolds. A second shooter is also available so you can ensure every moment is preserved. Services offered include the following:

  • One event per day
  • High-resolution images
  • Wedding portraits
  • Trash the dress

Products Offered
Khoa Photography provides various products for couples to put their wedding images to good use. Items such as save the dates will allow you to share your photos with friends and family. Other products available include:

  • Albums
  • Prints
  • Negatives
  • Canvas

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Regions serviced: San Diego

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I am simply blown away by my experience with Khoa's photography. My boyfriend and I were offered a couples shoot. Since it was our first time, we didn't know what to expect.

With our permission, Khoa gave us a phone call where he talked to us and got to know a little bit more about us. He asked us questions about what we liked about each other, our story about how we first met, and really uncovered the layers to our relationship.

When we finally met in person for the shoot, Khoa answered questions we had for the photoshoot. He made us feel very comfortable and the overall experience felt like we were all just hanging out as friends.

He took many photos of us that day. He told us how to pose, where to look, and what to do, and I loved that because my boyfriend and I aren't experts with modeling. Khoa was so thoughtful enough to bring us mats to sit on so that we wouldn't get dirty! He would even climb on trees to capture that perfect shot and angle. He really did go above and beyond to capture our love story.

After the shoot, he even printed out a sample picture on his portable Polaroid printer so that my boyfriend would have something to bring with him (he's out to sea in the navy). Khoa then set expectations for us as to when the photos would be ready and thanked us for spending time with him.

When the photos were ready to review, Khoa contacted me with an option to meet in person, grab coffee, and go over the photos in person. Being impatient, my boyfriend and I asked to see the photos sooner, which he kindly gave us a link to view.

The photos turned out AMAZING, I'm so happy with the quality of his work. He truly captured our love story and even hand delivered a finished framed photo with a thank you card. WOW!

Khoa is the most professional and most kind person we have ever worked with, and we will be honored to work with him again in the future! I'm so happy Khoa was our first photographer, we couldn't have asked for a better experience

Profile Picture Jess, 6/1/19, 1 Review
Category: Photography

Khoa is an absolute magical wizard with a camera. For starters, just as a human being, he is awesome. He is one of the kindest people I’ve met, and he is just great to be around. My Fiancé and I never felt uncomfortable or awkward. I never like the way I look in pictures, and I am completely in love with every single photo he took. Khoa knows what he’s doing and was great at adjusting us so that we looked our best, and even though photo shoots are so out of our comfort zone, somehow we looked and felt so natural. His focus is capturing connections, and he is so successful with that. We love adventure and nature, and he somehow captured everything we love in our engagement photos at Yosemite National Park. I can not say enough great things about Khoa, and I have never been more impressed by an artist. He loves what he does, and it shows. He truly goes above and beyond. Please do yourself a favor and book him for everything! We can’t wait to work with him again!

Photo of Khoa Photography in San Diego, CA
Photo of Khoa Photography in San Diego, CA
Photo of Khoa Photography in San Diego, CA
Photo of Khoa Photography in San Diego, CA
Photo of Khoa Photography in San Diego, CA
Photo of Khoa Photography in San Diego, CA
Profile Picture Madison, 5/8/19, 1 Review
Category: Photography
Services Used: Additional Hours, Destination / Travel, Engagement Shoot, Multi. Locations

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2881 Brosnan St, San Diego, CA 92111   See On Map
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Khoa Photography is a wedding photography from San Diego servicing weddings throughout the local area, including not only San Diego, but also across the states, and beyond the U.S. area. Khoa Photography is a professional photography that has been part of the world's finest wedding industry since 2017 specializing in weddings.