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J & L Catering is a wedding catering company based out of Medway, Massachusetts, and serving the surrounding areas. The catering company creates exquisite presentations of delectable food, all made from scratch using fresh, natural ingredients. J & L Catering can cater weddings of all sizes and styles, and will create a personalized menu according to your tastes and preferences. Executive Chef John Boardman offers over 20 years of professional culinary experience, working in upscale restaurants, catering for established institutions like Harvard University and cooking under the guidance of renowned chefs Julia Child and Jasper White. J & L Catering ensures customized care and high-end wedding cuisine that will excite your guests and exceed your expectations.

J & L Catering creates customized menus for your wedding day. They can deliver plated meals, stations, buffets, hors d'oeuvres, family-style meals and more. They accommodate dietary restrictions and offer options for gluten-free, lactose-free, nut-free, kosher, no pork, organic, vegan and vegetarian diets. The chefs specialize in a wide range of cuisine styles, including, but not limited to:

  • American
  • Asian
  • Caribbean
  • French
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Latin American
  • Mediterranean
  • Southern

Services Offered
J & L Catering offers the following wedding catering services:

  • Servers
  • Delivery
  • Tastings
  • Setup and cleanup
  • Cocktail reception
  • Cake cutting

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Regions serviced: Boston

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John and his staff could not have been more accommodating for our wedding day!!! The food was fantastic and my guests are still talking about it more than a month after our wedding. It rained on our wedding day and it did not affect John at all which was very impressive to say the least. I would 100% recommend to use J&L Catering to anyone doing any sort of event. They give you so many options to chose from and help every step of the way. John even gave me tips on how to save some money in some areas and we could not have been more appreciative for all the help.

Thank you again John you and your staff rocked and made our day even more special than we could have imagined!!!

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Profile Picture Christopher, 5/11/18, 2 Reviews
Category: Catering

Working with John was one of the most pleasant experiences. He listened to our requests for cuisine and delivered the perfect menu. He was completely transparent with costs so we knew what we were getting. He was incredibly flexible and his costs were affordable. It was refreshing to work with someone who has your best interests in mind. On the day of the wedding, I was at ease because I knew John had taken care of everything. Our guests were impressed with his staff and the food. Our vegetarian friends were quite impressed with their meals. That meant a lot to us. I highly recommend John to anyone looking for a good, affordable caterer. Thank you, John!

Profile Picture Jessica, 10/21/17, 1 Review
Category: Catering

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Clean Up
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Tom & Rodica's Wedding 3-2-13

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3 Wedding Deals & Discounts

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FREE Milk & Homemade Cookies!

$350.00 Value | Redeem In-Store
When you book J & L Catering for your wedding, mention this deal and we will include Homemade Cookies & Cinnamon-Vanilla-Infused Milk for FREE. It is a classy addition to your wedding or any wedding-related event. It brings out the kid in you & your guests with an adult twist on an all-time favorite dessert!* Not valid on previously booked parties. No cash value. Value stated is for 100 guests-to change with guest count. Valid for events over 50 guests. Cannot be combined with any ot
Offer Expires: 06/30/2019
1464802405 f06351352f582967 1270228118405 cateringpic1

10% off Rehearsal Dinner when we also cater your Wedding!

$150.00 Value | Redeem In-Store
When you book your wedding with us, we will give you 10% off your food bill of your rehearsal dinner or day-after brunch when you also book those events with us! *Must present printout at time of booking. *Not valid with other offers. *Not valid on previously booked events. *Maximum value is $150.00.
Offer Expires: 06/30/2019
Available to the first 20 couples
1464802405 f06351352f582967 1270228118405 cateringpic1

Complimentary Tasting for Your Wedding

Redeem In-Store
We will provide a complimentary tasting for your wedding once we begin the menu planning process! The tasting is valid for up to six people, including the bride and groom, and can be done at our location, or a location of your choice. Please contact us today to develop a personalized menu!

Professional Network & Endorsements

We work with J & L Catering on a number of their events. We have also bumped into them at some local festivals and enjoyed their delicious cooking! Their staff is very friendly and organized. It is always smooth sailing when we work with them. We definitely suggest checking them our for your next event!

John catered the open house for our new store. The food was delicious, especially the mini desserts. The presentation looked neat and sophisticated. He is very friendly, creative and professional and I will contact him again for future events.

Amazing, caring, professional.

I have worked with John on numerous occasions and he's always delivered professional service and amazing food. If you want a Caterer who truly caters to your needs and makes your day special by going above and beyond, then you've found him. Thanks John for your way of doing business!

I enjoyed working with John and Laurel of J & L Catering. They're straight forward approach and easy going manner make events fun.


112 Main Street (Route 109), Medway Shopping Plaza, Medway, MA 02053   See On Map
617-852-7127 (phone) 774-277-3890 (fax)
J & L Catering is a wedding caterer from Medway, Massachusetts servicing weddings throughout the local area, including Lincoln, Massachusetts, Dedham, Massachusetts, and Sharon, Massachusetts. J & L Catering is a professional catering company that has been part of the Concord, Massachusetts wedding industry since 2006 specializing in weddings, mitzvahs, holiday parties, fundraisers, galas, private events, retirement parties, anniversary parties and special events.