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We cannot say enough wonderful things about our experience with Don Mears. He has a laid back personality that makes you feel instantly at ease, yet he doesn't hesitate to take charge to ensure he gets the shot. The two compliments we got ALL night long from our guests were about our venue and our photographer. All the guests were impressed just watching him work, and of course even more so once we received the finished product. We couldn't be happier with the photos, and our experience from the very start to the very end, we wholeheartedly would recommend him for your next event!

Photo of Don Mears Photography in Richmond, VA - We had a "race start line" sendoff!
Photo of Don Mears Photography in Richmond, VA - Add a comment...
Photo of Don Mears Photography in Richmond, VA - Add a comment...
Photo of Don Mears Photography in Richmond, VA - Add a comment...
Photo of Don Mears Photography in Richmond, VA - Add a comment...
Photo of Don Mears Photography in Richmond, VA - Add a comment...
Photo of Don Mears Photography in Richmond, VA - Our pup Mito couldn't be left out
Photo of Don Mears Photography in Richmond, VA - Add a comment...
Profile Picture Valerie, 10/21/17, 2 Reviews
Category: Photography

Lindsay and Don were absolutely delightful. They were amazing off the set and on the set. Lindsay was our photographer on the day of our wedding, and from the moment I first spoke to her to the time I last spoke with her, she has been professional, flexible, generous, and talented! She really listens to your wants and needs and captures those special moments. I chose Lindsay & Don from various photographers' portfolios because I really liked the way they were able to capture photos that looked dynamic. Lindsay also provided us with about 10 edited sneak peek photos within 2 weeks of our wedding so that we could use it as decoration for an after-wedding party for some family friends! Then we got our final images a few weeks after that. A few weeks ago, we received a gorgeous flash drive containing all the photos with three complimentary professional quality printouts in the mail. Seriously, from start to finish, Lindsay and Don really captured our wedding and our hearts!

Profile Picture Sally, 9/30/17, 3 Reviews
Category: Photography

My husband and I cannot thank Don and Lindsey enough for capturing our wedding day so perfectly. From our pre-wedding consult, it was clear that Don's attention to detail was going to serve us well on our day. There are lots of photographers in Richmond, but Don and Lindsey have a unique eye, especially in indoor locations that do not have a ton of natural light. Lindsey and Don took such incredible photos and captured moments that we will treasure forever.

Photo of Don Mears Photography in Richmond, VA
Photo of Don Mears Photography in Richmond, VA
Photo of Don Mears Photography in Richmond, VA
Photo of Don Mears Photography in Richmond, VA
Photo of Don Mears Photography in Richmond, VA
Profile Picture Laura, 8/5/17, 13 Reviews
Category: Photography
Services Used: High-Res Images

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220x220 sq 1513190163284 00870291silva whiteheadw
220x220 sq 1513190171334 00880295glover beasonw
220x220 sq 1513190180277 00890295levy bealew
220x220 sq 1513190188544 00900297lacoe sabouriw
220x220 sq 1513190197779 00910305svirsky bessew
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220x220 sq 1513190244718 00970312cooper wagnerw
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Professional Network & Endorsements

Don is a true professional of his craft! We have enjoyed getting to know him over the years in the photography community. He's so helpful, kind and always open to teach other photographers things in the photography community!

The Team at Fantasia Sound DJs is always excited when we get to work with Don Mears! Don is a Great Photographer! Innovative, Creative, Professional, Talented, Fun are just a few words to describe him and his photography! You can NOT go wrong with choosing Don for your wedding day!

Superb photographs, capture the true essence of the moment !

I have worked with Don for many weddings and his work is impecciable, professional, and very personal. Highly reccomend this PRO.

How do they capture the perfect image that says it all? A class act from beginning to end. Every time we have the pleasure to see them in action is simply amazing!!! Simply spot on !!


1623 West Broad Street, Richmond, VA 23220   See On Map
804-915-7491 (phone)