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Gwendolyn Pellegrino Photography is a wedding photography company based in Litchfield, Connecticut. Owner and Photographer Gwendolyn Pellegrino is an award-winning wedding and portrait photographer who specializes in capturing real moments and emotion. She created Gwendolyn Pellegrino Photography in 2008 and has been working closely with couples since. The photographer uses a contemporary, photojournalistic style to capture every important moment. Gwendolyn Pellegrino only takes on a select number of clients, so she gets to know the couples well, which helps her capture the best photographs for each.

Services Offered
Gwendolyn Pellegrino Photography offers a range of wedding photography services, including:

  • Engagement shoot
  • Multiple locations
  • Second shooter
  • Albums
  • Digital files
  • Wedding portraits
  • Boudoir shoot
  • Trash the dress
  • Prints
  • Save the date
  • Thank you cards

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Regions serviced: Hartford

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Gwen is a fantastic photographer. Her photos are beautiful and it is evident that she loves what she does. Gwen was the first and last photographer we met with when planning our wedding. We loved the examples she provided us and loved her photography style. Gwen was very responsive to emails and incredibly flexible for meeting with us. One of the things we liked best was her wedding package. When looking at photographers, most wanted you to decide ahead of time what albums/photos you wanted after the fact. Gwen does more of an "al a cart" package. The price you pay to have her doesn't include all the (many) options for products ahead of time. This was perfect for us and allowed us to decide what we wanted to purchase after seeing all the photos. I also felt Gwen was reasonably priced and we got a lot for what we paid for (several meetings with her, as well as constant email contact, engagement photo session, having Gwen for the entire wedding day, beautiful proofs of our wedding day, etc. We were able to tailor what we wanted based on our budget (which to be honest, kind of went out the window when we saw all the amazing products she offered!). I would highly recommend Gwen for any wedding.

Profile Picture Jennifer, 10/14/17, 1 Review
Category: Photography

It was a real pleasure working with Gwen on our wedding. We didn't plan well ahead of the date and yet she was very accommodating even with short notice. We like her style of not "getting in your face" with the people at the event and was very relaxed. I think that she will work with just about anyone. Quality of the pics are amazing and really give her the highest recommendation for wedding events.

Profile Picture Michael, 9/30/17, 1 Review
Category: Photography

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220x220 sq 1513972385792 062516marksarareception238
220x220 sq 1513972369514 062516marksarareception235
220x220 sq 1513975535016 062516saramarksneak36
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220x220 sq 1513972159601 mg34311
220x220 sq 1426265297416 mg3776
220x220 sq 1426265057156 img20120623999973
220x220 sq 1426265591967 glynnisadam0028
220x220 sq 1513976695693 glynnisadam0073
220x220 sq 1426265598738 glynnisadam0084
220x220 sq 1513976696108 glynnisadam0106
220x220 sq 1513976716074 glynnisadam0130
220x220 sq 1513976731381 glynnisadam0139
220x220 sq 1426265669919 glynnisadam0147
220x220 sq 1426265687861 glynnisadam0150
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220x220 sq 1426265909965 padensalon012
220x220 sq 1426266000844 padengettingreadylakeview032
220x220 sq 1426266017539 padengettingreadylakeview063
220x220 sq 1426266035113 padenceremony059
220x220 sq 1426266080770 padenceremony112
220x220 sq 1426266100187 padenceremony132
220x220 sq 1426266143521 lindsaytjgroups0023
220x220 sq 1426266161107 lindsaytjgroups0036
220x220 sq 1426266179446 lindsaytjgroups0038
220x220 sq 1426266208640 lindsaytjgroups0082
220x220 sq 1426266232632 lindsaytjgroups0152
220x220 sq 1426266257507 lindsaytjgroups0160
220x220 sq 1426266314568 lindsaytjreception0014
220x220 sq 1426266367727 lindsaytjreception0054
220x220 sq 1426266393321 lindsaytjreception0082
220x220 sq 1426266417874 lindsaytjreception0102
220x220 sq 1426266441041 lindsaytjreception0104
220x220 sq 1426266466535 lindsaytjreception0139
220x220 sq 1426266518049 lindsaytjreception0214
220x220 sq 1426266667026 johnkellygettingready112
220x220 sq 1513979060789 johnkellycocktailhour123
220x220 sq 1426266682123 johnkellyceremony082
220x220 sq 1426266824492 johnkellynextdayocentrance02
220x220 sq 1426266738914 johnkellycocktailhour016
220x220 sq 1513978970632 johnkellycocktailhour120
220x220 sq 1426266761702 johnkellycocktailhour056
220x220 sq 1426266921310 johnkellyreception0007
220x220 sq 1426266875687 johnkellycocktailhour155
220x220 sq 1426266943390 johnkellyreception0168
220x220 sq 1426266896738 johnkellyreception0002
220x220 sq 1426267088893 mg0527
220x220 sq 1426266981734 sarahgabefieldportraits060
220x220 sq 1426266991501 nicoledangettingready006
220x220 sq 1426267010920 nicoledanceremony025
220x220 sq 1426267039235 nicoledanreception085
220x220 sq 1426267056900 amandahome0079
220x220 sq 1426267067126 amandahome0111
220x220 sq 1426267126587 dress window
220x220 sq 1426267141238 stephanie and bouquet
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220x220 sq 1513980649420 093017michaelbrian001
220x220 sq 1513980649755 093017michaelbrian017
220x220 sq 1513980681258 093017michaelbrian036bw
220x220 sq 1513980695981 093017michaelbrian038
220x220 sq 1513980666959 093017michaelbrian025


