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I have a special place in my heart for weddings. Special because it’s one of lifes few moments that can be shared yet called our own at the same time.
When I shoot a wedding, I can’t help but be moved by the genuine happiness I see in the eyes of everyone involved. Happiness is contagious, which is probably why I like weddings and have been documenting them since 1986. 


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Ruben the owner of G & R Photography is extremely talented. The photos from our engagement through
the wedding are gorgeous. They are creative and beautifully shot. Ruben worked tirelessly to capture
our day. I can't say enough....the best!

Profile Picture Elise, 9/22/12, 5 Reviews
Category: Photography

Ruben from G&R Photography was fantastic. He has amazing talent and we loved his taking our photos at our wedding. Such a busy, hectic day and it was nice to have a professional, easy going, photographer who listened to us...plus take amazing pictures! We got married in Chicago and we went around the city taking pictures at the Art Museum, Kinzie Bridge, and Water Tower. A lot of creative work, great posing pictures, and many candids that we enjoy.
Beautiful artistic abilities....

Profile Picture Cheryl , 8/27/11, 1 Review
Category: Photography

Being a bridesmaid 7 times and maid of honor 3, I’ve had a lot of experience with helping plan weddings in addition to my own. In all of my experiences, I have never witnessed a more talented and professional photographer than Ruben. As you may have already observed, any photographer can show you a “good portfolio.” They choose their best photos to show you and not necessarily their everyday work. Recommendations from people are the best way to go and that is how I found Ruben. Another bride told me about the awesome experience she had with him so I decided to meet with him myself. During our meeting he was informative, not pushy and very easy to talk to. So, of course we hired him! On my wedding day, Ruben helped me relax and have fun! He honored all of my requests from the detailed conversations we had and added in his own spice of creativity along the way. When I looked at my pictures for first time I cried and laughed over and over. He made me look and feel like a queen! Ruben also created my wedding album and it is absolutely gorgeous! I couldn’t believe how fast he was able to put it together. (after I finally decided what photos I wanted to use) You should definitely consider making an appointment to meet with Ruben and see for yourself the artist that he is. This is definitely one area you don’t want to skimp out on. You’ll have your pictures FOREVER and you won’t be disappointed!! :) Good Luck!

Profile Picture Nicole, 10/16/10, 3 Reviews
Category: Photography

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220x220 sq 1477664357424 bowman0174
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220x220 sq 1477952268042 cech0521
220x220 sq 1477952277491 0813052053
220x220 sq 1477952302463 paolicchi0327
220x220 sq 1477952348401 prendergast0391
220x220 sq 1478799766469 1028061641
220x220 sq 1478799771436 1209060308
220x220 sq 1478799802089 bertucci0630
220x220 sq 1478799830343 chudek512
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220x220 sq 1478799878323 erickson0623
220x220 sq 1478799905199 jones0434
220x220 sq 1478799943064 keating0402
220x220 sq 1478799974229 kochanowicz0837
220x220 sq 1478800000077 madden0444
220x220 sq 1478800018784 marincsin0725
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220x220 sq 1478800074660 matesi0393
220x220 sq 1478800111098 ohel0184
220x220 sq 1478800147315 paolucci0059
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220x220 sq 1479772852828 bertucci0113
220x220 sq 1479772889041 film0030
220x220 sq 1479772936849 film0031
220x220 sq 1479772975452 film0037
220x220 sq 1479773014626 handler0384
220x220 sq 1479773045342 shield0298
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Ruben is an absolute professional in every way. He has the creative talent, caring heart, and joyful spirit to make your wedding photos an absolute success. He also has the experience to ensure the proper lighting and equipment is used in every situation.