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220x220 sq 1423521127286 portfolioengagement01
220x220 sq 1423521135217 portfolioengagements02
220x220 sq 1423521144744 portfolioengagements03
220x220 sq 1423521153902 portfolioengagements04
220x220 sq 1423521162892 portfolioengagements05
220x220 sq 1423521175191 portfolioengagements06
220x220 sq 1423521184961 portfolioengagements07
220x220 sq 1423521195682 portfolioengagements08
220x220 sq 1423521206454 portfolioengagements09
220x220 sq 1423521217706 portfolioengagements10
220x220 sq 1423521228272 portfolioengagements11
220x220 sq 1423521240965 portfolioengagements12
220x220 sq 1423521264804 portfolioengagements13
220x220 sq 1423521292000 portfolioengagements14
220x220 sq 1423521306798 portfolioengagements15
220x220 sq 1423521323931 portfolioengagements16
220x220 sq 1423521346116 portfolioengagements17
220x220 sq 1423521362004 portfolioengagements18
220x220 sq 1423521392198 portfolioengagements19
220x220 sq 1423521410881 portfolioengagements20
220x220 sq 1423521421758 portfolioengagements21
220x220 sq 1423521432440 portfolioengagements22
220x220 sq 1423521453614 portfolioengagements23
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220x220 sq 1423521737803 portfolioengagements38
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220x220 sq 1423521764759 portfolioengagements40
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220x220 sq 1423521796581 portfolioengagements43
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220x220 sq 1423521835035 portfolioengagements45
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220x220 sq 1423521913949 portfolioengagements50
220x220 sq 1423521935068 portfolioengagements51
220x220 sq 1423521956836 portfolioengagements52
220x220 sq 1423521974415 portfolioengagements53
220x220 sq 1423521995772 portfolioengagements54
220x220 sq 1423522020572 portfolioengagements55
220x220 sq 1423522039611 portfolioengagements56

Professional Network & Endorsements

As a makeup artist, it was a pleasure working with Gwendolyn Pellegrino Photography! She seemed to have captured all important moments of the newly wed's day. She also managed to capture a few behind the scenes photos of my team and I providing our services on the bridal party which were a lovely addition to our portfolio. I would highly recommend Gwendolyn Pellegrino Photography to all of my clients!


896 Bantam Road, Bantam, CT 06750   See On Map
860-866-8332 (phone)
All day. Every day.
Gwendolyn Pellegrino Photography is a wedding photographer from Connecticut. We service weddings throughout the local area, including Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. Gwendolyn Pellegrino Photography is a professional wedding photographer that has been part of the Northeast wedding industry for 8 years. We specialize in Contemporary, fun, modern, photojournalistic, editorial based wedding photography .